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  1. Well it’s been a spell since I started this thread and such so here’s an update. Finally got the hitch all straightened out and am very happy with the swapped setup. A couple of years ago I was able to buy a 7 shank, 3 row model 55 chisel plow. Another friend needed help this spring in a field so I got to test the ole girl and plow and was very pleased. I’m going to try an post a video well so much for the video
  2. I use grade 8 all thread to hang mine
  3. When I was farming, I also worked 40+ ours off the farm so I done a lottery of night work so I needed all the light I could get. Plus there wasn’t LED’s then.
  4. You might consider going with a 200 amp service for future uses. Just an idea.
  5. Sorry but for the time being I’m keeping everything just in case.
  6. Thanks for all the info guys. Still giving the old girl some much needed tlc as I’ve neglected her the last few years. Even t hun ouch she hasn’t been ran much either. Heck I dobut she’s gotten a hundred hours in the past ten years
  7. Yes IH discontinued the fast hitch in late 1973. Our local dealer at the time kept ordering them though (or trying too) but IH only was making the 3 point by then. The1066 was never offered with a FH thought. I just swapping the Lady from FH too a 3 point after I broke it lifting a truck (don’t ask long story. Lol)
  8. That’s where my fuse is. Evidently they switched on the 66 series. Lol
  9. Thank you. I wander why the manual show on the right panel. Lol
  10. The owners manual shows it in the right hand dash panel with the key but in that location is my tattletale light for the tranny and it’s original.
  11. Thanks Bob. How are you doing??
  12. Yes the left was. Plus the threads got messed up and I broke a tap off inside of it. I’ve neglected the TLC on the ole girl for the past few years and she’s making me pay for it now. Lol
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