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  1. cougar766

    Good old 10% horsepower increase

    If I may ask what was the gentlemans name????
  2. cougar766

    Happy Birthday DevonW

  3. cougar766

    Super C

    please keep me posted Thanks
  4. cougar766

    Super C

    Thanks for the info
  5. cougar766

    Super C

    what did you use to make the prongs.... I'd like to build a three point adaptor for my Super C
  6. cougar766

    IH 766 Auction Result

    Thanks anyways
  7. cougar766

    Lady's starter

    done it today and all is good for now.... Thanks again
  8. cougar766

    Retro refuel

    awesome picture thanks
  9. cougar766

    Is It Worth It?

    **** yes,,,, if I had the cash I'd grab it in a heart beat
  10. cougar766

    IH 766 Auction Result

    any info of serial number and new owner for the registry Thanks David
  11. cougar766

    Lady's starter

    Thank You I'll do that tomorrow
  12. cougar766

    Lady's starter

    The Starter is acting up on the Lady,,,, when you go to start her the amp gauge goes too full discharge and just clicks, also if you tap on it then hit it she'll crank just fine. My question is,,,,, is the soliniod going bad or the main motor
  13. cougar766

    Happy birthday ole three bottom

  14. cougar766

    Tractor related thoughts.

    I may take a cab in the dead of winter but you can keep all the dang computer crap on the new stuff and I don't care one way or the other about a radio either
  15. cougar766


    says it's a Detroit