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  1. awesome Mike, will be looking forward to the rebuild pictures. I took the cab off of The Lady many years ago but kinda wish I hadn't at times as all of my best times was in that old cab. LOL
  2. cougar766


    the reason a D360 will let loose is you've got too measure the parent bore of the block and measure the sleeves as some didn't get casted completely correct at the foundry and like The LADY had an undersize bore on #2 from the factory. Hence why she vented the block on #2 just a couple of hundred hours after a major inframe.
  3. says you and your entitled too your opinion but I enjoy listening to THE LADY although she'd sound even better with a turbo.. LOL
  4. Very nice have always wanted more valves on THE LADY but have always listened too those who said it'd never work. Now I know differently Thank You for sharing. Cougar766// David
  5. mam I love it!! always wanted to do this. Someday hope to have a replica of THE LADY and a small plow.
  6. Thanks Doc. I knew it wasn't a 311 as I had one for our 400 once.
  7. Need help figuring out what model this plow is for a friend. Thanks in advance Cougar// David
  8. is there a set of holes behind the rockshaft? On my daughter's 460 there is and I have a factory bracket that bolts there then the other piece in these pictures goes on it just like this one Cougar
  9. Thank You BJ. Hope you are doing well.. David
  10. can you send me his number as I have lost it. Thank You
  11. Does anyone know if Dave is still doing the exhaust stuff? Looking to do some trucks here in the near future. Thanks David
  12. thoughts and prayer for you folks
  13. folks need help Got a 1970 IH CC 107 with a 42 in cut deck (tag is MIA) needing blades and cant figure out the correct part number for the shorter outer ones or the long middle one.... I don't trust the local dealer as that place is a total joke. Any help would be greatly appreciated Thank you Cougar766 David
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