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  1. Thanks Doc. I knew it wasn't a 311 as I had one for our 400 once.
  2. Need help figuring out what model this plow is for a friend. Thanks in advance Cougar// David
  3. is there a set of holes behind the rockshaft? On my daughter's 460 there is and I have a factory bracket that bolts there then the other piece in these pictures goes on it just like this one Cougar
  4. Thank You BJ. Hope you are doing well.. David
  5. can you send me his number as I have lost it. Thank You
  6. Does anyone know if Dave is still doing the exhaust stuff? Looking to do some trucks here in the near future. Thanks David
  7. thoughts and prayer for you folks
  8. folks need help Got a 1970 IH CC 107 with a 42 in cut deck (tag is MIA) needing blades and cant figure out the correct part number for the shorter outer ones or the long middle one.... I don't trust the local dealer as that place is a total joke. Any help would be greatly appreciated Thank you Cougar766 David
  9. should still be available from mother CNH
  10. thoughts and prayers
  11. if you had ever looked at the setup manuels you might change your mind.. back in the day when we planted on 38" rows and mold boarded everything that how we rolled. I forget the actual measurements that the tires were to be set at and I am not sure where my manuels are as I haven't needed them in 30 years. LOL
  12. looks like its set for 38 in rows or to plow which would be how The Lady is and I haul her on my goose which is 102" wide.. the tire hang off the side about an inch on each side which leaves plenty of tire on the deck for safety
  13. Thanks Doc, Plan on restoring it to mow and do some plow days plus take to shows with the bigger tractors. thinking I want to use bar tires on the rear with either tri ribs or quad ribs on the front would love to get another set of rims so I can do duals.
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