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  1. OK great! Thanks for all the information.
  2. I'm looking at getting a 1979 IH 6x4 Tandem axle. Model is a F1924. I might be a S-1900. kind of a big 'ol truck. Not sure what that all means. Can anyone help me to decipher? Year: 1979 Brand: International 6x4? Is this like 4 wheel drive but with 6 wheels? Tandem Axle Model: F1924? F=Tandem S-1900? I'd like to find some information on it. I've checked Wikipedia of course. 1979 was the first year of S-1900. It's a flat bed with temp sides. 20' long. 25' long from front to rear of tires. 8' wide out side tire to outside tire rears. 28' long total. I'm trying to figure out on how to move it. I'm not sure what it weighs empty. (CURB WEIGHT). I need a trailer or tow truck. A regular tow truck can't do it. I'd like to find a spec sheet on it. I'm guessing it weighs approx 7-8 ton. More trailer than I got. I don't think any 14k deck over would be able to handle it. I'm sure it would have to be a commercial sized truck & trailer. It does run and moves. But, no brakes. But there is junk in the tank and the owner used a 5 gallon gas can & hooked it up to the carb, to move it out of the edge of the yard and down the trail. That was recently this summer of 2020.
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