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  1. Dennis – no apology needed. My son and I made to the decision to rebuild the entire drive train. We are In the tear down process for rebuilding the torque converter, transmission clutch pack, brake bans and steering clutches. Have pulled the motor, disassembled the transmission and steering clutch assemblies. Haven’t had a chance to dive into the smoking gun that is not allowing the dozer push anything. Will update in few weeks when I return to the farm for more fun in this process. Thought I would share a few pictures showing the wreck - - down to only main frame and tracks. Appreciate
  2. To update: It has been a few weeks before I could get back and try the test procedure as described to possibly determine if I have a torque converter, or transmission clutch pack issue. I buried the blade going forward in low gear and the tractor stopped. My son was at the rear of the tractor looking into the PTO hole at the splined shaft for a wench - - and the shaft stopped when the tractor failed to move. I held the brakes and slowly increased the rpms to full throttle and neither the tractor, nor the shaft ever moved. I’m guessing this indicates the pushing problem is in the TC, which
  3. Farmalldr - you and Hector both are correct about the oil. 15w-40 is not the correct oil - - all I had at the time. Have not been able to find a part number for the filters, or a source to buy them. Any suggestions? Thanks for the test procedure. I will try it. I thought the spline shaft was for a wench.
  4. Louie - I have a manual but have not found anything that really addresses stalling. Hardtail - Farmalldr is correct in that you cannot see the connection of the convertor to the transmission as it is abutted tight to the transmission. Farmalldr - my son asked me the same question about climbing a hill in reverse - - don't know - - will have to try that. Will also have to get back with you on trying to spin the tracks with brakes held in reverse and if pressures stay up at idle and in gear. I didn't try pressure reading while in gear. I am working in NM and tractor is at my fa
  5. Not sure how to see the drive shaft. I removed the inspection plate on top of the bell housing and the torque converter between the motor and transmission is turning. I also removed the inspection plate at the rear of the tractor and can see the beveled gear and above it there is a shaft that is not turning when she stops. Should I be looking somewhere else?
  6. I love this forum but I am a newbie for posting. I have a 1965 TD-9B with a Power Shift that I have been rebuilding. A few months back I pulled the motor (D282) and completely rebuilt it from the bare block out. It runs like locomotive and all 75-horses are kicking. However, a new motor is worthless when you cannot push anything. The tractor stops in its tracks when it meets resistance and is very slow in climbing the hills of TN. Second gear is totally out of the question on any uphill grade. I thought the steering clutches may be slipping but after adjusting them and the brakes - - I
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