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  1. Thought this was interesting. The seller of the tractor said it had been sitting 4 years. Randomly thought to look on satellite and see how long it had been sitting. As far back as images go, 2008! That’s 12 years. And it’s also possible that is sat longer as the satellite images only go back to 2008. It was removed from that exact spot when I got it. Compare the photos!
  2. Mine looks like it possibly was white. What you think?
  3. Hahah transferring coil springs to new struts is always fun, and I’ve done many! Thanks!
  4. Next step for the tractor is diving into the steering issue. As mentioned before, the steering wheel only turns 1/4 left and right. The steering shaft all the way to the steering bolster turns 1/4 left and right (just like the steering wheel). However the knuckle that goes directly into the bolster is not turning at all, locked solid. I raise the front wheels off the ground with my loader and they will turn 1/4 left and right. (Gear lash). Either way that’s the next step, just have to find the time. Thanks again.
  5. Thanks everyone for the kind thoughts! I’m really excited it runs! Sounds great too. Here’s the video of it running right after bleeding the fuel system.
  6. Here’s today’s update! I’ll cover some details later when I have time. Thanks for all the information.
  7. I’d love to see a picture of the tractor when you have time.
  8. Wow, that’s really cool, thanks! Was wondering what the LP tank looked like.
  9. Honestly I love it. It’s all in good fun and will still gladly listen to any suggestions people have. I myself know what I’m capable of and if I’m not, I’ll find someone that is. I’m glad I joined the forum and thankful for all the information I’ve received. Appreciate the kind post!
  10. What you think about this one! Local marketplace also!
  11. Post picture when you have time
  12. Would love to see pictures of it! You are right the diesel versions seem to be quite rare, however I do know where another one is that is being parted out. I encourage you to fix it up, I personally really like the 504!
  13. Yep, you’re right! I just bought one! And to correct you, that’s my Golfcart tailgate. Comments like these just drive me more! Thanks!
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