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  1. That was my thoughts. I'm assuming there was an issue with the pump right away and it self clearanced in the first 30 minutes of run time, creating the metal shavings. I'm assuming that's why I haven't seen any since.
  2. Definitely wasn't running under pressure, been running my father's 560 for 20 years and it's very apparent when the tractor is under pressure. Just by the way the engine sounds and the pump itself. I'd never be able to pull this swather down the road in 5th gear up hills if it had been under pressure. With that said, I'm not 100% sure why it failed. I noticed when I installed it, that it did seem very difficult to turn the pump gear by hand, maybe the tolerances weren't correct. After installing the pump, I ran the tractor for about a half hour, then installed the filter extension the next day. When I pulled the filter cover off to remove the old filter, the screen had a bunch of metal shavings on it. I've since checked the screen 3 times in the last 6 hours of operation and it hasn't had a single bit of metal. I'm wondering if that pump did start to come apart immediately and has just been getting progressively worse. I guess time will tell. Should have it back together Monday or Tuesday.
  3. Both plates on the top and bottom of both gears are severely scored. There is a big chunk missing from one and the plastic seals inside are all but gone. My picture doesn't do it justice. It's bad enough that that I'm surprised it was moving any fluid. The housing itself is good, the rest is junk. I called abilene machine and they said theyd send me another one in the mail. I told them what I found and that I opened it up to look inside, they weren't concerned a bit and told me they'd cover it without a doubt. Fantastic customer service.
  4. Found the issue. Should have listened to you guys right away and checked the pump out because sure enough, this new pump is all scored inside.
  5. I'm going to spend some time on it this afternoon and go over everything again. I really appreciate your help.
  6. I have a parts tractor that i know for a fact had good working hydraulics, maybe Ill pull all three valves from it and swap them in and see what happens. That maybe easier than trying to eliminate one valve at a time with spacers.
  7. Yeah I have the same service manual. I've scoured that thing trying to find an answer but no luck. I've never seen the fluid flow picture before. I also was told this was an open center system but maybe I was told wrong also. "These are closed center valves. When the unloader closes. pressure is applied to all three valves. If one leaks to return. Pressure is lost to all" Does this mean one of the valves could possibly be bad even if they all seem to function?
  8. I've been checking pressure through the rear hydraulic remotes with the valve activated . . . At idle or just above, it is making just above zero PSI with the valve dead headed.
  9. The unloader piston fits way far into the bore before it touches the ball. Like a quarter inch or more.
  10. Yes I do. I'll try one tomorrow or Friday just to eliminate the possibility of this new pump being bad.
  11. Yeah definitely would have noticed it on high pressure. Realistically this is the third pump in this tractor since I've owned it. I bought it probably 4 years ago, hydraulics were weak soo I threw another used pump at it. The used pump never really made a difference, I figured the used pump was probably just tired also. Soo this year we bought this MacDon swather and I figured I'd just upgrade to a brand new pump just to eliminate the possibility of a bad used pump. New pump also never really made a difference, soo I figured the relief spring was weak. Threw a washer behind it last week, seemed to work alright for 20 acres of cutting but it was cool outside and they were long rows soo I wasn't using the hydraulics much soo I'm assuming the fluid never got real warm. Went to cut a few acres this week, short feild soo I was constantly swinging it and picking it up and it was 95 degrees outside soo I'm sure the fluid was plenty warm. Towards the end I couldn't pick it up anymore and now even after it cooled down it won't pick it up. Soo it has gotten progressively worse this week but there were issues prior soo I'm assuming it's related unless this new pump took a crap on me.
  12. Office plug is in it, tried to remove it before to check it but it was too tight for my flathead screw driver and I gave up.
  13. Unloading valve is directly under the relief spring correct? If soo, yes pulled it out and the ball in the end seems seated firm. Can barely push it in with my finger. There has to be something very obvious here somewhere, but I'm not seeing it. Can the regulator block be worn internally by chance ? What I find strange is how the pressure was basically surging up and down before it finally settled back to 500.
  14. I'm going to hold off on tearing apart the pump until I'm sure the issue isn't in this valve block area somewhere. Just bought it a month ago from Abilene Machine and it has all the paint marks on it yet, I'd hate to void the warranty just in case. I think I'm going to install a different regulator block just in case there's something I'm missing. If that doesn't help, I'll tear into the pump.
  15. Oh and plumbing is all factory. Nothing out of the ordinary.
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