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  1. Out of curiosity does anyone know the original color of the #31 sickle. This is the only decent picture i can find on line. It’s seems the #31 is fairly rare, i can’t find much info on them at all.
  2. You can’t see it in the picture ut it’s got the bent tail wheel shaft. That’s why i’m thinking it’s a #31.
  3. I just picked this mower up and i’m gonna go through it this winter, i’m having a hard time finding specific parts for this model. I’m hoping someone might have a different model with compatible parts so that i could order under that model if that makes any sense. It’s got three different guards on it and the cutters say B+ made in USA.
  4. Yep, gotta few things to fix up. That’s my plan for the winter. Hope to get everything ready for spring!!
  5. Nice pictures!! I’m glad you’re having fun with it!!
  6. That’s kinda what i was thinking, it would have to have a hole in the bushing for the grease to get to the shaft.
  7. Got a quick question, i’m gonna pull the radiator so i have to undo the steering shaft. I’m curious if the part that has the grease fitting is supposed to have a bushing in there or is it just wore out a little. You can see the gap around the shaft in the picture. The steering is nice and tight and runs down the road really good. I just didn’t know if i could address it while i have it apart.
  8. All right, thanks again guys! I feel confident about it now. It pops right off within a second or two so should be good!
  9. Ok, thanks guys. I’ve never heard of a specific starter for 6 or 12 volt, just wanted to make sure.
  10. Hello everyone, been reading posts for awhile and decided to join in! I’m working on a 41 Farmall H. I converted it to 12volt, everything is working great, starts up and runs great. A guy at work mentioned he smoked a starter after switching to 12 volts. Does the original starter work fine running 12volts? I’m thinking his starter was already wore out and the 12volts just finished it off. I just want to confirm i don’t have to modify the starter in any way?
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