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  1. neighbor kid, 14 or 15 at the time, came running into barn while i was milking said he had skunk in live trap what should he do. i told him walk up to trap slowly open it and back away. he came back later said it worked skunk just walked away. i said wow i didn't think that it would work!😊 pete
  2. we had one as off road farm truck in early '60s don't know what year it was i thought fold down sides were neat. it was tough 2 teen age boys could not distroy it. it wasn't that long ago i would find parts of it around fields, pasture, or woods. pete
  3. our stage 1 super M is also a Louisville "L" serial number. pete
  4. my uncle had m&w clutch on a H when it got so my cousins couldn't get parts for it they took it off and put the tractor back stock. when it was new it worked good the only other tractor in our neighborhood back then, early 50's, with any kind of live pto was hand clutch on allis WD pete
  5. my father-in-law had an old galion (sp) grader IH 6 cylinder engine all hydraulic i barrowed it couple times for driveways and shaped some waterways with it. pretty cool to run. father-in law got sick brother-in law sold grader. pete
  6. forgot to tell you that was after i broke the factory ones. pete
  7. on my 454 i made them from 1/4 inch by 2 inch angle iron drilled 2 7/8 inch, i think, holes easy peasy. pete
  8. DHF

    Where used?

    maybe top feeder belt on old pull type combine? pete
  9. i have three grandsons two my son's and one my daughter's 17, 19, & 23 years old and i am always pleased with their manners and consideration of other people. pete
  10. very happy birthday stay safe. pete
  11. THANKYOU!! guys and i had a great day. pete
  12. we had one long time ago when were milking cows got used every day and was reliable. if frame and body are good i would buy it if price is fair. apron chain and bearings and seals are available after market if you are a little handy you can keep it going. the pto drives bother beaters and table chain. goodluck. pete
  13. funny thing yesterday. the lower price stations around me are $4.09 and they go up from there. the small station in village was $4.25 i went past saturday morning and it said $3.19 this can't be right but i needed gas so i stopped and filled up yep $3.19 got home sent son and grandson to fill their cars. grandson # 2 was at work he stopped after work, same station, it was $4.19. somebody messed up, oh well. pete
  14. we have been charging $3.00 hanging plus processing customer picks up at butcher shop. looks like we will have to raise price this year with higher feed cost. pete
  15. mine was new in 1996 it is a sundowner 16 ft. i was doing a lot of hauling for the backyard farmers in the area and some you could not fit anything longer in their barn yards. people never consider the hauler when they set up their barnyards some are really hard to get in and and load. the trailer has held up well once we had some thing welded on tailgate and i replaced hinges on tailgate, that and several sets of tires is all we have done to it and we still use it to haul our own livestock. pete
  16. 4-H tractor driving contest at our county fair 1962 or '63 we had choice of 460D or 3010D i wanted 460 it would start run a short time and die. so i had to use JD (finished second). 460 was from the dealer we used so i asked if they found out what was wrong with it. some nice fair goer thought it would be good to drop a cap from a soda canister, 2 inch round dome shaped thing made of cardboard, into fuel tank it would get sucked over fuel outlet and cut off fuel. pete
  17. i cut it twice and it's still too short, story of my life. pete
  18. i have a taratrack which became case 4 cylinder continental engine. my H has more power but tara track better in mud. when i was a kid neighbor had john deere 420 dozer would pull silage wagons when it was muddy. this is when they chopped with an allis WD and small wagons. i think neighbors grandson still has the 420. pete
  19. we got about 2 in. so far wind has not been too bad looking at temp now and it is 1.5 degrees went out at 7:00 to feed animals it was cold but air was still wasn't that bad. when we milked cows i said only reason to not do your work was death, your own! i was younger then. pete
  20. the price for your used car is inflated because of crazy market but price of replacement is also inflated. now if you can sell your car on crazy market sit on that cash until market gets more normal and then buy you might do ok. pete
  21. i have western field i bought new when i was 14 around 1960 from wards looks like that. still have it grandson is hunting with it now. how things have changed, i was 14 year old kid walked into store layed my $56.00 on the counter walked out with gun no paper work on permits no adult they were the good old days in some ways. pete
  22. that looks close to the one on my super M. i thought it is IH because i know it came on the tractor when it was new. pete
  23. my uncle now my cousins have 2 544 gas gear drive wide front row crop. with 3 16's on 544 and 4 16's on 666 gas they would keep up and they handle nice. pete
  24. THANKYOU! i get so tired of people calling case IH tractors case. case did not buy IH tenneco did.
  25. sitting having a cup of coffee about 8:00 yesterday morning animals fed and watered when bang and power is out. wife says you going to call power company i said no someone will. then i see power company meter reader come in he says your meter is off i say our electric is off he say you have to call this number to report it. i think i will give this guy a hard time so i say phones don't work with out electric he says maybe you can use a neighbor's phone and he left. great service from power company. anyhow someone did call they had it on in about three hours fella on line truck said tree limb shorted out the line bang was fuse blowing. pete
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