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  1. the price for your used car is inflated because of crazy market but price of replacement is also inflated. now if you can sell your car on crazy market sit on that cash until market gets more normal and then buy you might do ok. pete
  2. i have western field i bought new when i was 14 around 1960 from wards looks like that. still have it grandson is hunting with it now. how things have changed, i was 14 year old kid walked into store layed my $56.00 on the counter walked out with gun no paper work on permits no adult they were the good old days in some ways. pete
  3. that looks close to the one on my super M. i thought it is IH because i know it came on the tractor when it was new. pete
  4. my uncle now my cousins have 2 544 gas gear drive wide front row crop. with 3 16's on 544 and 4 16's on 666 gas they would keep up and they handle nice. pete
  5. THANKYOU! i get so tired of people calling case IH tractors case. case did not buy IH tenneco did.
  6. sitting having a cup of coffee about 8:00 yesterday morning animals fed and watered when bang and power is out. wife says you going to call power company i said no someone will. then i see power company meter reader come in he says your meter is off i say our electric is off he say you have to call this number to report it. i think i will give this guy a hard time so i say phones don't work with out electric he says maybe you can use a neighbor's phone and he left. great service from power company. anyhow someone did call they had it on in about three hours fella on line truck said tree limb shorted out the line bang was fuse blowing. pete
  7. i know of people who could break an anvil with a feather. pete
  8. it looks just like mine 510 4 bottom 16 inch trip bottoms, back up to reset, i think i bought mine new around 1975. pete.
  9. DHF


    maybe i.m wrong, won.t be first time. i would breed him on his daughters and sell the calves as feeders not keep any would get your heifers bred and gey one more year out of bull. pete
  10. we have a bearing place close to us i have gone in there with a hand full of pieces of bearing and they have been able to piece together and get me the right bearing and/or seal they are extra good and never too busy to solve a puzzle. pete
  11. reminds me of a huber maintaner (sorry can't spell well) years ago when there were still dirt roads some of the towns had them. pete
  12. I have spent a few new years days picking corn because we had to wait for the mud to freeze enough to carry the weight of the equipment pete
  13. my middle grandson, 18 years old, hops in my truck or i get in his plugs something in my cigeret liter and it plays music from his phone or something. his music is old country from 50's 60's 70's stuff i love his brother and his parents hate it. they also get upset he is too much like me. a country boy/redneck born and bred in new jersey is out of step. pete
  14. i have about 10 acres left 6 of that was flooded thanks to ida it's covered with mud i don't think anything will eat it i'm close on small squares so i'm thinking i will rotary mow it and leave it lay. if we run short we can feed round bales to kids sheep and goats. pete
  15. we had T340 with a shuttle shift went faster in reverse then forward had to clutch to go from forward to reverse. pete
  16. i watched the show and i was not happy the way they totally ignored mccormick/international harvester part in bringing tractors to the farm and the development of the farm tractor. i did not know about narrator writing a book about john junk. after i saw this program it made me question if other history channel shows are slanted or not true to the facts. i thought it was history not history the way the producers think history was. pete
  17. we used burlap feed sacks. garden centers, i think, sell burlap in rolls for protecting shrubbery over the winter. will that work? pete
  18. my grandson works in small feed mill they grind and mix a few different feeds for deer sell a lot more then i would have thought. good thing is it helps keep one of the last mills in the area going. they make feed for livestock and buy grain from local farmers, so helps them out also. pete
  19. we were able to graze millet when it was younger/finer stems because we didn't have to let it get 18 inches tall so the cows ate more wasted less. pete
  20. we grew it when we had dairy cows i thought they wasted more then they eat when we grazed it so we would green chop it. we did grow millet and grazed it no worry about prusic acid poisoning. pete
  21. we also had sears/david bradley rake until 1976 when we got an IH 35, still using it today. i gave david bradley to neighbor for back up or parts for his when had farm sale another neighbor bought them both and they still sit in his hedge row. pete
  22. when i was learning to rake, i was maybe 10, it was on an H i remember the neighbor riding on the tractor and every now and then smacking me in back of my head and saying keep the windows stright god---n it. now 65 years later and neighbor dead i still hear his voice in my ear, dosen't help that i'm raking with a super H . pete
  23. cousin had a wd 45 we called "guess-o-matic" because gear shift would come off in your hand and you did not know what gear you were in pete
  24. we still had those couplers on our 300. an open end wrench put in that slot made it easey for a kid to couple. my old man ran a lite cable from coupler to little guines plow so hoses would not take strain when plow broke away. pete
  25. even in new jersey i can remember 5 or 6 IH dealers within 20 miles of our farm in the 50's & 60's. none now. pete
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