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  1. WOW! change lexington, ma to bridgewater,nj and you have my life story right down to the small airport that has been there since 1946 (same as me) people suck. pete
  2. i hate talking on the phone, i am 77 years old hated the phone since i was old enough to know what it was, if i can't walk in and buy something i would rather do it online and i am not computer savvy. pete
  3. our county ag development board, they run our "farmland preservation" program had a farm to frame event where they paired local artists with farmers to paint or photo their farms and then had a exhibit of the artist work. pete
  4. i just bought chipper from woodmaxx made in china but seams to be good quality for cost. i've only used it about two hours so too soon to tell much. pete
  5. i also have one, in new jersey i bought at neighbors auction they pulled it with 10/20 on steel H could not pull it too deeply in our red shale. pete
  6. yes comes on when i start tractor without touching it.
  7. goodmorning everyone, my 706 gas has left break on releases and will roll when i turn engin off. do you know where i should start looking? thanks pete
  8. we had a 15 in the sixties corn head direct cut head we chopped corn with 656 but we could green chop with direct cut head with 300 in light crops, not in sudan grass. it was a better chopper then anything we had before and was a snap to change heads. it was also the one i chopped my fingers off with not choppers fault stupid know it all operator. pete
  9. i have been hit twice both times making left hand turn. first time had 986 and round baler with lights guy passed from behind me as i started to turn left hit front tire on 986 bounced off hit phone pole bounced off went in ditch on other side of road no one hurt tractor ok truck totaled cop said it was his fault but because there was no damage to other vehicle (986) he was not going to ticket him he gave cop hard time so cop DID ticket him. second time i am making left hand turn with 706 and manure spreader blind curve to right double yellow line lady came from behind me hit 706 narrow front blew power steering line cracked boster ripped her car from pasenger side door to tail light. she gave me her info and insurance said she was in a hurry and left when cop came he was not impressed tracked her down gave her several tickets. pete
  10. i eat my peas with honey i've done so all my life it makes my peas taste funny but it keeps them on my knife.
  11. congratulations to your mom and dad. we will be married 57 years on sunday story you told could be ours. i hope your parents have many more years. pete
  12. mto happy birthday from new jersey i enjoy your posts. pete
  13. i learned rubber band trick the hard way 60 years ago when i was putting 300 back together for the second time in a week. i was 17 thought i knew it all, boy was i dumb. pete
  14. DHF


    check oil in master cylinder for clutch pete
  15. i saw a picture years ago, may have been on here, of a steer skeleton with a big wad of net rap where it's guts would have been. don't know if it was staged or not but i got the message across. net rap eaten by cows is pet peave of our vet. pete
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