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    we got rid of dairy cows 35 years ago i still have not found that free time. even in new jersey we have auctions that sell small animals and birds only one that does large animals. as a grandfather the best part is doing things with my grandsons that p-off their parents, pete
  2. GREAT JOB! he will learn things in 4-H that he will not know he learned until he is older. I was a member and a leader the things i learned in 4-H have helped me my whole life. my son and daughter were members and are club leaders and one all three of my grandsons are/were members and one of them is now a leader. so brag about him all you want. pete i
  3. there should be different sprokets to change to change population/spacing. the best way is put some seed in planter and drive on hard ground and see how far apart seeds are and adjust from that. pete
  4. did cx100 yesterday just used spray nozzle on garden hose and then blew it out with air. i do it once a year.it makes a noticeable difference in heat gage and ac when i'm round baling. pete
  5. i'm looking at thermometer at 7:49 am it's 77 degrees and 86% humidity weather says 100 + next three days no rain showers have missed us we have had a 1/4 sense june 16th. pete
  6. we have a building owned by county 4-H association 1/2 rented to county (think soil conservation, extention, 4-H) 1/2 used by 4-H under Rutgers rules. now building open. at one time building was closed no meetings no office stuff, then it opened with masks, then county removed mask mandate but Rutgers did not so you could be in one part of building no mask but if you went to other side of same building you needed a mask.
  7. neighbor kid, 14 or 15 at the time, came running into barn while i was milking said he had skunk in live trap what should he do. i told him walk up to trap slowly open it and back away. he came back later said it worked skunk just walked away. i said wow i didn't think that it would work!😊 pete
  8. we had one as off road farm truck in early '60s don't know what year it was i thought fold down sides were neat. it was tough 2 teen age boys could not distroy it. it wasn't that long ago i would find parts of it around fields, pasture, or woods. pete
  9. our stage 1 super M is also a Louisville "L" serial number. pete
  10. my uncle had m&w clutch on a H when it got so my cousins couldn't get parts for it they took it off and put the tractor back stock. when it was new it worked good the only other tractor in our neighborhood back then, early 50's, with any kind of live pto was hand clutch on allis WD pete
  11. my father-in-law had an old galion (sp) grader IH 6 cylinder engine all hydraulic i barrowed it couple times for driveways and shaped some waterways with it. pretty cool to run. father-in law got sick brother-in law sold grader. pete
  12. forgot to tell you that was after i broke the factory ones. pete
  13. on my 454 i made them from 1/4 inch by 2 inch angle iron drilled 2 7/8 inch, i think, holes easy peasy. pete
  14. DHF

    Where used?

    maybe top feeder belt on old pull type combine? pete
  15. i have three grandsons two my son's and one my daughter's 17, 19, & 23 years old and i am always pleased with their manners and consideration of other people. pete
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