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  1. we had a kit from IH back when there were H'S M'S and 300 and 400 tractors around that had the valve guide seals and a tool to machine top of valve guide flat to seat the seals. we had two of them don't remember if they were for different sizez or both the same. brought them in a odd lot when IH dealer had auction. pete
  2. DHF

    IH Fuel caps

    with the old cap it had one vent hole. if you filled the tank and it sat in the sun gas would shoot out of the vent like a fountain. pete
  3. we got about 20 inches or more sheep are moved into barn cows come in and out as they want. still snowing lightly not that cold around 30f. i opened up neighbor's drive so he can get out for dyalesis , forget it i can't spell it you know the kidney thing. i know i put stone on his lawn. i'll have to open up our drive daughter-in-law needs to get to work and grandson goes to work after visaul school . pete
  4. DHF

    Farmall 300

    it is easy enough to switch the hoses around. pete
  5. DHF

    Farmall 300

    my memory is not the best it has been 50 plus years that our 300 has been gone but i think forward raised fast hitch and back lowered it. forward extended remote cylinder back pulled it back in. pete.
  6. DHF


    international 656 utility. 2 sold at auction near me last fall. one gear drive one hydro. i'm not sure about axle.
  7. DHF


    i am tired of all thebull on the news i enjoy the forum to get away from it all. i don't read topics that are political.
  8. DHF

    Pack of wild dogs

    "shoot shovel and shut-up" is what dog catcher told me years ago. even in new jersey we can protect our livestock. by saying nothing you avoid bad press because you know they will not stick up for the farmer.
  9. years ago we ran silo blower, hammer mill, corn sheller and a generator with flat belt off tractor. used to run belt from farmall H to jd B to get it to start in winter. pete
  10. had a set on the H, never had a set for super C but i know their is a drive clutch that goes on the break drum. there are drive lugs on the disk break drum for this. pete
  11. i liked those old mowers in their day. if it were me i would try to take cutter bar off, it will make it easer to handle. come-a-long it on your trailer tail wheel first. i have done a lot of things alone, take it slow and think it through, and be safe. pete
  12. if you gave him an enema he'd be two inches tall. crazy as a sh$$ rat. keep your ears open tour mouth closed and you might learn something.
  13. ours are due quarterly 2/1,5/1,8/1 and 11/1. they give a 10 day grace period when they don't charge interest so i pay mine on the 10th. our taxes are insane. pete
  14. i'm not sure. i can move the snow just fight the mud. worst is when, like the snow we have now, it is not frozen under the snow. pete
  15. christmas eve we are promised 60 degree temps and 2 inches of rain, goody more mud. pete
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