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  1. it's good people think i am waving! pete
  2. i took off 4 fingers (left my thumb, lucky) of my right hand in IH #15 chopper right hand wrapped up like boxing glove and i got so i could tie my shoe one handed. just tried it now can't do it fingers don't bend like they did. pete
  3. i bought a 530 6 or 7 years ago put new "t rod" table chain in it last year it is like a new spreader. back in the '60s and '70s when i milked cows we had IH spreaders and they held up well. pete
  4. that was and old joke and one of my mother's favorite stories only in her version it was why the boy was late for school, because they were plucking chickens. mom has been gone for 39 years but i think of her whenever i hear that story, thanks.
  5. DHF

    95 and sunny

    we had dry spell a 2 weeks ago then rain started now won't stop. get three days without rain but ground is too soft to get on. drys up enough to get on field rains the next day. oh well that's farmin. pete
  6. i have a Hotsy dealer not too far away i was able to buy a hot water one used for less than half new price they had gone over it and tuned up the burner i have been very happy with it. i had a gas engine one before and it would take longer to get it started then i would use it. only use it a few times a year wash machines when we put away for season or to do repairs. pete
  7. i'm not a "people person" but i don't mind when neighbors stop to chat and we have our cast of characters who show up for coffee. keeps me informed on what is going on.
  8. i knew none of them but my son, 52 years old and a star wars fan knew them all.
  9. 4-H is a good thing. saying that there is always a bad apple. i joined in 1957 my wife and i were both 4-H leaders both are kids were members and went on to be leaders and are still in the program. our three grand kids are in 4-H and the oldest is aleader. it has change a lot over the years but still good.
  10. DHF

    We’re domed.

    and this is why people in new jersey are not allowed to pump their own gas.
  11. i remember neighbor useing on in the fiftys on a wd thing i remember as a kid is how long it took them to bale a field copared to our IH 45 witch was slow. pete
  12. united states did not sign treaty to end ww1 until 1921 i think. it was signed by president Harding in Raritan, nj it is now a burger king but there is a plaque by the road that says treaty was signed there.
  13. DHF

    806 Bolster

    i replaced bolster on 706 (car hit me and cracked it) not a hard job bolster at salvage yard around $400.00 so if there are threads in your bolster i would try spacer first you can replace bolster if it doesn't work. pete
  14. DHF

    The new me ....

    oh my it is april 1st. our vet sent a notice out that he was giving up large animals and only doing barn cats. pete
  15. our house is old, 200 +, i wish someone had put something somewhere with a date.
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