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  1. I would 100% steal every tank I could get my hands on.
  2. Have a 1086 and the foot diff lock is not working. While moving snow this winter I couldn’t get it to engage. I haven’t dug into it yet but was wondering what some common issues are? I’m going to start with the switch itself. Possibly wiring? Are there any mechanical issues I should check? Was there any aftermarket switches made that disengaged with a brake pedal for these tractors or am I better off just trying to fix it as is and hold it down?
  3. Muffler eliminator was the very first thing I did when I bought my 1086. Sounds better outside and not any louder inside.
  4. Our 7140 does the same thing and our MX270. I just assume it’s normal.
  5. Currently have a 1086 on Westfield 10in 73 ft auger at. 25 degree incline. Would that tractor handle a 13 inch auger same setup?
  6. Yes I’ve done the math. A 1086 can’t lift 3200 pounds?
  7. 1086 with front weights should be able to handle it.
  8. I’m sure it’s been done before but I’d like to weld these two saddle tanks together and make a 3 point sprayer out of them with a PTO pump. I was thinking about a big hand sprayer and maybe a short boom on the back. Does anyone have photos of a homemade setup or better ideas? 400 gallons total.
  9. Got the duals back on. Running 14 PSI in the duals and 18 in the new ones.
  10. Put a new set of agribibs on 18.4-38. I have a pretty worn set of duals. What’s the best air pressures to run with worn duals? Plan on disking in the fall I need to find a better used set for outside.
  11. The batteries are not new and the connections are not perfect. I just thought it was odd it would start at 10°F plugged in but deader than h*** when it’s 63.
  12. 1086 started all winter long in the cold. Now that it’s warmed up alittle I changed all the halogen lights over to LED other than the flashers. Can’t keep the batteries charged now. It’s dead every time I go to start it. Could I have messed something up or is it just time for new batteries?
  13. I was actually happy with the responses so far.
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