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  1. Looking for hubs and duals for IH 1086. 9 bolt. 18.4/38. Located relatively close to north central Iowa.
  2. ISP1086

    Bolt sizes

    Thanks! I’m assuming I can go to fastenal and get what I need?
  3. ISP1086

    Bolt sizes

    I got some axle hubs and rear weights for my 1086 but they didn’t come with any bolts. What size do I need to bolt the dual on the hub (9 bolt)? And what size do I need to bolt two weights per side on the axle?
  4. What is the longest anyone has left their tractor plugged in? Mine unfortunately has to sit outside and I move snow with it. Other than a waste of money does it hurt to be plugged in for 8 hours straight? Haven’t bought a timer yet.
  5. ISP1086

    Which LEDs

    Good point. I could see that as a expense that isn’t needed. I will be blowing snow and using it on an auger at night at a dark farm site so it might be worth it.
  6. ISP1086

    Which LEDs

    Switching all the lights on the 1086 over to LED. I’ve seen flood, spot, flood-beam, trapezoid etc. What ones would make the best choice? Anyone have a brand preference or a particular website they like to order from?
  7. EGT and MPH work on data center but nothing else. Also fuel gauge always says full and coolant doesn’t work. Any ideas?
  8. Just bought a 1978 1086. It’s needs a new interior amongst other stuff but where is a reputable place to order the kit? Are they hard to install for the average person?
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