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  1. okay so our tractor was halfway through restoration when we bought it, so if it had a radiator shutter it doesnt now, also the starter tank no longer does anything and it doesn't have a heat shield that I could see. The carb does have a drain on the bottom but I would've thought that would be a standard thing
  2. He's named after my Mom's stepfather, Bob. Hence the He. we've got 6 tractors, one girl, who's 3 times the size of any of the others.
  3. you can see it in that picture just in front of the fuel tank
  4. Ever since I got introduced to the IH 4070s ive been in love with them, and i think i finally found a decently affordable one that is what I want. It's a single axle with a 903 Cummins and a 9/10 speed. It has a few issues but according to the owner it still runs and drives, he bought it as a toy hauler and now he has another truck and wont do anything with it. It has those old 2/3 piece (not sure which) bullethole aluminum rims, with the locking ring and all which I want to keep because I like the look. Doesn't have Power steering and no idea on if it has A/C (it doesnt have a roof unit). Anyway rambling aside, it doesn't appear to have a battery box lid, or at least it was off when the photos were taken, so my question is (since i dont know a ton on the battery boxes of semis) is, is it a pretty standard size and a lid from another model of truck would work or do I need one from another Transtar?
  5. We're in Georgia, all we really know is the tractor was an illinois tractor and hasn't had fenders on in the time we've owned it (and might never have had them). Thanks, and sometime in the future i'll definitely travel around with it. and yes he's much older, 81 vs 17
  6. Okay so the owner thing is interesting. we actually bought the tractor from Mecum. The guy who did all the resto work tried to sell it a year earlier and failed, and Mecum bought the tractor and used it as a farm tractor for a year before selling it again in 2015. I'll look again about the suffix. I'm hoping that I could find the children of the original owners and see if they have anything.
  7. I dont know exactly what it has. it has service ports up in the lines away from the compressor, you have to unbolt the left side of the hood to access them. I'll have to check the canister next time we're up there. Yes it does also have a York compressor on it, and it looks identical to the old one. I wouldnt be surprised if the hoses need replacing considering that the tractor is 44 years old and has 7800 hours
  8. About 6 years ago, we bought a 1940 Farmall M at the Mecum Gone Farmin' auction in Nashville in 2015, nothing about the tractor was known aside the fact that we were the 4th owners, the back tires needed to be replaced, the radiator hose had a small leak, and it was in limbo halfway through restoration. After looking up the serial number i found it was a 1940 (previous owner thought it was a 1947) and that, when new, it had steel rears (it has an after market wide front so we dont know if it had steel fronts too) I'm looking for info on this tractor, names of previous owners, where it lived for the first years of it's life, pictures, etc. the Serial Number is FBK11488. all I know is it was a rear steel M with a pto, belly mount hydro pump, belly mounts for a cultivator/tractor mount planter, a belt pulley, electric start and lights. (tractor was pretty kitted for 1940). The lights may be an addon from the restoration as the T stand for them appears to just be a length of conduit or some such type of pipe. Also it has the dual tanks, main tank for Kerosine (so i am told). does anyone know how to tell the difference between the C248 gas engine and the distillate engine they had available?
  9. I mean it is a 1977 tractor but yes the service ports are like you see in a car. ill have to check the canister behind the grill, my guess is because 44 year old tractor the hoses need to be replaced which is just great
  10. it has a York compressor on it, the service valves are like you see on a car
  11. A bit over a year ago we bought a 1977 1086 with a new a/c compressor (one of the reasons we bought it) and over time the refrigerant has leaked out until the pressure light came on. We dont know if the tractor was converted to 134a so here's my question. Is there a way to check if it has been converted to 134a, and if it hasn't, then what was the original refrigerant IH used? I know there's several out there, 22, 422, 422B, etc so I want to make sure we get it right.
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