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  1. Don't know about you guys, but Second Hand Lions is by far my absolute favorite movie of all time, even beating out John Wayne movies. Priceless story about a young man coming of age, and could not have better mentors than the half crazed uncles to help raise him. Every young man need mentors such as these to give them a proper prospective on the world. And I don't believe young girls could have much better either.
  2. I once had a job where I worked up to get 5 wks of vacation a year. 2 weeks I did needed stuff and later in the year I took 3 weeks, got on my KTM 9 fiddy and went somewhere, didn't matter where, I just went. No radio, no nothing but sights and being alone with myself and my thoughts. Those 3 weeks were the most pleasant of the entire year. Usually covered about 3,000/3,500 miles in that time. One year only 140 miles of it on multilane hwy's. Primarily camped & rarely spending nights in motels. I even got back to work end of Aug 2005 and found that Hurricane Katrina happened 2 weeks prior, and my job was to respond to events caused by disasters such as this. I can relate to those who know and appreciate "silence". it is a blessing in disguise. Any more the older I get the more silence I prefer. Live no near a town of less than 1,000 and detest going to town cause it's "to busy". Don't even listen to the local radio station, it's too full of nonsense & drivel. Only reason I seem to watch TV is so I can get in my pre bedtime nap. I like it quiet enough I can hear the corn grow.
  3. ? I sure do enjoy you making fun of my mindless drivel and dumbassery Mike. I sure do enjoy laughing at my self and all the nonsense and situations I get myself into. Well now, that din't work out so hot now did it! What stupid stunt are ya gonna pull next there NS. Quite simply put, I'm happy with the way I am even if I do try and improve, it seems those efforts are non-starters Whatever I say is not intended to be derogatory towards anyone of anything. My comments here are only a reflection of my experiences. I may be an overachiever in that dept. With having lived in 50 different places in 5 different countries and having at least 7/8 different careers and more jobs than I can count, and I STILL have not figured out what I want to be when I grow up. And everyone has my permission to make as much fun of me as they want, I won't take it personally. After all, If I can't laugh at myself, what is the point of living. ?
  4. N S

    Team USA!

    Oh heck Mike, thats easy, when you flash a wad of cash, no negotiations are necessary. Walk into an Aston Martin dealership, drop a suitcase of case on the table, point and it's yours. Nary a word be spoken. In my experience viewing how the well & very well off do things, they seldom do any negotiations anyway, they hire others to do everything for them. As I said, not all fit this category, but a fair amount of them do. And where sports are concerned, they are hired for their talents on the field, not their verbal skills or academic achievements. PS - Have fun at work. I know you'd rather be home playing in the dirt..?
  5. I've had my share of experiences with boats, having owned 7, worked on, been on and around them for a good portion of my life, and here is one truth. The best 2 days of a boat owners life are they day they buy it, and the day they sell it. In between is pure misery. Definition - Boat: Hole in the water into which you pour money.
  6. N S

    Team USA!

    Exactly! I won't watch for the same reason, as well as refusing to spend my valuable time watching very well and hugely overpaid people play a game when most (not all) cannot even carry on a coherent conversation.
  7. In my neck of the woods, a 30 pack goes for about $22 bucks. That equals out to just over 363 30 packs. Which, all in all equals out to a lot more fun than $8000 spent on aggravating pulling and all the breakdowns and pitfalls that go with it. Plus you can always go to the pulling contest and whilst laughing at everyone else get aggravated at breaking down and throwing more coin after more coin whilst pulling their puds. Now I'm waiting for some creative screwball to name their pulling sled the "PUD" as in pulling their pud. I'll give it about 6 months before it catches on.
  8. Red on one side & green on ta-other. Poor old girl don't know whether it's a-comin or a-goin. Old tractors are like us old geezers, we could all use a bit of Savin. Paintin it green don't make it better, just makes it green. If it was born Red its heart still gonna to pump Red.
  9. But at lest your corn is looking good!
  10. Really hate to tel ya this, but you ain't no gansta, put a belt on and pull your pants up.
  11. So when is your birthday - Every year!
  12. Appears to me like that way it's broke it's just the axle tube thats busted. Unless the pivot mount is also busted (can't tell from the pic). If there is a machine/fab shop near you you can probably get them to order a new tube and fab a new one, then all thats left is ordering tie rod & steering parts that got busted. Might be fairly cheap, as in it's still gonna cost plenty, but may be cheaper than a new or used one with unknown issues.
  13. Man I can really relate to that. It seems as though corporations will hire only college grads no matter what they majored in or got their degree in as opposed to those that earned their stripes by actually getting hands on experience. A number of years ago I was applying for semi driving jobs cause that was all that seemed to be available at the time. They all wanted someone that had graduated from a "driving school" even though I had 30 years of experience driving every conceivable combination known and well over 3 million miles. The excuse was that I had not driven steadily for about 4-5 years. What they were saying is that they didn't want someone with experience like your dad, who actually had experience making things work, but someone they could train to their corporate dictates. Somewhat like if you sit down for an hour you'll forget how to walk. Thats their mentality. And closer and closer to the drain hole we go.
  14. I have just done some cursory pricing in various places on various tires and what I found was Michelins were more spensive. Prices were generally all over the place with Firestones being the most consistent. I'm going to be in the market in the near future so the info you related about tread angles is appreciated as most all of my tillable acreage is somewhat steep. Ultimately the winner will be whoever can provide the best tire at the most reasonable cost available in the size I need (18.4 X 38), whether it be Firestone, Carlisle, Goodyear. Michelin, Alliance or Titan. Not all of which have that size available in the desired tread style. I have mower research to do me thinks.
  15. Seems to be there are not that many things made in the USA anymore and less and less almost daily. Chinklandistan won't have to go to war to conquer us they will simply buy everything we got, including military bases and farmland. They already own the gubmint. At the rate the giveaway program of the US is going it won't be but a few more years and there won't be anything made here but babies, and increasingly there being "Made in Mexico".
  16. At least you got the 1". Out here in the PNW we've had maybe 2/10's since April, temps over 90 daily for the last month +1/2 and almost 2 weeks of that over 100. Surrounded by 4 fires now and no letup in sight. Only thing growing are the weeds, (although not much), but those buggers grow in the snow. Crops are - what crops? But I do feel for ya. When you're planning on something "normal" and it turns out to be not so "normal", often times it makes you try and second guess yourself. If only "this or that". Have faith that you'll get through, we all will, until we don't. All we can do it all we can do.
  17. From what I understand, Harvey Firestone was the first to come up with the "tire" for farm tractors, being a farmer himself. As things progressed other brands cashed in on the opportunity, mostly cause of the bottom line it created for their shareholders and the market share obtained. No I believe I've read that Titan Tires is the owner of the Goodyear AG tire division. Somewhere I've read that Alliance now owns Titan, or maybe it's the other way around, can't member. At any rate, after developing his tire, Harvey Firestone returned to farming but kept his hand in the development of tires and Firestone does have a research facility specifically for AG tires. Guess the point of this diatribe drivel is that I don't believe you can go wrong with a set of Firestones. Probably a premier tire at a somewhat affordable price. Same tire in Michelin will run you 2 - 3 times as much, and it ain't any rounder. The composition of the rubber is what will ultimately determine the reliability and wear. But y'all knew that.
  18. And now we are to the point of subservience to the manufacturers that (from what I understand) with the new JD's you can't even start them without having the most up to date subscription to their electronic control systems. So, assuming this is the case, if you do not fork over hard earned coin for their electronic systems controls you can't start the tractor to plant, too fertilize, spray harvest a crop that hasn't been planted so that would equal NO food production. That would mean - guess who doesn't get to eat? ? ? Yeah OK, this is progress? And the worse part is we insist on buying this ill engineered crap. Think of all those new trucks & cars sitting in those vacant lots that cannot be sold because they don't have the chips to run the software to make em run = progress? And the acres of electric cars sitting outside that Paris place in France, cause the batteries are shot, and they won't run, and no one will recycle them = progress. But I needn't go on cause everyone here is smart enough to figure this out. Cept me, my IQ is just about the equal to the box that holds the proverbial "box-o rocks".
  19. My favorite story to tell regarding technology in tractors is from a problem that arose on an 8000 series Deere tractor. This problem happened probably ten years ago on an 8100 Deere and a Kinze planter. It is a vacuum planter and the scv was supposed to be able to control flow to the vacuum fan without a needle valve. It did for years, but it got to where the flow control was not fine enough. It went from minimum to maximum with not much in between. The dealer was out and decided the scv just needed to be recalibrated. He got in the cab for a few minutes and then asked if there was a problem with the turn signals. I said that they hadn’t worked for a while and that I had never attempted to fix them because it just didn’t seem that important to me. He said I wasn’t going to believe this, but we can’t do anything until we fix the turn signals. Apparently the turn signal switch was integral to being able to navigate through some screens to be able to perform the calibration. I said so basically we can’t plant because the turn signal won’t work and he said yes. It took an extra day to order a new switch and put it in. This tractor is primitive by today’s standards and it has technology problems. Y'all be right. Thats funny right there I don't care who ya are. Not being able to plant cause the turn signals on the tractor don't work is just asinine engineering taking 1st place. Much like winning a trophy for showing up even if you were't playing the game, what's the point? Whats next? Not being able to plant cause you didn't take a dump at the proper time as authorized by some feral agency. As simple as possible is always the best route for anything. anything above ground is subject to gravity, as in seeds in a planter, water in a sprayer or anything else. Gravity is your friend. Same goes for my preference in analog gauges, with a quick glance I can scan everything thats important without having to poke a stupid button to scroll through a menu of crap to find the info I'm looking for, 90% of which is unimportant and generally useless drivel anyway. Besides, ifn ya don't walk the fields and visually see the spots lacking whatever from time to time how are ya ever gonna find that gold stash that your tilling finally turned over dropped by that lost Spanish Conquistador wandering the hinterboonies of present day Nebraska all those eons ago.
  20. Thanks for the info Mr. Newman. As in all things, adequate research, if possible, and proper preparatory work will dictate the desired outcome. Anything properly done takes time and effort.
  21. In my experience engineering technology has its advantage in the closer tolerances and reliability afforded if they would quit adding all the other computers and "junk" with which to make them function. It is/has become way to complicated and the person with average understanding of mechanical things cannot work on them anymore. It's all specialist related. I'll take the older more heavily built stuff over the modern stuff any day. At least I can work on them and keep costs under control. New technology, in itself is not necessarily better, only different. You trade one thing for another. IE: no matter what technology you use, you still plant, harvest, spray, from one end of the field to the other. Does it really matter all that much how straight your rows are or even if some of them overlap, or if you can do any given job in a half hrs difference I time? But then, thats just my view.
  22. Ah yup, I'd say it would be just a wee bit of a weight issue. I remember seeing a tractor pull years ago with an 850 HP John Deere against a 2 Cyl. Steam tractor rated at 28HP. Steam tractor operator grinning ear to ear as he pulled the John Deere backwards plowing 2 furrows with its rear tires. Traction & Torque VS RPM & Speed.
  23. I agree with you 100% Mr. Newman. A good book will keep you awake and brain engaged. First year I got out of the "Jarhead Corps", living in an A-frame cabin in Eastern Wa., night before elk season, snowing, I sat by the fire and read Jack Londons "White Fang", the entire book in one night. Then went hunting the next day. I really like your fireplace, Chimney and the fire stick above the mantle. Very classy!
  24. Remembering back to the day when I actually kept up on eng. of various styles, I recall V-8's you could ring out more HP at higher RPM due to a generally shorter stroke. A 6 in line would generally develop higher torque at lower RPM and they would seemingly lug down to lower RPM before outright dying.- Hence the in line 6 used on hard pulling equip. Stroke = Torque - Rpm = Horsepower - it's always a compromise between the two. Consider a 6 cyl. Cummins producing 1,500 HP and 2,000 ft pds of torque, but it needs to turn at close to 6,000 RPM to do it. Another way of looking at it is RPM = HP = Speed / Stroke = Torque = Work. You can reach the end result with either but the cost in energy (fuel) will be higher for RPM than for Torque. If you have any inhibitions regarding this theory consider how many really large ships are powered by eng. in V configuration as opposed to those with in line configurations and a much greater stroke, turning props with blades as big as your house at 200 RPM or slower. I call them Monday/Tuesday Engines - Piston goes down on Monday, comes back up on Tuesday.
  25. N S

    Pink combine

    Holy guacamole, thats not just a pink, thats a fluorescent pink. You can harvest your corn in the dead of night without lights and still go blind. Wonder if maybe the folks owning that also own a wrecker company to tow the rigs out of the ditch after dong a double/triple take. That'll give the ole guys at "Ebaneezers Home For The Old Fart Blossoms & Decrepit Geezers" something to start their hearts in the morning.
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