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  1. Yes indeed gents, they do blow and when they do they generally go in a very big way. With over 3 1/2 million behind the wheel I've seen plenty so be forewarned. Either pass, let them bye, and always stay well behind and allow enough room in front for reaction time stopping. You will get run over and they won't even know it. Watched a VW beetle get run completely over after sliding down a hill in a snowstorm in Seattle, right under the trailer of a tanker. Tanker never even stopped cause he didn't even know it. Lost more than a couple complete duals from trailers and trucks as well when the lugs sheared off, torn out bearings etc. They pass you and keep on trucking to wherever. Lost one set of trailer duals on a dirty snowy AM out in the wheat country and never noticed it until I stopped for coffee. Axle looked like you do with your, ahem, hard parts standing at attention. When I lost it is anybody's guess. Watched a single drive tire shear off an oncoming truck, pass the truck, bounce over the median and go completely through an oncoming camper on a pickup. And thats to name just a few mishaps. Just a word to the wise, stay awake out there. As safe as it is, driving is still a priority situation demanding full attention. Unlike the way so many of the younger generation react to it, with callous disregard and contempt for the whole concept.
  2. From what little I member in the owners manual the light would come on and then off indicating the brakes were worn. Do a quick circuit test with a voltmeter to see if the light is working and circuit is functioning, bulb could even be burnt out. Ifn it's got lots of hrs brakes could be worn to the replacement point. If I remember right they are multiple disc wet brakes. As you are undoubtedly aware they are located on the outboard side in front of the axle housing so are relatively easy access, if you like working on your knees under the cab. But from the schematic don't appear to be overly complicated to replace, everything considered. As with everything these days, more time consuming than anything built during the 40's & 50's. Good luck! PS. most orfice holders reside in the district of cartoonistan and various sate crapi - trolls..
  3. The perfect rig to drive to the "Green New Deal" convention. Don't need to see over the front tire, just squash whatever gets in the way.😄
  4. Special Nuts! Hey, you guys talkin bout me again!
  5. Dayum, thats pricy! At the prices charged for lumber anymore it's probably cheaper to build stuff out of steel. If you can get it as well. I've had to buy some steel beams before I could really afford them and needed them, cause the dist. said when you need em they may not be available. He was right, I can't get em right now. 2 months wait. Beauty of steel is that if you screw it up you can weld it together and start over. Wood not so much. Once you cut it, it be cut, ain't no amount of growin gonna help.
  6. Only way I can think of to keep from eating tasties on the way home would be to keep them in the trunk. But not alongside the beer, you want to keep that in the backseat. You know, just for quick reference. Or so I've ben told. Exactly what I've been told I have yet to figure out, but I'm a workin on it.
  7. I was always under the impression that cubs, being the younger, or offspring, of the parent, always ran rough under load. Simply cause they ain't all crowded up yet and can't carry as much. Bwaaahaaahhha
  8. And it is a sad state of affairs how much is actually made in chinklandistan, and the crap that is made here is not actually made here, simply assembled here from chinesium parts. I've been warning people for 40 years about the increase in outsourcing to other countries. If those countries decided to cease trade with the US cause they didn't like that way a current administration picked their nose, our entire economy would fold like a cheap suit, also made in chinkandistan. And we have no one to blame but these morons we put in orfice, and ignored ever since, letting them do whatever they please.
  9. At 100's of dollar an hr. and gallons burned in the 100's as well. It is ALWAYS cheaper to refuel where you are working if the job you are doing takes longer than your fuel supply will last. For Helicopters especially, the capacity you can carry is dependent upon how much fuel you carry. Hence if you are doing a huge field you may have to refill every time you reload your cargo. If you are located 1/2 hr from an airport you will be paying 1 hr. flying time for each load delivered on your crop. On all jobs any distance from an airport a refueling truck always accompanies a chopper. Turbine engs. are a thirsty lot. A close friends brother operates an Ag Wagon with a Garrett turbine in Alaska, his rate of burn is over 80 gal. an hr. Choppers are even thirstier, and slower. The plus is they can land wherever.
  10. My my my, that ole girls got some meat on the backside eh! Slippage you say - What slippage? HA!
  11. Ya can tell its a Merkan version and not one of the Canadian versions, otherwise it'd hafta say FARMALL EH, eh ! 😀 Somewhat like the song down here called "Take The A Train". In Canada they sing it "Take the Train Eh!"
  12. Don't know what it is about it all but I absolutely love to view, and see in real life, Rural, Farming, and Ranching landscapes with equipment out in the fields working, regardless of the country they are in. It's a plus if the landscapes are filled with "Red" machinery. Quite simply put, it brings peace to the soul. Many moons ago when I first left Uncle Sams Misguided Children employment, one of my first jobs was in a feed & grain supply. The smells and sounds where what enthralled me, and I'm still partial to the smells of feeds and grains. Can't quite seem to outgrow it, not that I really want to.
  13. N S

    What is it

    At least it made you laugh, and ifn you can't laugh - (especially at yourself) what are ya here for? Bwaaahhaaaahhhaaaahhaaa Laughter is good medicine, and as the world goes, we all need lots more medicine. I'll take mine with a shot of whishkey preez, ya knoe, just to wash it down.....
  14. N S

    What is it

    It's the gauge holder for the dumahflopper bearing bulb stretcher tool. The little round turny thing spanks the gauge to keep it awake. And since it's made in Portlandia, about as useful as the current mayor.
  15. Thats also know as "Doing A Dogwood". If a dog can't eat it, chase it, or breed it, he just ****** on it and walks away.
  16. I really feel for any of you suffering from drought and fires nearby as well as smoke blowing in from elsewhere. Out her in the PNW fire aggravated by 3months of 90 + temps and zero rain, fire have crept to within about 5 miles of me. It's so dry I gave up on any sort of crop. Excuse the disarray of everything, its all under re-construction. The first over the blue tarp is a full on shot of the sun at 7:30AM the next is a shot of mins 2 miles away as the crow flies, the 3rd is across the canyon, 1/4 mile away. We have finally had a spot of rain, it got the dirt damp and thats about it, not even enough to settle the dust.
  17. Just a guess, but is that cause he's too busy hiding behind his face diaper & playing with his coloring books in his safe space to see where the trees need to be planted?
  18. I've got nothing against JD, cept maybe their green. But no matter the color I've always been a sucker for what should we call it, "Imaginative Engineering".
  19. My question for you good sir; does any sound, good natured, sensible American boy really need a reason to go look for a tractor? I always use the excuse of just cause. Women shop! Men shop! But rarely for the same things.
  20. Happy B Day - you must be having one of them bout every year at this time. Regular as clockwork eh! Thought so! Another year older and - yup, still in debt. Some things never change. Unfortunately, birthdays ain't one of em. I gave up on mine, can't count that high.
  21. I've been researching them for about 1 1/2 year's now. In that size range you can't really go wrong with a Honda, but you'll pay for it all the other seem pretty comparable and similar in price. virtually all are made in chinklandistan even tough they may be engineered in the US. Generac is the only one I've found that was made in the US, but I understand their smaller models are now even made in chinklandistan. I think there may be another 1, possibly 2, made here but expensive. I've nbeen considering w Westinghouse 9500 most bang for the buck but have yet to find where they are "actually" made, here or chinklandistan. I'm to the point now of, do I buy a generator & use my crappy welder, or bite the bullet and get a Miller or Lincoln generator/welder. So many toys, so little time. Decisions decisions decisions!
  22. What! You call that "the woods"....
  23. I had a K&N in my Jeep and it seemed to work Ok, but It wasn't any better than a paper. The oil is supposed to attract & hold onto the dirt, why you can't use to much or to little. I found them to be a hassle in the long term over the dry paper. Issue was when time to clean you had to wash out the dirt, dry, then re-oil. Paper every so often you simply blew the dirt off from the inside out, & stuck it back on. Easy squeezy. Maybe the best old school filters were the old oil bath & metal mesh, but even those were a pain to clean, hence the advent of the dry paper.
  24. Having served with Uncle Sams Misguided Children in Chopper squadrons for 6 years I can relate to beating the air into submission. There are different versions of sprayer application by chopper. There are tanks mounted outside the cab plumbed into spray arms much like your tractor or self propelled sprayer will have. This is generally set up as a sole use helo. The bucket below the helo is so they can use the helo for other purposes and is generally used for firefighting as well. For the last 3 weeks I've watched them flying over my joint daily in their firefighting endeavors. (they ain't making much progress, if any at all). ALL helos carrying any outside cargo has a quick release that is also failsafe enabled. (manual trip should electric trip fail) Helps are also used to hover over crops of strawberries and other susceptible fruit (Cherries mainly) to circulate air to stave off any frost or light rain that can ruin the quality of the crop. Working in the offshore oilfields awhile back we worked closely with an outfit that used both versions to apply dispersant to spilled oil. They even sent two of their helos mounted with spray arms from So. Cal. to an island offshore of Belize to spray the entire island for an influx of rats. Now thats a real rat problem!
  25. The time you got to spend with your kids doing what everyone enjoys is the real prize!
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