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  1. Technology dependance is your worst enemy of control over your own life. Higher production harvest requires higher production equipment, which requires higher equipment costs, where's the win in that? You make more income but that income cost more in expenses, along with the stress of balancing them both. Inviting govt. regulation to fix or deny your ability to repair your own property into the equation increases govt. in you life, and they are in your life enough already. With the present rate of increase in technology driven everything in a few years you will be resigned to operating your entire farm from the easy chair with a computer screen and a joy stick like playing an X-Box or whatever. (I never played one - I don't know how). I realize some may not have the choice, but for the most part, the way to bypass increased govt. regulation in our lives and Mfg.'s' insistence upon their shops/mechanics controlling all is to simply quit buying them. Buy or rebuild existing equip or bypass the majors and insist on a more independent Mfg. to make more simplified equip. Or as stated in the video. Farmers like to tinker - SO TINKER! And bypass most of the existing regulations. In my book thats nothing but a win all around. But whaddaheyeknow!
  2. Don't know what it is about it all but I absolutely love to view, and see in real life, Rural, Farming, and Ranching landscapes with equipment out in the fields working, regardless of the country they are in. It's a plus if the landscapes are filled with "Red" machinery. Quite simply put, it brings peace to the soul. Many moons ago when I first left Uncle Sams Misguided Children employment, one of my first jobs was in a feed & grain supply. The smells and sounds where what enthralled me, and I'm still partial to the smells of feeds and grains. Can't quite seem to outgrow it, not that I really want to.
  3. Man I can really relate to that. It seems as though corporations will hire only college grads no matter what they majored in or got their degree in as opposed to those that earned their stripes by actually getting hands on experience. A number of years ago I was applying for semi driving jobs cause that was all that seemed to be available at the time. They all wanted someone that had graduated from a "driving school" even though I had 30 years of experience driving every conceivable combination known and well over 3 million miles. The excuse was that I had not driven steadily for about 4-5 years. What they were saying is that they didn't want someone with experience like your dad, who actually had experience making things work, but someone they could train to their corporate dictates. Somewhat like if you sit down for an hour you'll forget how to walk. Thats their mentality. And closer and closer to the drain hole we go.
  4. Some of you out there may be needing to update your warranty and enroll in one of those extended maintenance contracts. At the rate our present comrade slo jo and his cabinetry are going, those older "Political Promise Distribution Vehicles" are going to get quite a workout.
  5. A little of the mark but still in the baliwick of Navistar info, as its an offshoot of IH, maybe someone, or a few of you, more well endowed with intelligence than I am, can enlighten me on this little tidbit. Lately I have seen adds for "Farmall". New tractors, and they are red, looking like CaseIH products and sponsored by CaseIH. Me thinks CaseNHI or whatever it's called now, may be resurrection the Formal name & brand. Anyone have any insider info on this?
  6. I hafta admit I'm a wee bit envious of you guys & gals out there where the ground tends to be a shade on the flatter side. I'm in a part of the country where HP rules and traction tires & snow chains are a must have. But ya make your choices and then ya gotta deal with the cards delt, even if they are all of the bottom of a crooked deck, ya got make what you got work the best you can. Yeah, I'm envious but then I think, Naaaah, where's the challenge in that... I have however, never in my life been able to understand why productive farmland is so readily bought up to build housing developments and malls on..... But then I remember it's the so called elite leaders, the movers & shakers of the country, that are the forces behind this nonsense. Lets see - increase the population - require more food be produced for said population - remove productive food production land from the equation - require more food production for an increased population on ever decreasing productive land - requiring more intensive application of fertilizers and chemicals of all types to increase said production - What Could Possibly Go Wrong? Some of the ground and "obstacles" I've needed to remove from future grain ground, such as it is...... If you can even call it that.. The rest is so steep even cows give you that look - You want me to go where? Are you sh****ng me? But the road to my joint isn't all that bad, it's only got (one) 1/4 mile grade thats 12 % ... Bwaaahaaahaaaa
  7. When you give to another your Time - You have given the most precious commodity known to exist. You can't make it, you have a limited supply, it belongs to no other! And trust no one, but those, when asked for their help, reply only with, "Do I Need A Shovel"....
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