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  1. Well, since you asked, If I had the spare coin floating around, I'd maybe opt for a T64-GE-416 out of a Marine Sea Stallion CH53E. Course you might have to lengthen the frame a wee bit or let it stick out the grill a scoshe, and at 4,000HP might be on the verge of overkill. But it would be fun ya think.
  2. Unless filters have a separator bowl on them the position doesn't matter with how it works. The Position only matters when you go to change them. How much you spill and or how much air you allow in when replacing with the new one. Mostly critical when changing diesel filters. Any air introduced into the system can play havoc when starting and running after the change. If your doin it wrong and introduce sufficient quantities of air, you'll be playing the bleeding game.
  3. You arr right me lad, a wee bit o cabin fever. Is it spring yet? I spend to much time watching "Roadkill" (they are a baaaad influence for gear heads) on the tube, and reading too much, if thats possible.
  4. Ok Mike, here ya arr. Looks like mine is a wee bit less, uh, encumbered than yours is. whadahyathink eh?
  5. I'm happy for you & your son. I'd sure like to find one as clean as that appears. They all need work, thats the beauty of them. And the project that will be tons more fun than watching the numbskulls on the boob tube whiz in each others Wheaties.
  6. Oh man, I sure would not want to be buying a new truck today. For the price of a new truck you can rebuild all the running gear on this one and have it repainted in a paint that will last more than 10 years and have money left over, to say nothing about the higher insurance and licensing fees you'll save. And thats if you can even get a new one that you don't have to wait 6 months to a year for (chip shortages & all), so I've heard. I saw a sticker price on a new F350 dually a short time ago. GULP - $148,000 😵
  7. The chart "searcyfarms" showed seems appropriate and at the least I would think is a good starting point. It really depends I would think, on the size and density of the trees/brush. If not to large it may be more cost effective, for you and your customer, to just haul your Case 8-fiddy over and do it all with that. I've got an "87" 850-D that does a pretty bang up job. But here's another solution. I use my small excavator (Kubota - 040) with a ripper tooth to remove all my trees, dig em out by roots and all, up to about 22" dia (those take a fair bit of work though). 12-14" are easy peezy. And if you got your 850 handy the 8" are just a pushover. So if you have access to a larger excavator they actually work much better with less work. For a good leveling after tree/brush removal I would use a land plane if you have one available. Don't know where y are but you might want to check on the haul rates if needn't to move you D61 any distance, oversize permits etc. That can be a pain. Your 850 and or excavator under about 17-18,000 pds. can be one by a pickup & dual axle gooseneck. No permits required. But thats just my .02 cents worth. Good luck with your project.
  8. N S

    Shed moving

    Oh Man, you really chose the hard way. Ain't ya got any neighbors? Here's how it's done. Same shed different videos. We all could use some neighbors and friends like these people. The epitome of the American Spirit.
  9. This is hilarious, a real keeper, and what comedy was all about. If I remember right, Hee Haa was the longest running comedy show on TV, I think it lasted somewhere around 16 years. It generally was so stupid it was funny. Nothing but people laughting at each other and themselves. And the music wasn't all that bad either.
  10. I always have preferred cash unless it's very hard to use, such as now having to buy parts from 3-4-6 states away. They don't want to take cash anymore, but then see how they glamour for cash when the lectric no worky and they don't have any riches but the lint in their pocket. When the lights go out and all your wealth is tied up in digital currency, U B Broke son. And yet everyone is simply enthralled by the digital currency. Cept for us that paid attention to grandpa.
  11. Gommermint employees, the only reason they get hired is because they follow what ever they're told without question. Hence they can't get fired cause they wouldn't find world elsewhere. The reason the schools have gone to teaching the new modern math, for gommermnt employees who can't count, now any answer is correct. Example: 2 + 4 = 1321. Makes perfect sense to me. And if you don't believe it you're wassist.
  12. I'm surprised with the toys and talent he's got he didn't just make a complete new one instead of the restoration. I had never seen one and now really want one. Enough with the hands & v-blocks, straps and blocks of wood that don't work. Whoever came up with this was a bloody genius. But I really want all the toys he's got to make stuff with.
  13. I wanted to say paint it green, but then that would be sacrilege, can't be having none of that. So maybe trick it out with a full compliment of Stewart Warner, Auto Meter, or VDO gauges. Be sure to include gauges for Pyrometer, Boost and every other gauge you don't need. Or you could just paint it a Candy Apple Red/Orange and install a Nitrous bottle set up right there on the hood in plain view. That'd get some real head scratching goin ya think?
  14. Hurray for imagin-a-shun! Around here I wouldn't get caught without it. It's whats for dinner, right next to the beef, taters-n-gravey. Without imagination we'd all still be living in the days of medieval Europe. But ifn we keep following this path we're on now we may be living in J H Kunstlers "World Made By Hand". Anyone tried farming with horses lately? ☹️
  15. Is being a "Big Time Operator" similar to pretending "I'm making money" farming? Or closer to Paying the bank for letting me farm?
  16. I though you might be headed there when I first saw the size of your barn. Storage for "carpet farming" implements
  17. N S

    New emoji

    What we got going on in this country any mower, is the entire country of the USA, being the mastiff, being waged by the tail of the chihuahua. The more we let it happen, the longer and more ridiculousness will happen. All for the fear of someone somewhere not liking or approving of us or our opinions. When we are not open to a different opinion or thought process the more we are entombed in the same old rut, unable to see that perhaps we were wrong, but based upon experience, and history, those thoughts and beliefs we though were wrong were right after all. All for fear of the dark. I'm sure everyone here knows, that actually the dark ain't all that bad, or fearful.........It's just dark! And when you put up with it long enough, yup here come da sun!
  18. I don't get it (maybe I'm just slow). But it seems to me it's the same propaganda every single year, And I've been around watching them for quite a few now. It's always a national catastrophe, and a disaster, worse on record, the sky is falling, little red hen lost his feathers (and his head), copious hand wringing, loud crying and simply whaddahwegonnado's. They go through this every single year. Half the area is affected by the Great Lakes effect & chill coming down out of our good buddies up in Canucker land, drawn in by the rise of all the hot air produced by bureaucrats in the major cities in that area, and the North Atlantic confluence with the Gulf Stream. It's been doing this ever singe the continents quite roaming around looking for a more permanent home. And I thought I was a bit on the slow side. The world doesn't revolve around you. Jeez, get over it, it's snow, deal with it. Ya'll can laff now!
  19. Thanks all for the picture post. In my humble opinion, fall harvest is the most wonderful time of year. Special because the rewards for all your hard work through the year can be seen. Rewarding because you can now look forward to a winter of relative ease before you are tasked once again with the coming of Spring, and starting all over. Too, hopefully, be rewarded once again. And you do so with the knowledge that, well, that worked out Ok, (or not so well) let's see if we can repeat or improve on that past performance.
  20. Can't say it's an improvement. but the Tre stoogies can now be found right there in real life in that Big White House and capitol building in the district of cartoonistan. Use your DVD's as a backup. The one happening in real time is even mower hilarious. Da Stooges never dreamed you could make up stuff this dumb. nyuk, nyuk, nyuk, nyuk....
  21. I've always found the best place to watch the most hilarious cartoons was that place called The Big White House in The District of Cartoonistan. It's always good for a head slappah, and an Oh Good Grief exclamation.
  22. I have been reading this AM that it's going contagious, Italy, Brazil, and a few others I can't remember, and now farmers are joining in up Canada way. Either everyone is jumping on the bandwagon wanting their 15 minutes of fame or people are starting to wake up en masse, saying; hey overlords, you been warned.
  23. Just an aside to those of us running dually's all winter; cause of the nature of dually's and not always having much if anything in the bed, no tire of any makeup is going to perform well on the backside on snow, ice, compact snow/ice, @ 28-32 deg. You got two choices to get traction. Haul 1,000 pounds of concrete or rocks around all winter or get used to slapping on a set of chains. And even with chains, in deep snow even they are a bit high on leaving you short in the traction dept side of things. Been there done that, ran out of fingers and toes. Is it spring yet?
  24. Free is a game changer. I've used both, settling on good old Shell Rotella in everything. Good quality 80/90-140 wt for rear end lube, synthetics won't take the same abuse. Transmissions same, & transfer cases, factory recommendation. Synthetics were more expensive, and got to be a hassle finding them (the ones I wanted) so I went back to whats been used for practically ever. Found out you can gain a little by using synthetics, but it takes 7 lifetimes. I ain't got that long. Same with tractors etc., for rear ends & tranny's, use the mfg recommended. or equivalent.
  25. I've had BFGoodrich TA on my 05 Ram dually, decent all year traction except in deep snow. Have put on Les Schwab Back Country (cause they are local) made by Dean Tire and in the snow they pretty much suck. Have researched for cost, wear, rating and will go with on the front; #1 General ATX (50,000 mile) #2 Pirelli Scorpion All Terrain Plus (50,000 mile) #3 Hankook Dyna Pro AT2 RFII. (60,000 mile) #4 Firestone Destination X/T. (50,000 mile) Choices # pertains to the better tread design. All are within $10 of each other. I live in the pucker brush so availability is an issue, as is snow traction (I get lots and steep driveway access) Check those out. That's my 2 cents worth. Bottom line - if they stay round and don't go flat every other day you're ahead of the game no matter what you use. On my old jeep factory issue Goodyear Wranglers had better traction with 78/80,000 miles (they lasted 84,000 miles) than new Toyo's similar tread design. Conclusion was the Toyo compound was too hard. Compound makeup matters if you can find out the makeup of the tire.
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