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  1. Most of you have been at this farming full time gig a whole lot longer than I, and I grew up on one. Back in that day there was no such thing as destroying crops. Only reason I can think now to destroy crops is from an insect or biological infestation. As far as I'm aware gummints paid to destroy crops for the sole reason of maintaining a stable price and regulating availability. Gummymint regu-lay-shunz HA! When any sane logical thinking person would know that if you can't make a profit or pay the bills with the crop you intend growing cause the price is to low, You better be changing the crop you're growin. Thats how this free market system works. Well, according to Adam Smiths "Wealth of Nations" anyway.
  2. Trying to figure out how to eat it. And will it taste good!
  3. No matter which way you choose, or who tells you, it always goes the other way! NO NOI the other other way..... now turn it around the other way. Either way you'll be 50% right or 50% wrong.
  4. I would guess that the name "HY Tran" is controlled by CaseIH (CNH) or the company that makes the oil for them. But as the orange jug states, it's "HYTRAN" could very well be legit, whether or not its the same oil, as its spelled without the space between Hy and Tran. Unless specifically stated in a trademark or patent filing, spelling is sometimes all thats needed to get around a trademark or patent. Patents and trademarks are real finicky and convoluted in their makeup as there are so many ways to encroach on them or get around them. There are many many brands of oil out there by all the major brands of equip mfgs. that state their oil is "Compatible" with Hy Tran. But according to any of the major Mfgs. the oil they recommend is the only one to use cause the others don't meet "their" formulation requirements. It's to keep you reliant on the recommended oil and keep you buying it from the dealer. Once again for the correct answer in all things. Follow the money!
  5. N S

    brake lines

    Try looking around the inter web at various speed auto & truck shops. Most sell all the stuff needed to make all your own brake lines. Here's a few I have used in the past and there are others as well. It'll take a bit of searching but keep at it, you'll eventually find what you need and even stuff you didn't know you needed. https://www.summitracing.com https://www.speedwaymotors.com/?msclkid=9eda49210cad128f1fda1742f3dec14c https://www.jegs.com/?creative=76347365054294&device=c&matchtype=b&msclkid=cf56cb31e84a11ef5a1295521466c207&__cf_chl_jschl_tk__=pmd_f322ba2f604039ab69a92ac159f027914441d76b-1629227800-0-gqNtZGzNAjijcnBszRD6 https://www.pegasusautoracing.com/document.asp?DocID=TECH00096
  6. Now thats a story worth telling. My guess is they are educated by the pubic indoctrination system and have never heard the phrase, "figure it out". Seems to me most exhaust systems today are welded together, seldom using actual clamps and hangers.
  7. Like a lot of us, it may be old, and it may be small, but it'll still get the job done. Unlike all this modern machinery with all the bells & whistles, remote this and that, guidance systems etc., the bottom line proves it over and over. The more ya spend, the more ya gotta make.
  8. Quick quick, man the flamenwurfers, the worms nave jumped the fence around da district of cartoonistan. How are we gonna stop em, their multiplying too fast, enabled by useless shenanigans. Oops, scuse me, you're talking about a different kinda of worm here.
  9. On the plus side, appears you silo is still standing, emphasis on "Still", at least so far.๐Ÿ™‚
  10. Man do that bring back memories. Back in the days the I was slogging in the mid 70's we got into some old growth in No Central Wa. so full of pitch they had turned purple on the cut. Hooked onto a few 36 ft butt cuts that could only be moved by winching them along, move ahead, set up the brakes & winch along, then repeat. And this was with A D-7 - 17A. 1st gear didn't have enough power to pull em. Looks like you lucked out cause they appear to have a fair amount of rot throughout. Make some nice table slabs too I'll bet.
  11. Here ya are, found the answer to ur crappy brakes.
  12. Sounds like Maynard has a good handle on it. and many others are on the track as well. Most (I'm aware of ) suction pumps are gear and gears do wear over time even when immersed in oil, but it would take many multiple thousands of hrs of wear. Could possibly be the seal between the gears and housing or a crack in the pickup tube. leak where the pickup tube is pressed into the housing. If you already got the oil drained, the messy part is already done eh! Next comes the fun part requiring 17 fingers and 3 hands all attached to limbs that bend in 7 directions, 5 floor jacks, 4 chain hoists, and 2 com-alongs. Plus a truckload of cribbage, (wood not the game) and support timbers & stands. Just scatter the parts about the floor, the janitor'll sweep it all up when you finally give up and give it away for scrap. PS: You could always just trade it in on one of the fancy new ones that you can't fix anyway, and when anything goes wrong just trade it on for another new one. Hey, it's the American way, the way modern merka does it.
  13. I'm a bit partial I think to the added "iron" weights front or rear. Always thought it more practical than adding calcium to the rear tires, whose weight is unchangeable once added. Besides, who in their right mind puts basically salt water against a steel rim? Tractor I bought had calcium in tires and now the valve is so rusted and glicked up it leaks and no way to fix it without dismantling the entire tire. A $200 dollah endeavor to fix an $8 dollah problem. โ˜น๏ธ
  14. Good on ya! I'll bet though that @ 90 grandpa enjoyed the neighbors as much as the tractors.
  15. N S

    Welder ?

    From what I understand, if you're considering an engine driven welder, go for the Lincoln 260 (it's much quieter) than the 225 or 250 or the comparable Miller. Both use the same Kohler eng. Unsure about the non eng driven welders like I think you are referring to hence the nomenclature 255. Miller or Lincoln, whatever you choose, get Stick, MIG, TIG capable, as well as Steel, Stainless & Aluminum (each require different gasses) you won't be sorry you did. Go more than you expect to use. Ifn you don't have the horsepower, you can't use it when you need it!
  16. Yes indeed gents, they do blow and when they do they generally go in a very big way. With over 3 1/2 million behind the wheel I've seen plenty so be forewarned. Either pass, let them bye, and always stay well behind and allow enough room in front for reaction time stopping. You will get run over and they won't even know it. Watched a VW beetle get run completely over after sliding down a hill in a snowstorm in Seattle, right under the trailer of a tanker. Tanker never even stopped cause he didn't even know it. Lost more than a couple complete duals from trailers and trucks as well when the lugs sheared off, torn out bearings etc. They pass you and keep on trucking to wherever. Lost one set of trailer duals on a dirty snowy AM out in the wheat country and never noticed it until I stopped for coffee. Axle looked like you do with your, ahem, hard parts standing at attention. When I lost it is anybody's guess. Watched a single drive tire shear off an oncoming truck, pass the truck, bounce over the median and go completely through an oncoming camper on a pickup. And thats to name just a few mishaps. Just a word to the wise, stay awake out there. As safe as it is, driving is still a priority situation demanding full attention. Unlike the way so many of the younger generation react to it, with callous disregard and contempt for the whole concept.
  17. From what little I member in the owners manual the light would come on and then off indicating the brakes were worn. Do a quick circuit test with a voltmeter to see if the light is working and circuit is functioning, bulb could even be burnt out. Ifn it's got lots of hrs brakes could be worn to the replacement point. If I remember right they are multiple disc wet brakes. As you are undoubtedly aware they are located on the outboard side in front of the axle housing so are relatively easy access, if you like working on your knees under the cab. But from the schematic don't appear to be overly complicated to replace, everything considered. As with everything these days, more time consuming than anything built during the 40's & 50's. Good luck! PS. most orfice holders reside in the district of cartoonistan and various sate crapi - trolls..
  18. The perfect rig to drive to the "Green New Deal" convention. Don't need to see over the front tire, just squash whatever gets in the way.๐Ÿ˜„
  19. Special Nuts! Hey, you guys talkin bout me again!
  20. Dayum, thats pricy! At the prices charged for lumber anymore it's probably cheaper to build stuff out of steel. If you can get it as well. I've had to buy some steel beams before I could really afford them and needed them, cause the dist. said when you need em they may not be available. He was right, I can't get em right now. 2 months wait. Beauty of steel is that if you screw it up you can weld it together and start over. Wood not so much. Once you cut it, it be cut, ain't no amount of growin gonna help.
  21. Only way I can think of to keep from eating tasties on the way home would be to keep them in the trunk. But not alongside the beer, you want to keep that in the backseat. You know, just for quick reference. Or so I've ben told. Exactly what I've been told I have yet to figure out, but I'm a workin on it.
  22. I was always under the impression that cubs, being the younger, or offspring, of the parent, always ran rough under load. Simply cause they ain't all crowded up yet and can't carry as much. Bwaaahaaahhha
  23. And it is a sad state of affairs how much is actually made in chinklandistan, and the crap that is made here is not actually made here, simply assembled here from chinesium parts. I've been warning people for 40 years about the increase in outsourcing to other countries. If those countries decided to cease trade with the US cause they didn't like that way a current administration picked their nose, our entire economy would fold like a cheap suit, also made in chinkandistan. And we have no one to blame but these morons we put in orfice, and ignored ever since, letting them do whatever they please.
  24. At 100's of dollar an hr. and gallons burned in the 100's as well. It is ALWAYS cheaper to refuel where you are working if the job you are doing takes longer than your fuel supply will last. For Helicopters especially, the capacity you can carry is dependent upon how much fuel you carry. Hence if you are doing a huge field you may have to refill every time you reload your cargo. If you are located 1/2 hr from an airport you will be paying 1 hr. flying time for each load delivered on your crop. On all jobs any distance from an airport a refueling truck always accompanies a chopper. Turbine engs. are a thirsty lot. A close friends brother operates an Ag Wagon with a Garrett turbine in Alaska, his rate of burn is over 80 gal. an hr. Choppers are even thirstier, and slower. The plus is they can land wherever.
  25. My my my, that ole girls got some meat on the backside eh! Slippage you say - What slippage? HA!
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