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  1. Consider how much is wrong (and needs fixing in the very near future) with the rest of the truck. 20K for an eng. & swap is highway robbery. $6-8 sounds about right for a rebuilt/crate and maybe $1000 for someone to swap, if you can't do it yourself. Dependent upon the size truck a new may cost $50-85,000. I worked with a guy years ago that had a car with "issues". He loved the economical and efficient work car but he decided to buy a new truck. For the sales tax he paid for the new truck he could have paid to completely rebuild every part on the old car with money left over. Plus
  2. Sometimes a body needs to just take a break, return to the world of slow moving everything and adjust our outlook. Remembering that all thats new ain't necessarily better. The old stuff still got the job done, and in its day, it was new! Personally I'd prefer to run older equip than all this new whiz bang bell & whistle equipped techno stuff that cost an arm and 3 legs that you can't disable all the boingers and trackers and whatnot on, just so you can run it in a straight row without touching the wheel. I like driving crooked! Horespower is nice but just like me, it too runs out of
  3. I have read just in the last few days, from sites more reliable than most I see, that billy boy now owns roughly 640,000 plus acres in multiple states, all productive farmland, as well as amazonistans Bezos owning another 425,000 plus or minus a bit, all productive farmland Now you have to ask yourself, just what are these multibillionaires intentions on controlling this much land they have obviously no use for. Theories run amok for sure but it's clear, by their past actions, none of it is in the best interests of this country or the American people. I doubt they are stopping
  4. Speaking of the shutdown of opposing opinions and alternate viewpoints from whatever source, blocking views on opposing social media sources, I have read from a number of sources that Dorsey and twitter was lambasting the Ugandan gov. for blocking the internet during their elections. The exact same thing they are guilty of performing. The word hypocrite isn't a strong enough word. The way things are shaking out it appears we are right back to 1939 Germany. We live in interesting times. When the Governed become Ungovernable - Now - Let Them Herd Cats............
  5. I've heard a ton of them but some of the most memorable, and very fitting to the current crop of political critters: "Dumb as A Box of Rocks" "Dumb as a Bag O Hammers" And my all time favorite: "Has with an IQ lower than bacteria"
  6. I would opt for concrete if at all affordable. I would have done it prior to erecting the building, now it will be tough pouring over re-bar in that big a building unless you use a pumper truck (spensive). As others have stated, concrete with heating tubes just in case. It's a lot easier to clean a concrete floor than a dirt floor. How much luck has anyone ever had cleaning a dirt floor? Dependent upon how much snow you get, there's always that to consider, for your daily drivers packing in snow & ice, & having to remove that unless you like parking stuff in the mud & turning to po
  7. And we think we have it bad nowadays. Ha, what a bunch of sissified putzes we've become. Can't go a day without going to the grocery for more whatever. Give me the days of when the neighbors actually checked on "George & Martha" to make sure they were doin well and had enough of all they needed. Drop of a few groceries, just cause, and to sample a bit of Marthas apple pie of course, and maybe a few hands of cribbage with George. K - I'm a bit old school. The new modern machinery is nice though! Happy New Year all !
  8. Tis a sad sad day indeed when we see the demise of the country and values we grew up in, being destroyed with our own eyes. We are now borrowing money to send to foreign goobermints for frivolous agendas. (Think a wall between a couple Arab countries but we cannot build our own wall - that would be wassist - millions for gender studies??? How about we just send em 1 million idiots with gender degrees?) We have only ourselves to blame, we watched and let it happen through our own apathy. Instead of standing up and simply saying, No More, we kept electing those who would sell the soul of the nat
  9. After viewing all the lovely shops shown, I consider myself very lucky. Seeing as how I have not one, but two, (count em) gi-hugic shops. But all in all, both of em are pretty sucky..... And the nighttime light situation leaves a bit to be desired, as well as the fall/winter heating elements, to say nothing about the heated floor and abundant space for spare parts and tool storage. But, there is no limit for improvement don't cha know.
  10. N S

    Grand son.

    The look on his face just says - TRACTOR - Good! Congrats Grandpa. Now there's something you can ruin and then give back to the parents...
  11. Hmmm, doesn't look all that big from the pic, and if it still works it should be a keeper, better than the chink made crap available now that'll only last maybe 4-5 years at best. Maybe stand it on end, remove door jamb, or needing 3-4 guys to manhandle. I got a buddy that has a 40 year old freezer that still works, not an IH, and it's outlasted all his newer stuff. Keep it if at all possible.
  12. N S

    Which LEDs

    I'd opt for Led anything, long as it's not obscenely expensive or made in chinkland. Unless you can adjust to differing angles, consider a more narrow focus flood. I'm eventually changing dozer, 1086, excavator and all equip with lights over to LED. Good lighting even if used seldom is important, and those that work always better than those that don't. Eh wot!
  13. Guess I shoulda made myself more clear, I was simply referring to the fact that the best way to chain up stuff is to chain up all the drive wheels. Some hyd. driven stuff has dummy wheels for steering, or extra wheels (Idlers) to support the weight or track length.
  14. After somewhere North of 3.5 million commercial miles, many many over snow & more mtn. passes than I care to remember, in 5-9 axle configurations, unless your SS is equipped with interaxle lock, opt for chains on both front & rear. If you only got enough for one pair of wheels, opt for the fronts. Although all wheels drive on a SS, one axle is liable to simply be along for the ride. Reason being that; in tandem axle trks. 3 railers go on the front, which chew up the snow for the rear axle, which should have singles, (if you don't carry 2 sets of 3 railers).The inside rear axle ti
  15. Just a tidbit to cheer you up; seeing as how 2020 has been pretty much a disaster for most everyone no matter who or where they are. It's crankiness has affected everyone at least to a certain degree, but we all persevered and kept on even when the going got a bit tough. It's has FINALLy gotten towards the end, if we can just make it a few more weeks. So now we have 2021 to look forward to and how could it be any worse than 2020? Well, consider that "MAD MAX" supposedly happened in 2021. At least we got that going for us eh!
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