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  1. Reminds me of the 1st job I had when I left Uncle Sams Monkey Corps back in "72". Summer falling wheat fields out of Ellensburg, Wa. with a D-7, but the disc was only about half that wide. That's impressive for sure..... And not a single place East of the Mississippi could even hint at space to turn one of those around...
  2. My My My, now thats what I call "therapy"... I'm just guessing here, but I'm thinking that playing in the dirt must be in the male DNA. Used to dig holes just to see what was down there, found out too. Yup, mower dirt..... But then where I live now, yup, mower rocks.....
  3. And the absolute must with antisieze is you hafta use it on stainless, and even then it might gall and lock up. Yeah, I've had it happen more times than I can count.....
  4. As the xi ping ding dong regime proceeds down the path of invasion of Illegal species and have the rest of us pay for it all, dipstick is proceeding down the path of an imminent implosion of the economy. All the jobs will soon disappear to other countries, corporations will control the laws being made, the cost of lumber is now 300% over what it was a year ago, food prices are on the rise long with the cost of everything else, printing money just cause they can and on and on and on. Talk about a way to get fossil fueled vehicles off the road, these clowns running clown world are working o
  5. I just counted the passwords I'm supposed to remember, but had to write down in order to remember them. (52) Not a great lot but enough to make things difficult. So I solved the issue. Now I just use a bunch of cuss words or things I'd refer to politicians by and have no problem anymore. The encryption manager always says very good or high on the rating. Problem solved....
  6. That looks like some serious clay, when wet easy to slide on with nary a tip over in sight..... And yup, there is nothing as much fun in life a playing in the dirt........ Even girls ike it.....
  7. Well, I'd really torment the observer and paint each wheel a different color, and the lug nut each a different color as well. Let's see, the would be 7 grandkids =7 colors plus 4 wheels = 4 colors plus 20 lug nuts =20 colors. Man, buy out the paint store, you're gonna be dabbling in 31 different colors. Nobody gonna forget who that belongs to... evah ! Hey ya only go around once - make it memorable....
  8. I'm gonna go fer a stretch here cause I'm newer to this planting farming thing, having been away from it for about fiddy years now. But I'm thinking the pounds per acre you plant would be determined by the soil type and its nutrient condition plus the amount of moisture you have or expect to have throughout the growing season. IE: if you got good soil & soil nutrition plus adequate moisture throughout then you could plant heavier & expect a good harvest. If you got marginal soil & nutrition and dry land (like I have) with limited rain throughout then no matter how heavy y
  9. Well it's a cinch ya can't just let it rust away, being a classic and all, so paint it some color the grandkids would appreciate. Something like purple or gripple would do nicely. Thats a combination of purple, indigo, and green. The grandkids would never forget it...... Or tell the grandkids to paint it whatever color they like best, 7 grandkids = 7 colors. What could go wrong?
  10. That looks surprisingly like the 1206 my unc had on his farm back in the mid 60's when it first came out. The gauge isn't clear enough to decipherer, but it's definitely not an amp gauge, the colors are wrong. It could be an Air flow indicator or my WAG (wild assed guess) would be a beam curfufle bearing restrictor reset gauge.... Hey, I'm like da gummint, when I can't do or think of the right thing, I just make crap up.....
  11. Gracias Mudfly, I knew there was info out there Many thanks
  12. N S

    The new me ....

    Ewe have a calendar ? I got 4 seasons where I live: Mud - Dust - Smoke - Frozen... When the snow comes it's Winter (Frozen - usually 5 months), when snow melts it's Spring (mud), when things grow, it's Summer(dust), when there are forest fire everywhere it's Fall (smoke) What more do you need - when it's light I get up, when it's dark I read or go to bed, when I'm hungry I eat. Simple things for simple people....... But I seriously doubt if I would even rate that high on the food chain.....
  13. I'm sure a competent Hydraulic shop can come up with the proper geometry, there is a formula for it. Mudfly & Gearclash quotes some good "rule of thumbs".. In my experience, the shallower the angle the greater size needed for the cylinder and the more stresses on the attachment points. The greater the angle, less is required, with less stress, but longer cylinder action needed. And this also takes into account the weight of what you are trying to lift. 3/16 ths material is a bit light but it looks like you don't have a lot of weight to deal with. But to be on the safe side I would at
  14. When asked why the Amish community doesn't have the same issues with Covid, the lockdown, face diaper & vaccine nonsense, they simply reply - We Don't Watch TV...... that says it all...... I've given up on the news of any kind as well as listening to the radio, simply because I'm sick of listening to BS & nonsense that can or would make zero difference in my life, 90% of which is speculation, fear mongering and outright lies, followed by coercion to buy or get, buy into this or that philosophy, or have something that only complicates, not enhances your life, simply so you will be
  15. I grew up believing the average merkan actually had something going for themselves, as in critical & independent thinking and achievements as well as generous to a fault. Over the years, and the older I get, the more I find this to be a fallacy. None anymore are inclined towards critical, independent thought, they are inclined to grab whatever they can and everyone else can pee up a rope, and since the govt engage in outright theft and fraud the generosity factor has gone straight down the crapper..... No one questions anything anymore, are not capable of coherent thought patte
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