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  1. Sorry I made a mistake, they are actually 22.5 not 24.5
  2. Hi guys, I have a 1974 Loadstar 1800 that I want to change the rims on, it has 10.00-20 split rims on it now but I came across some 11R 24.5 rims awhile ago thinking they may works so I bought them, now looking at them I'm not sure, do I have to change out the hub on the truck also because it looks too small for the new rims?
  3. I've been looking for a visor for my 1974 Loadstar 1800, not the two interior ones but the one that goes over the windsheild outside, I have found a couple in the States but being from Canada shipping is crazy, has anyone built one or have any ideas on where to find one? Thanks guys.
  4. Thanks for the info kevingweq, I'll check it out.
  5. Hi guys, I bought a 1974 Loadstar 1800 this fall and I'm going to change all the fluids this spring. It has the 392 engine and Spicer 5-4 transmission, I'm trying to find what oil is used and the capacity for both the engine and trans. I'm assuming the diffs take 80-90w but I could be wrong. Any info would be great. Thanks guys
  6. I haven’t called them yet.
  7. Hi guys, I recently bought a 1974 Loadstar 1800 and I need a back window for it, I have found a truck at a local wreckers but it is the body style with the butterfly hood on it, it looks like the cabs are similar but I'm not sure if the back window will work, any info would be greatly appreciated.
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