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  1. And yes i am not a good mechanic, but if i sell this tractor to collector it is nice to have books for it
  2. Registeration date is 00.00.1959 but in my files it vas bring to finlanf in 1957-1958 so im still unsure bjt rusted yes you checked it that it was 1959
  3. I just need the torgue specs for the head
  4. Does someone have service book for 560Diesel
  5. i want to clarify to myself now that if the liners don't move and everything is flat almost then then the cover is closed?
  6. Im sorry, im trying to speak engilsh as much as i can, so i hope you will get something out of my text
  7. But yeah headgasket werent replaced over 60 years
  8. Pistons and liners were replaced 30 years ago
  9. Thanks so far for your help. Are you saying that if everything is nice and smooth(deck and head) i should just rebuilt it
  10. It does have a meter, but that was changed to new one
  11. It consumes little bit oil and oil is good
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