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  1. Thanks again for the ideas. And I'd try 'em if I could squeeze in more time. At this point, though, I think I'd just prefer to call a mechanic. I know some of these checks shouldn't take much time, but (at least for me) I'm having bad luck with these projects taking 5x longer than what I was hoping for. Yeah, sorry, if I can't get around to trying some of these diagnostics myself in the next week or so, I'll probably just call a mechanic.
  2. Thank you all very much for your ideas on what I could try checking on my Farmall 656 gas tractor to see why its engine won't sustain firing for more than a couple seconds after start up. With all your good ideas on what to check, I don't see why I couldn't eventually fix the issue without needing to call a mechanic, but seems my work schedule won't let me find the time! Anyway, I've decided it's finally time to call a mechanic. Can anyone recommend a good mechanic or tractor service shop in the southeast Michigan area? Even better, one who knows 56-series Farmalls like my gas 656? Appreciate it.
  3. I actually had a parts person at a local Case IH dealer recommend Jensales as a good resource for PDF format manuals. Good to know someone else can vouch for Jensales! Just to confirm, are the Jensales PDF manuals genuine reproductions of the OEM manuals? Not just some sort of knockoff manual created by some non-OEM third party?
  4. Thanks for the tip. I called a couple of local Case IH dealers, and these dealers said they can't get manuals in PDF format. But, sure, I'd be happy to check out that vendor.
  5. Peaceful Creek... haven't heard of them. I'll check 'em out.
  6. Good ol' indirect injection piston. Amazing how those IDI diesels can get away with using such low fuel injection pressure.
  7. Where can I find PDF or digital copies of the original OEM Operator's Manual, Parts Manual, and Service Manual for the Model Year 1969 Farmall Custom 856 diesel tractor and Model Year 1969 Farmall 656 gas tractor? For the 856, I would ideally be seeking the Rev. 5 10-69 version of the operator's manual, plus the "856 Diesel Custom Tractor Supplement." For my other tractors, I've really found PDF / digital copies of these manuals useful, and it sure would help to get the same for these two Farmall tractors. Thank you much.
  8. Yeah, sorry, nothing to report on currently. Crazy busy work schedule has prevented me from tending to this. Heh, at this point (given my lack of time) I'll probably just call someone to come look at the tractor. Still, I appreciate all the recommendations.
  9. I'd like to try reconnecting that wire... I just can't see what it connects to! (it goes to somewhere behind the instrument panel, that much I know) Checking the carburetor solenoid: excellent idea. I have not tried that. It would be nice to at least rule out any fuel related issues, that way I could just turn my attention to the ignition system. Nope, haven't done anything fuel related lately. Sure, I can try removing the solenoid and just plug the vacant hole with my finger. If that gets the engine's firing to sustain, I guess that would mean the solenoid is the issue. I'll give the ether trick a try. Right, that would be an easy way to rule out the ignition system as the culprit. Doubt I'll get around to trying any of these tips anytime very soon, though. All great tips, but it's looking like they'll need to wait a few weeks until my work schedule finally calms down and lets me have a life outside of work again!
  10. I am having some issues getting my 1969 Farmall 656 gas tractor to start. When I go to start the tractor, the engine turns over just fine. The engine then shows faint signs of firing for maybe one or two seconds, but this faint firing never sustains itself beyond one or two seconds. What might I consider looking into to troubleshoot? Here is my troubleshooting plan: 1) After attempting to start the tractor, remove the spark plugs and see if they are wet. If they are completely dry, this means that fuel is not getting to the engine. If this is the case, tap on the carburetor to loosen what may be a stuck needle valve. 2) Remove the spark plugs, connect the spark plugs to their respective spark plug wires, touch each spark plug ground to a grounding surface, try starting the tractor, and finally make sure that each spark plug is sparking. If not all spark plugs are sparking, inspect the distributor. Consider replacing the rotor and cap. Right before I started encountering this starting issue, I did have an electrical wire (18- or 20-gauge in thickness) break. This wire went from the battery's positive terminal to somewhere behind the instrument panel / dashboard. The break occurred somewhere behind the instrument panel. My current information (which I can't guarantee is fully correct) indicates this wire breaking should have no bearing on why my tractor is not starting because: 1) This wire appears to have nothing to do with ensuring the spark plugs are getting spark, and 2) I suspect this wire may have been added after the tractor left the factory given that I am not seeing this wire on the wiring diagrams I have looked at. What are your thoughts? Is there anything else I might add to my troubleshooting plan? Can I rule out that wire breaking as a potential cause of these starting issues? Thank you much.
  11. Correct, the cables were getting hot. I did not feel the starter for warmth. I will be sure to do that, in additional to the other recommendations mentioned. I did not hold the starter button in after the engine stopped turning over once. Rather, I waited a few minutes and then tried the starter button again. Will definitely report back on findings once I can get back to the tractor next weekend.
  12. Okay, finally back to revisit this (sorry, I've been traveling). Anyway, yes, I will try some of these things (check connections, make sure hydraulic controls are in neutral, etc.) when I get back to the tractor next weekend. And, just to confirm, the engine turns over once each time I press the starter. There were multiple tries of the engine turning over once after I pressed the starter. I do need to replace the original battery, but I got the same results when I tried a new donor battery with the same CCA rating.
  13. I have a 1969 Farmall 656 gas tractor w/ 5-speed transmission that I'm having trouble getting to start. I try to start it, but the engine only turns over once and then no longer turns over. I checked my battery: it's in good condition. What could I try doing next to troubleshoot?
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