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  1. Thanks guys, sounds like I better keep looking for a better machine.
  2. Any suggestions on if the machine is worth messing with? Going to go look at it again in the morning. Anything in particular I should look for? The Tracks look pretty thin as far as the (tread). I'm not really sure though.
  3. What do you mean everything would need rebuilt?
  4. Hello and thank you for adding me to the forum. I am looking at a 1970-71 International 500C, gas engine with the torque converter. Seller says it started leaking trans fluid around the bell housing area. Any idea what this could be? Would parts be available for this machine? I'm a bit of a newbie with the crawlers so bare with me. I am mechanically inclined so I'm not worried about doing the work, I am worried about part accessibility. Seller wants $2 grand. Does this seem like a decent deal?
  5. I am looking at a used 1970-71 International 500c with the Torque converter. The Seller claims it started leaking trans oil around the bell housing and the machine quit moving. I am under the impression it is the torque converter seal??? Anybody have experience changing the seal out? I am having a very difficult time locating the seal. I am also worried the surrounding bushings might be going bad causing run-out therefor possibly wiping the seals out??? just a theory. The seller claims the leak came on quick and the machine quit moving shortly thereafter. I checked the trans oil, not even on the stick. So I guess my question is, are the parts available and is this worth the effort? Machine is clean with 1508 hrs on meter. Thoughts??
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