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  1. R190......One follow-up on your question. I do remember one time that my Dad had the cap off of the magneto and I could see the rotor spin when I hit the starter switch, so the magneto is turning. Thank you. Sincerely, Tom Wright
  2. Hi R190. Thank you for your reply. I apologize in advance if I use some wrong terms as I am not a mechanic. When I am at the seat of the tractor and the magneto is not installed, I can hit the starter switch and see the magneto drive turn, so I think the magneto is turning when it is installed. I can not hear the magneto impulse snap happen from the seat of the tractor. I don't think my Dad who is testing for spark could hear it if it was, so when I see him next time I will switch places with him. The magneto has never had a kill wire on it. The engine has always been killed while in di
  3. Hello All. My Dad has an 1949 MD Farmall that he has driven since it was brand new. A few weeks ago he drove up to the shop and turned the tractor off. When he went to start it again it would not start even though the battery and the starter turned the engine over just like normal. Dad could not get a spark to form when he touched a spark plug wire to the metal on the tractor. He pulled the magneto and placed it on the bench. When on the bench it sparks fine on both slow hand turning and on a fast drill spin. When he puts it back on the tractor he can't get it to fire at all.
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