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  1. Has anyone ever hooked up a Ford 501 3 point sickle to a b414 or similar international tractor? Looking at possibly picking one up to mount on our b414. Thanks for any info.
  2. Thank you!! I will look him up.
  3. I was wondering if anyone had a B414 parts tractor. Im looking for the sheet metal piece that the tachometer mounts in and the bigger sheet metal piece below that. Both pieces bolt on under the steering column. Ive tried calling a few national salvage companies that post pictures of B414s with those pieces and all they do is tell me theyll call me back and Ive heard nothing from them. Im also not sure if the 434 or 444 has the same sheet metal. The parts book doesnt show the small piece that holds the tachometer but it does show the larger piece below. It calls it a scuttle Im also looking for the piece that bolts to the right fender with the teeth on it to set the parking brake. Thanks to anyone who could help me out.
  4. Thanks for the advice. I made the trip to the IH dealer and picked up a new O ring. I’ll be pulling the sleeve tomorrow and hopefully installing the new one damage free.
  5. Ok guys I installed new sleeves and o rings in a bd154 on our b414 tonight. When I was finished I was looking up from underneath and found that I shaved a small sliver off of one of the o rings. Has anyone had this happen to them? I hate to pull the sleeve and wait on a new o ring but I don’t want to have a leak either. The pictures are the same piece just wanted to show how thin it was. Any advice is appreciated. Thanks
  6. Wonder if I can cap it off and eliminate the hose?
  7. Can anyone tell me why or if this hose is supposed to be on this tractor? It is connected up by the water pump and goes into the block. I don’t see it in my parts book or on other B414s in any videos I’ve seen.
  8. The price is definitely what I’m leaning towards. They claim to have a one year warranty. We’re planning on baling hay with this tractor this summer and would hate to have the radiator fail.
  9. Has anyone tried these lower priced aluminum radiators on eBay? We need a new radiator for our b414 and was wondering if these were worth trying.
  10. Thanks again guys!!! I really appreciate it.
  11. Thank you guys for all the info. It looks like I’m missing the piece that attaches to the fender. Does anyone know where I can get my hands on one?
  12. Thanks I’d appreciate that if you could get a picture.
  13. Does anyone know how the parking brake lever is supposed to latch on a B 414. Ive got the lever in place but didn’t see how it will latch to lock the brakes. Thanks for any help.
  14. Hey was wondering does anyone have the updated part numbers for the rear axle seal and felt ring. I can order them through Case/Ih but the dealer isn’t close by (about 100 miles away). The places I’ve looked online don’t bring much up with my original part numbers. The dealer told me it was updated but didn’t give me the number. #703 917 R92 oil seal #703 915 R1 felt ring Thanks
  15. Power of Red there’s a YouTube channel called Canadian Redneck. He has a series on the B414. He covers rebuilding the steering box. That’s where I got my info.
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