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  1. I have my uncle's Farmall A and it had the pneumatic liftall attachment for raising the cultivators. The big canister and cable system are still on the tractor. I need to find the valve block that went into the manifold. The actuator lever is still on the tractor as well as the valve that it is attached to. I would like to bring this attachment back to life. Is there anyone out in IH land that has tackled a project like this? I would like to hear from you, any and all help will be greatly appreciated.
  2. Thanks for the recommendations. I have sent an email to Charlie's Repair. It's nice to have a forum with such knowledgeable people.
  3. I have a 44 H that I am getting ready to put in the shop to go through. I thought that some time back that I saw a conversion kit from a generator to an alternator and that it was small enough to fit under the hood without having to cut a hole or leaving the hood open on that side. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  4. I brought home the old sickle mower that my father had on the farm last weekend. It's a 27V and I am looking for a rim for the tail wheel as the one on it is rusted out. Any help in finding one is greatly appreciated. I would also like to find sales literature for it as well.
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