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  1. Good afternoon, I'm planning to change out a head gasket and crankshaft seal on my DT-429 in the next few days and am curious if anyone one here has a service manual for this engine? I purchased one off ebay a few weeks ago but it shows no sign of arriving any time soon... I'm mainly concerned with whether or not I can re-use the head bolts, and what their torque specs are (as well as pattern, however this is not critical). Any information regarding this engine would be welcomed. I realize this thing probanly belongs in a museum given the lack of pa
  2. Well guys, I'm very happy to share I've got the engine running! As several of you suggested, the metering valve was in fact stuck. I removed the top of the injection pump and sure enough, the metering valve was gummed up and sticky. I simply moved it with my finger back and fourth until it was smooth. Once the metering valve was freed up, I noticed moving the throttle still didn't engage the valve, but I made a quick call to a local repair shop and they said that's normal. Honestly, even once the metering valve was freed I wasn't hopeful that it would pump, beca
  3. Thank you all for the information, I very much appreciate it. I tried to pull the head off the pump last time I was out in the field (these things never die in your back yard haha). The screws are pretty old and will take a great deal of care to remove, but I'm very curious to inspect the metering valve. If the valve spins freely with the throttle, I'll have to assume it's stuck plungers. I've got a rebuild kit ordered but shipping these days is deplorable at best... Looking like another month until it arrives. Worst case I'll pull the pump and take it to
  4. I made a short video of my attempt to start this thing. Is there anything I'm doing wrong or missing? The first attempt I didn't engage the throttle enough however I did the second time. Every time I attempt to start I move the throttle to wide open. Can you see anything wrong here? I was told the machine ran a few months ago. To me it's looking like a pump rebuild, but that's going to cost me between $1000-$3000... The machine is in an auction yard and needs to be moved sooner than later. I'm still hoping it's something stupid I'm missing... The pump shaft is spin
  5. I've found a photo of the back side of the pump. Is the ring I have circled the fuel shut off? Having a real time trying to figure this one out...
  6. I'm looking for information on this fuel injection pump for my DT-429. Roosa-Master DCGFC 627-25AJ I'm not getting any fuel to my fuel lines when turning the engine over. I have bypassed the fuel tank due to questionable fuel quality and there is an electric lift pump supplying clean diesel to the injection pump. I can confirm fuel is getting to the injection pump but there is no pressure coming to the fuel lines when turning over. Is there a fuel shut off that I may have overlooked? The throttle linkage has been set to various positions when cr
  7. Thanks for the reply! When you say operators manual, does that include any service information for engine repair? And if so is that in digital format? Sourcing a gasket is proving to be a lot more difficult than I thought. Kind of has me considering another engine all together... Fingers crossed I can find something! I'd love to hear from anyone else who may be able to shed some light on this engine or machine! Thanks, Sean
  8. Hello! I recently purchased an older International 1974 3964 excavator from auction. It has a blown head gasket which I'm looking to replace. From what I can tell it's got an IH DT429. There isn't much documentation available regarding these machines, however from what I've been able to find it looks like the DT429 was in a few bulldozers and tractors (4100 / 4156). The engine presently in the 3964 appears to have been swapped because I've found some cut marks in the supporting frame and there are shims holding it in place. I've managed to pull a few numbers from the head and
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