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  1. So it looks like I have a good block still standard bearing. This block was sitting out exposed for a while. Will have to replace liners and pistons. Valves are sticking also so I may look at using the head from the other engine. Where were you getting parts if you were rebuilding the 429 Danny having a little trouble sourcing parts.
  2. Dirtboyz do you have the 429 out yet if not I can get a measurement off of mine for you
  3. I am looking at doing the same swap i know it can be done have some pictures of a td20b with a dt466
  4. No bought it and have not even got it home. It was in the deep bush while walking it out to the main road for the float threw a rod right through the block.
  5. I am looking at swapping out the blown engine out of my td20b. I have tracked down a 466 I know it will fit just trying to trouble shoot before I start. Here are some pictures of one somebody already did any tips would be great guys. I’m not sure about the bell housing and pump placement.
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