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  1. thank you very much we had a surprise audit at work last week, therefore the project was on hold for a couple of days hopefully will resume today and try and complete it by the end of the month cheers friend
  2. thank you , i am glad you like it yes, i am currently tracing all the truck lines in 3d in order to 3d print it the current project is an entire scratch built project made out of styrene plastic primarily and some other parts are made with resin i will post a few more images of the current update cheers budy
  3. current project 1/35 scale Truck type INTERNATIONAL HARVESTER IH-8066 - 25 tons Military Prototype truck designation code XM523E2 Trailer/loader type M-1186 by FRUEHAUF - 55tons Military Prototype trailer designation code XM524E2 Sources indicate that 146 specimen were built for the US Army based in Germany 3 of these trucks ended up in Lebanon in the early 80's thru a medium in Belgium after being decommissioned from service by The US ARMY in the early/mid 70's Truck Model 1965 enjoy and happy modelling
  4. DWF thank you very much for the info cheers top man
  6. friends, what is the correct name for this type of wheels/rims ? please and would anyone happen to know the brand name? i am looking for details and if possible drawings of the same thank you [img]https://i.imgur.com/wxqqmvV.jpg[/img] [img]https://i.imgur.com/GfDB3BR.jpg[/img]
  7. It is an ih 8066 based truck would you happen to have a contact for them I really could use some detailed images and measurements please
  8. Hi Binderdan the truck is an international harvester model 8066 and this particular image is of the military experimental version known as xm523e2 the initial design is based on the Canadian payhauler 65 truck design I am really hoping I will find someone who knows more and can guide me and provide me with what I need in order to complete my project in satisfactory way cheers top man
  9. Pleasure to join I am looking for info about the IH-8066 truck and trailer also known as xm523e2 and xm524e2 trailer would someone/anyone be able to provide me with detailed images, manual and catalog copies and drawings please ... i intend to build this truck and trailer as a scale model in 1/35 thank you
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