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  1. anybody know what part number i can look up for a fuel lid on a td7, im trying avoid that 125 dollar price on ebay, also gotta come up with a idea for a seat
  2. Thanks for all the info, y'all are great, we got all the fluids changed, real tight tractor.
  3. Don't know what torque amplifier is
  4. I meant distributor, been long day
  5. My son bought a international 300 utility tractor with front end loader, we need info on where to add hydraulic fluid and what type oil, only place we've found to add oil is in front of the starter, lost on hydraulic fluid port
  6. Thanks a bunch, still got some odd stuff to fix, gauges ain't working
  7. How many gallons if oil do I need for the transmission, gonna drain what's in it, it's low, and check screen, also who can help me with getting a fuel cap without breaking the bank, thanks ahead for info
  8. Thanks for y'alls help I've watched the video till I dream about it now, got it all back together according to specs, it's running great, everything is working good but I've gotta go thru everything pre maintenance wise and check it out good, minus a fuel cap, gotta find one those a little cheaper than what's on ebay
  9. bought a international td7e that been sitting couple years, guy had it took the steering brakes out never finished it, Gonna need some input for sure
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