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  1. That could be. I only got as far as the power from battery to solenoid, then to key, key to switch on starter, back to solenoid. I think the v- reg comes off the amp. meter and lights. Glow plugs are independent circuit .
  2. Jim, when I had trouble with my starter and glow plugs this year, I couldn't find a wiring diagram of the diesel with the ignition switch shown. When I figured it all out, the only thing on mine that the key does, is allow the switch on starter to have power. Nothing else is hooked to key. Someone must have rewired it to be safer?
  3. So will the engine still pump fuel up to injectors with knob pulled? Ie can I use this to bleed fuel filter?
  4. Thanks no more John. Someone told me that it killed power to the injectors. They were kind of correct. I was doubtfull , as they were talking electrically, and there isn't much wire on it for running.
  5. When I pull out the kill knob on my b414 diesel, how does it kill the engine? There is very little electrical on it. Can it ground out a diesel?
  6. We always have chickens running around. We cant seem to eat store bought anymore. Its kind of like maple syrup, once you make your own, you cant eat the fake stuff. We have never had heat in the coop. Just good ventilation, and always make sure that they get at least 12 hours a day light.
  7. The small piece below the steering shaft was for the optional tach I think. The resistor glows as the plugs get power, not ready. I give mine 10 secs then start. Unless it's warm. Not needed then. The initial power goes through the resistor first, by it glowing, it's dropping the 12v down a bit. Note, there are other aftermarket glow plug systems out there. Since your electrical system has been modified, you should check and see if the glow plugs have been modified, or just deleted.
  8. I agree with Scott. A few years back a tractor and hay wagon pulled off a bit for people to pass. An accident occurred, and the farmer was held to blame. He was told he should have stayed on the road, and cars can pass as THEY see fit. That's Canada though
  9. Here's a dash picture Grassfarmer. #1 glow plug lever, #2 Glow plug resistor ( pepper pot, 5th glow plug ) #3 starter lever
  10. i was going to change the wiring harness, but there is very little to it. I think that i will just replace the wires as needed. Glow plugs is a simple circuit. You just need a resistor to bring the voltage down under 12 volts.
  11. Yes, Mine is all original. I had a bit of trouble with the Lucas switch on the starter. Soaked it in contact cleaner and it works again. I just tightened the generator belt and I'm getting lots of charge now. But my fan belt is very loose. I'm going to try and tighten it by screwing the front of the pulley in. I need a steering wheel next. Mostly just steel bars showing.
  12. Grassfarmer, is yours neg ground or positive? Mine is positive ground. I don't have a solenoid mounted to the starter. Do you push down on a lever by your left foot to start?
  13. Here's what's on the loader now.
  14. Thanks Jim. I have the original headlights and the plough light. I am mounting some LED spot lights to her for snow removal. I can just mount them on the side of the loader and run a toggle switch. Added a new muffler and changed out the back rims.
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