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  1. Rebuilding my roosa master injection pump off my farmall 560 diesel. It is a roosa master injection pump dbgfc 631-26ae. The question i have does anyone know the roller to roller spec. Looking to set that spec.
  2. I have a farmall 806 i ordered a new hydraulic filter and came with two new o rings. When i pulled my old one out i didn't see any. Where are they suppose to be installed?
  3. Hey guys i have farmall 806 having some issues with. I bought the tractor from a estate. Having issues with no powering steering i over filled the reservoir with extra 5 gallons. Ta works power brakes seem really weak do get alittle push back on start up. Also the loader seems weak. Question i have is were do the levers on the right side need to be? Loader seems to work the best with the right lever pulled back is that correct? Loader runs off of a 3 lever spool valve which is connected in to the auxiliarys on the right side by the brake pedals. There are some pictures. Any help will be appreciated.
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