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  1. This knob is NO Longer available. Most of the items I’ve needed this far for the 5120 my dealer has been able to get.
  2. Would like to replace the missing knob on my 5120 3 point height lever. P/N 1958670C1. Tried my Case IH dealer, Tractor Parts ASAP, & google. To no avail. Any parts sources?
  3. I’m no Ford 6.0 expert but a quick internet search and found that injector tip can do come off and may or may not cause that much damage. If it were me Pull injector, bore scope cylinder for condition, put a “good used” injector in see how it runs. At this point you aren’t going to do any more harm to the cylinder. Post from a quick internet search “I want to share an experience I had with my truck in hopes of keeping others from making the mistake I did. I was 150 miles from home when I noticed my truck had a rough idle and seemed not to have normal power starting off from
  4. Seriously considering switching ConserFS’s “power fluid. Anybody using it? https://www.gofurthergofs.com/Portals/0/Assets/Resources/Brochures/FS-Power-Fluid-Brochure.pdf https://www.gofurthergofs.com/Portals/0/Assets/Resources/SpecSheets/FS-Power-Fluid-Hydraulic,-Transmission,-&-Wet-Brake.pdf
  5. I needed 15 gallons for my 5120 yesterday and my CaseIH dealer was out of 5 gallon pails of Hytran. Parts guy says we have NH Masertraction you can just use that, it’s equivalent..... Grrrrr, if I just want equivalent fluid, I can buy much cheaper fluid......
  6. Best offer I’ve had in a while! I just paid $19.04 a gallon
  7. More than one way to skin a cat, either way..... cat doesn’t like it.
  8. No discount that I’m aware of. I think price is fair from the dealer, it would just be the convenience of having them on hand. These two delayed a Late Saturday project till today..
  9. While working on different repairs on the 5120 i have needed and replaced several “flat faced” o-rings that I have looked up and ordered thru my Case IH dealer. I would like to order a O-Ring kit for the shop so I don’t have to travel 45 min each way to the dealer fo a 90 cent part. What style Fittings are these ORS, Boss or something other?? SAE or Metric any recommendations on kits?
  10. Found this in an old thread... Good info for reference
  11. you can get a reprinted manual from here https://www.binderbooks.com/reprintmanuals.html Call your dealer they can sell you a electronic version on a USB for a reasonable price. Anything you download online may be loaded with a virus or trojan software. ebay: https://www.ebay.com/itm/CASE-IH-385-484-584-684-784-884-HYDRO-84-TRACTORS-OPERATORS-MANUAL-OWNERS-GUIDE/284139779158?hash=item42280cf456:g:hfgAAOSwoBtfTp1~
  12. A little more info needed. the twisting mechanism on the side of the valve is i believe is for flow control. and some basics. 1. Is this 5240 "new" to him. When did it start issue with the rear hydraulic remotes? 2. does he have the hoses on the implement attached correctly? i.e. does he have the both hoses plugged into remote valve one. and not one hose plugged into valve one and one hose plugged into remote 2 hoses should be horizontally from each other connected .
  13. Photo of the custom driving pin.
  14. Sure is , there we some negative comments about Case IH in the shop last night.
  15. Getting access between gears to align and drive those pins in shift collar is a challenge!! Not having a slotted hole in hollow tube makes alignment more difficult. Finally got the first one in after a couple hours last night. Hoping second one goes easier now that the first one is in and holding hollow tube, and I have a drive custom driving pin turned out on lathe.
  16. Don’t have a current group photo. H, Farmall 40, (495 sold), 686, 885, 5120
  17. Don’t have a current group photo. H, Farmall 40, (495 sold), 686, 885, 5120
  18. Do not own the tractor, the brakes were noted when we test drove it at the sellers farm. Just asking the question here to get an idea of the severity of the problem and potential cost to repair. Thanks for the suggestions.
  19. Yes, both brake housings pretty dirty dirt and dust soaked.
  20. New design hollow tube drive tube and reversible shaft. Pin slot no longer slotted. and the drive tube now has 9 large drive splines
  21. Looking at a 1466 for a friend. Both brake pedals takes two pumps on the pedals to get some braking not good brakes but some. What would be cause and or repair need have good road worthy brakes?
  22. A/C fault light is illuminated on my 5120 (134 service fittings and compressor, This past fall. I vacuumed down the system, closed valves, system holds a couple inches of vacuum but bleeds off slowly for approx and hour. Charged system with 120 psi nitrogen to listen for leaks couldn’t hear any but system bled down to 60 and held longer than I was willing to wait. Charged system to proper level and injected dye. Ran Tractor/AC. Makes cold air but low side pressure pulls down too low at higher rpms at 10 psi fault light trips, high side press looked ok. Used black light to inspect li
  23. Edsfarms

    Pto detent

    Added photos of cable adjustment. Thru shaft and PTO valve inside housing.
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