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  1. Here is my 710 with combination gauge/tail wheel
  2. Here is a link to my PTO pin replacement. https://www.redpowermagazine.com/forums/topic/136963-another-5120-pto-needs-shift-pins/
  3. Check this thread from previous https://www.redpowermagazine.com/forums/topic/135777-case-ih-5220-pto-problem/
  4. I am thinking the pins are still in the shift collar and hollow tube. They are threaded in the center, you can install a set screw tighten and it will back them out, or take a large drift and knock the hollow shaft thru but you will shear off the pins ( pins that are laying on the bench in pic) and they will need to be replaced with new ones. if you are that far into this project I would look for any play on the reversible 540/1000 shaft and drive tube. Consider replacing everything to prevent another failure/ leak.
  5. Now I know how to pronounce the name of my Pottinger 265H disc mower. 🙂. Thanks for sharing!
  6. The chart is for forward and reverse. However checked my speed with phone gps today. 4th gear no t/a was 21mph at 2200 rpm
  7. MPH from my 885 dash chart
  8. Did you get a chance to troubleshoot??
  9. Hi, the photos should help get you to so what understand what is happening with your 5130 trans, and get you some initial troubleshooting. Follow the flow chart and report back findings. The “check trans “ light is above lightb switch and the “ clutch disengage” is above ignition key
  10. Stanadyne makes a “Lubricity” Fromula additive. I’m down to the last couple of gallons of a 55 gallon drum I purchased 10 years ago🙂. You can buy it in 8oz, pint,5 Gal, or 55gal
  11. After sitting overnight. Parking brake applied, Turned key on (engine not running) put tractor in range 2 get parking brake alarm, start tractor, test drive, all normal. Did not operate long enough to get fault to return. Thinking wiring, Any troubleshooting shooting suggestions welcome🤔 Referring service manual 4001-31 and Schematic Circuit 4001-43.
  12. I struggled to get range switch set. Could not get the results expected. Swapped in another range switch. adjusted it everything seemed to be working drove the tractor for 15 min to bring it up to operating temps. and problem returned. tried to tweak the switch and noted a leak coming from the plate on the side of the case that the range switches go thru. Plate had shifted because when I removed the range switch shield I did not realize it was also securing that plate. So range switch was probably missing the roller. Re positioned the plate and reinstalled to bolt did a quick range switch adjustment and test drove. as of last test drive tractor will drive in Range 1,3,4 but in 2 the clutch disengage light is on when clutch is released all the way. Tractor will drive with clutch petal depressed. I also noted with engine off and the parking brake set i do not get the parking brake warning horn when range 2 is selected. Lesson learned when you remove the range switch shied reinstall the top bolt as it also secures the plate the range switch goes thru plate had shifted aft. Will re install the original range switch and adjust. I love your idea of disconnecting the shift linkage as I about wore myself out crawling under tractor and back up to move shifter, that or ill get an assistant to move shifter. what retains that roller item 2. and if it is off, how does one replace it?
  13. These are the terminal pin outs from an ITW manual
  14. What is the best method for installing adjusting a new range switch? Tried this method but didn’t get the expected results.
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