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  1. I’ve been using a NH 658 twine auto tie for a couple years now doing about 100 bales a year. Pretty straightforward mechanical machine, no electronics except a switch and a buzzer. Previous owner made cornstalks with it. Makes a beautiful round bales of hay 4 wide and any where from 3ft to 6 ft in diameter. You can adjust the density and the amount of twine it puts on. I will highly suggest getting a baler bale kicker/ramp saves time and lots of tractor clutching.
  2. I have a the buried wire Radio Fence for 8 years now. Installed myself, made a 3point attachment for TC 29D to install buried wire, also purchased a higher gauge wire when I installed it. I also made a birdseye view map of the property with measurements to the buried wire. You never know when a random fence post, tillage disc, tine breaks the wire. Like others have said it comes down how the dog respects the owners commands. The dog (Buddy) I originally installed the fence for 8 years ago has not worn the collar for 7 years. Once he leaned the boundaries he knows where to be.
  3. Great job troubleshooting and repairing!! Thanks for sharing what you found. @CIHTECH you are a wealth of knowledge
  4. New Zealand dollar is only worth .74 US dollar. $1.37 X 2 X 3.7854= $10.37 US dollars per gallon.
  5. Glad you faired well thru the event and survived unscathed! Good call on not using the fireplace. A fireplace with chimney without sealed glass doors or a way to collect/distribute heat is a Negative heat value on a modern homes temp. Chimney draws all the heat out the room/home. A smart man learns from his mistakes, A wise one learns from others mistakes.
  6. AGREED! BUT for the Utility Companies. It was a conscious choice not to have valves/pipes/ switches etc installed that can operate properly in a sub- freezing environment. AND a conscious decision NOT to be connected to the national electric grid..... It comes down to a simple formula I've heard for investing but have found it helps making many life decisions. "Risk vs Reward". How much risk are you taking vs how much reward?
  7. Can't go wrong with a Glock 17. Very reliable, Nothing fancy. All you need to do them is shoot them. If you can find ammo.....
  8. Thanks for sharing! Not only does it make electricity it is capable of making potable water and synthetic kerosene. “The Stone Age didn’t end because they ran out of stones”
  9. If I'm reading this correctly, If MY wife responded with that sentence and there was a coma in between how and you... " I don't know how, You do it. I would have taken that for a green light for some hay feeding extra curricular fun in the truck cab
  10. Good effort to get to work the next day! Those can be frustrating nights just to get home and go to bed. On the plus side I bet you had no problem falling asleep!
  11. Sorry to hear about your loss, thanks for sharing the news with us. Hope the responses give some comfort. Thoughts and prayers for all involved.
  12. Thanks! It hurt to paint it that color. But it’s what the little man wanted., and he helped painting it.
  13. In and around the MKE airport the highway crews are cleaning up the snow banks along the "Jersey Walls" on the overpasses. Could defiantly see how the snow ramped the truck up and over the wall. I want to know what Make and Model that truck was!!
  14. For me too, I this scenario it would be 3 wires, twisted together with linemen pliers, line in, line out and short wire running to outlet gold screw. wire nut together, and if you are OCD electrical tape wrapped around wire nut clockwise direction to secure wire nut to wire and electrical tape around the outlet body and screws.
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