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  1. Good Work! Tractor repairs... "90% Persistence, brute force & ignorance 10% intelligence& finesse"
  2. A nod to Charlie Berern"s Manitowoc Minute website https://merch.ambientinks.com/collections/manitowocminute/products/stormy-kromer Tell yer folks I says HI, Watch out for deer!
  3. Great pics. The weather in the Midwest has been ideal for fall Harvest & tillage Glad to see some other folks bottom plowing!
  4. The I&T shop manual for my 5120 is 197 pages the Case IH manual is 2000 pages add a zero on to the total price I&T $30 Case IH $300 worth every penny.
  5. Mainly, I wanted to try the chisel plow of the 5120 but the field is long and narrow fenced on all 4 sides, has a shed centered on one end, and some junk equipment in the corner of the other end, really tuff swinging around and backing a semi-mounted plow into the corners, I guess I could used a smaller tractor and my 3 pt 2 bottom but I also wanted to rip the tree roots right up to and along the fence lines
  6. The 5120 is pretty new to me and it's operators station and controls are really convenient and comfortable. Still love the look sound of the 686. My little helper really enjoys time on the tractor and being able to help when he can. Hope those red IH seeds I'm planting grow
  7. He sure does enjoy it! He was gone when chisel plowed and when he found out there were tears shed.
  8. Decide to plow a 3 acre plot that has not been tilled in 25 years Weed trees and scrub brush try to turn into a nice alfalfa hayfield. Project stated 3 months ago by bush hogging (686 and Woods Brushbull 8400) weeds and small brush. Cut down the small scrub trees and used Stump bucket on the IH Farmall 40 to pull stumps. After some weeds regrowing spray roundup with Kawasaki Mule And 30 gallon sprayer with 10’boom then Clear overhanging tree limbs on fence lines. Finally get to Plow🙂 First time using the new to me 710 3-18” on the 686 I wanted to plow as deep as possible to bury
  9. If you got a medium size airport near by you could go to the FBO ( Fixed base operator)i.e. airport gas station. and purchase some Aircraft turbine engine fuel. "Jet A" Pretty close to Kerosene. I'm thinking it in the $2-7 dollar range depending on where you live. https://www.airnav.com/fuel/report.html
  10. Sorry to hear about your wife. Prayers sent for all involved.
  11. Excellent Suggestion, I will check at my local Case IH dealer. Hope they have the same offer.
  12. Just tried printing one from this particular 5100 PDF the fold outs print out on one 8 1/2 X11 page and it's REALLY small I'm thinking that when the pages were scanned in they were scanned the fold out as one page, had they scanned them in as multiple pages then you could print the pages and line them up as a full size foldout. the test points page is on the previous page. One could use them but will need a strong pair of cheaters and or magnifying glass to read the fold out.
  13. Does anybody have access to the 85 Series Service Manual in a electronic PDF form? Specifically looking for the Case IH 885 (not David Brown) that they could share a link to. Thanks in advance!
  14. I downloaded the whole Manual to my computer it was two files each 1000 pages, this is what they look like where you save them. open the the first one, then click the print button, When you hit the print button you get the print dialog box. change the destination to PDF, Pages to Custom, 1-100 when save this you will have another file that is only 100 pages. send that 100 page file to yourself as an attachment. open that email/attachment on your phone at work and try printing that smaller 100 page file. This is the only way I know how to do this, wh
  15. Get the 2 big pdf files on a computer, print 1-100 pages to a pdf file, send file to email, open email on phone, print the file the way you normally print files on works "borrowed printer" Repeat. You will have your 2000 page manual, One piece at a time, Johnny Cash Cadallic style🙂
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