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  1. Two story out house. What a great analogy of the many things occluding in this nation. Technically a two story outhouse could work but the falling crap is bound to hit someone else.
  2. I had one of my 2001 TDI VW TDI’s get a half a tank of no-ethanol unleaded gas years ago. Car ran fine for several miles drawing the heavier diesel off the bottom of tank once it got a higher concentration of the unleaded it ran poorly and then not at all. Towed home, pumped out as much as I could, re filled with diesel, has been fine ever since. That was 100K miles ago. No issues to date with IP or injectors. ‘FYI best test for checking concentration of gasoline mixed in diesel, put it in a styrofoam cup, if it dissolves the cup it’s got too much gasoline in it. Diesel will not di
  3. I’m not sure of where you are located, (no location in your profile). I’ve got a set front and rear of rims and turf tires off a FWA IH 495
  4. 2nd owner 1977 312, 6500 hrs. First owner repainted it. I’ve owned it for 4 years. Came out of SE Minnesota. Original owner used it with a mounted cultivator on corn. Love it’s versatility, flat elevated platform.
  5. I don’t know the Rebel 5500, but I had a used 504H couple years ago, hyd string tie. Was a good baler, little tricky to get it to start a bale. Open throat baler, no stuffer fingers (relies on pickup tines push hay into chamber) no bale kicker/ejector, or a monitor so you will be looking back at baler more than you are looking forward. no major repairs baled a 100 bales per year ‘Sold it to a buddy of mine it is still going 3 years later with no issues.
  6. Use Roma tomatoes, they are much less watery when u chop them up
  7. IMHO good homemade salsa for myself always starts with home grown ripe tomatoes, grow Roma tomatoes will provide thicker less watery salsa, sauté the peppers 🌶 in olive oil , Onions. add ingredients to food processor/blender and chop it up. Can add almost any vegetable to that base for some variations
  8. Edsfarms


    Welcome to the Forum. An unbelievable amount knowledge shared here. I had a thermostart on a Fiat tractor years ago, from what I recall when you hold the key in the in the thermostart position you send 12V to the plug as it warms up diesel fuel weeps into the intake manifold and catches on fire. You then turn the key to crank position and the engine draws the burning fuel into the cylinder starting a cold engine. They work great! If the thermostart plug has 12V and fuel and doesn’t work suspect a bad thermostart plug. fuel cut off lever- on a IH 674 down is off, half way up st
  9. Prayers for all involved.
  10. Good idea, although I’m a little concerned a JD knob would decrease lift capacity and engine HP 😜
  11. Gents, I appreciate you sharing your knowledge and experience. I have advised my friend and he is probably reading our posts as we type. Because his last self adjusting THB out lasted his clutch disc (slipping and worn to rivets) and out of simplicity he is on his way to his CIH dealer to buy the plastic washer and bearing ref 3.1 and 2.1 so, his tractor, his $$, and his labor. I did advise him to join the RPM forum and Thank you Gents.
  12. Thanks for your advice. From your experience the “manual adjustable Clutch” is more reliable than the “self adjustable clutch” @CIHTECH mentioned that per CIH the “self adjustable had less warranty claims on
  13. My favorite trench shovel measures 5 1/4 wide
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