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  1. It is starting to look like the RA186 18,500lb axle is an Eaton 17202 series which also has a lot in common with the more modern Eaton RT402. I'm not sure why it would have a Rockwell Standard id plate. It should help me find a donor third member. There is some mysterious relationship between Rockwell, Eaton, Spicer and Dana. I'm still trying to determine whether the axle and yoke splines are the same.
  2. The previous owner just found the line setting ticket so here is what I have MV446 gas engine T88 5 speed RA186 2 speed Rear 6.50/8.87 I have a parts manual that says the following ratios were available for the RA186 4.33/5.91 4.87/6.65 5.57/7.6 6.14/8.38 6.50/8.87 7.17/9.77 Any suggestions for upping the road speed? Donor trucks that used the RA186 with a taller gear? Thanks
  3. Can't seem to find International's rear axle number anywhere on it. I did find this plate. I have no idea why the picture is loading upside down. I tried rotating a copy and when I attached that it was upside down too.
  4. Yours is a diesel right? Do you know what rpm it runs at when travelling 100k?
  5. Hi all, I've got the Cargostar on the road and it drives pretty well but... What top speeds would these run at? This one is a 1976 with a MV446 and 5+2. It gets pretty close to 3000 RPM to get 50mph. I can't imagine these trucks didn't end up on the highway occasionally? It seems to be pretty comfortable at 40mph. I will need to find a different rear axle setup I think. It has lots of power but I hate hearing an engine scream... Anyone know what truck would have higher gear ratio as a donor? Maybe the diesels were set up to run at a lower RPM? What are your thoughts?
  6. Thanks. Replaced all the wheel cylinders, in stock locally. The master I was able to save just by honing and new cup seals. Was able to find a replacement Hydrovac locally. The hardest parts to find so far were the axle seals and especially the front hub seals. I had to wait for some NOS I found on Ebay.
  7. Great idea. I don't think it will be out to play in the winter anymore though...
  8. Thanks, the interior is neat. I guess the original owner sprung for the tufted naugahyde package ?
  9. Finished the refurbish, New 11R22.5 radials with drop center wheels. Brakes, exhaust, a good clean and wax. I think it turned out pretty good. Now need to get an out of province inspection and we're on the road. So far most people who see it ask if it was a fire truck. I think the red and the chrome bumper cause the "look". I might have to paint the red accent color willow green which I think looks awesome. Anyone know the paint code for that green? Good thing it will be a fair weather truck as the heating system is pathetic..?
  10. I should have mentioned my truck is a 1976 1810B Cargostar
  11. I found the unit in my truck was a Bendix Hydrovac 2512061. I think the biggest difference in the ones that are available is the bore size, the inlet/outlet size and connecter type. Also the type we need to have is the style that has a large deep nut on the end. That holds the the check valve because there isn't a compensating port in the master cylinder. I was able to find one at Edmonton Brake and Clutch. Talk to Joe.
  12. Love that shorty dump truck. I'll bet that is real handy. I did buy some new Kapsen 205 11R22.5 all position. $1374 from a tire curber. I'll update when I get them on as I'm just assembling the axle ends now. I was a real chore finding axle seals and finally had to wait for some NOS off of Ebay.
  13. Nice looking truck. I never noticed there are 2 steps on the newer ones. I may have to look for some tow hooks too....
  14. Yes, I think the taller tire would look better as well as ride better. I will probably get some tier 4 all positions 11R22.5 for all 6. Still expensive but will look all shiny and new. Not like it will be doing any real work.... Dayton wheels come in drop center, split ring and the old ones were split rim. These are split ring style.
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