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  1. Well we figured out the problem. The distributor shaft bushings are worn. In addition at some point someone turned the shaft down so it wobbles around playing heck with everything. Replacement distributor is on its way.
  2. Hi Guys its been awhile and I apologize for that. I appreciate all your responses. This week I will be heading back to the museum. We are going to do a complete diagnostics of the ignition system - could a be a bad condenser etc. We will check. Also looking at the intake to see if there could be a leak. (hate the idea of taking that apart!) We have been running non-ethenol fuel for a while. Early in the winter and in early spring we can have wide temp fluctuations with it being above freezing then dropping to below freezing in a few hours or visa versa which isn't good for
  3. If I remember correctly compression was around 130 but I would have to check. In regards to hotter plugs it does seem to clear-up and run better when it working - problem is that's not often.
  4. At the museum we have a Red Diamond in one of our pieces of equipment. Its not the original engine but a re-power performed decades ago when the chassis got separated from its original engine. A year ago we performed a tune-up - new plugs, cap, points, condenser, wires, coil etc. and it was purring like a kitten. This winter it started miss behaving - dropping a cylinder or two. When we pulled the plugs they are fouled. We ran a compression test and all is spot on. We again gave it a tune-up. It ran great for a less than an hour and fouled up again. Last time we ran i
  5. Here you go! Ask and ye shall receive. Open those big barn doors at the Maine Forest & Logging Museum and you will find that beast! This is our 1928 Lombard model T dump truck Its was purchased new in 1928 by the town of Gorham, Maine The chassis is 8 tons the dump body is 4 yard capacity. The engine is a six cylinder Hercules YXC-2 This is one of only two surviving machines. The hoist is a all mechanical unit (no hydraulics) made by Wood Mechanical hoist. It has a four speed transmission. The reverse gear in in the rear end so it has four speeds forward and four
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