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  1. If I remember correctly compression was around 130 but I would have to check. In regards to hotter plugs it does seem to clear-up and run better when it working - problem is that's not often.
  2. At the museum we have a Red Diamond in one of our pieces of equipment. Its not the original engine but a re-power performed decades ago when the chassis got separated from its original engine. A year ago we performed a tune-up - new plugs, cap, points, condenser, wires, coil etc. and it was purring like a kitten. This winter it started miss behaving - dropping a cylinder or two. When we pulled the plugs they are fouled. We ran a compression test and all is spot on. We again gave it a tune-up. It ran great for a less than an hour and fouled up again. Last time we ran i
  3. Here you go! Ask and ye shall receive. Open those big barn doors at the Maine Forest & Logging Museum and you will find that beast! This is our 1928 Lombard model T dump truck Its was purchased new in 1928 by the town of Gorham, Maine The chassis is 8 tons the dump body is 4 yard capacity. The engine is a six cylinder Hercules YXC-2 This is one of only two surviving machines. The hoist is a all mechanical unit (no hydraulics) made by Wood Mechanical hoist. It has a four speed transmission. The reverse gear in in the rear end so it has four speeds forward and four
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