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  1. It did make it more pliable for about 7 seconds. You could keep dropping it in and out but the real solution was snap ring pliers with a couple 45 degree tips and it spread on pretty slick.
  2. Okie dokie, I’ll give it a shot tomorrow. Thanks for the input!
  3. I started having problems with the tractor acting starved for power, took the injection pump off to replace the flex ring because it had broken up and was causing internal pressure in the pump. Ordered a rebuild seal kit for it and that’s where I am stuck. I didn’t get a solid weight cage so I am trying to get the flex ring back over the posts where it’s supposed to be but it doesn’t seem to have enough stretch to do it. I tried boiling it in hot water to soften and stretch but it didn’t help. Those pins look like they’re replaceable rivets, is that what I’m supposed to do? Or is there a better idea for how to get the flex ring put in place?
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