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  1. Interesting "study" on penetrating oils. Not my video, just suggested to me. At least the guy tries to take a somewhat scientific approach to testing the different brands using a torque wrench on purposely rusted lug nuts. Only posting so folks can maybe save some $$ because some of the more talked about brands are very pricey and if you're like me, I spray the stuff like I didn't have to pay for it. LOL
  2. Does anyone have info on this tractor from 2014 Round up? It looks just like mine would have when new except can’t tell about the rear axles and wheels.
  3. Trying to find more info on my 544. I have only been able to locate 1 picture of a 544 with under chassis exhaust. Does anyone have a tractor with this exhaust? Also, mine has 8 lug 1 piece wheels. Does anyone have a 544 with this type axle? Picture would be really helpful. Picture credit Brady Boy.
  4. 7th grade, 1970. Just raw chemistry. It took a few years to get it to all come together. She puts up with all my crap.
  5. Thanks for that! What a crazy week it's been. I'm not a tractor enthusiast, more of a Hot Rodder/Drag Racer but I've learned a ton and can see how it happens. It's too late for me to be involved in farming but I respect you folks tremendously and thank you for putting food on our tables! Lots of knowledge and experience on here and everyone has been willing to help me out. We'll see about the restoration, so many more qualified people than me interested in the machine but in the meantime I'm having a lot of fun and learning so that's a good thing.
  6. Thanks for the response. Just picked up a 544 Utility Gold Demo and looking at anything related. Remotely considering restoring it. Just curious.
  7. Any update on the restoration? Would love to see progress pictures!
  8. I know how it is. I'm a Muscle Car and Drag Race guy. I've seen too many cars that need to be loved and cherished just sit in a field or driveway because somebody thinks they will do something with it someday. I've done it myself. Collectible machines need to be with a proud owner that will enjoy them.
  9. After an exhaustive investigation I feel confident to say the 544 Utility I recently bought is in fact a Gold Demonstrator. I've spoken to as many qualified Collectors and Historians that I could locate and each of them have independently verified that in their opinion the tractor is a legitimate Gold Demonstrator. The serial number is in the correct range and the underlying paint is the correct color and in all the right places. I want to sincerely thank Redpowermagazine.com for such a great site as well as everyone that has assisted me in determining the validity of the tractor but a fe
  10. I agree. Is there such an authority? I'm in VA and haven't seen anyone that is a serious collector anywhere in the region. I hope someone will be willing to help me verify it's validity.
  11. Thanks for your input. I have only been able to find a couple of pictures of 544 Demonstrator tractors so I figured they must be somewhat scarce. I'm not a collector or a farmer, just a guy that needed a tractor to do some occasional bush hog work on my little 6 acre piece of land. If this tractor is the real deal I feel like it deserves an owner that will appreciate what it is. Maybe restore it? If it's not the real thing I will keep it and do a little bush hog work with it. It seems to be a very solid tractor other than it's cosmetically challenged.
  12. The last 2 pictures are of the panel under the dash. I was told it should be black also. At first I didn't find any black but the tractor has been painted several times and that panel would be quite easy to sand down to bare metal so I checked an area that would be more difficult to sand bare. The bottom layer of paint on the stem where the fuel adjustment cable comes through the dash appears to be black. I looks to me like the tractor has had several repaints including gold in places it might not belong as well as some blue in places.
  13. I posted this over on the Facebook IH Group page also. My apologies to anyone that's already seen it. Let me start by saying I'm not sure what I've got and I'm not by any means saying this tractor is a Gold Demonstrator. What I will say is the serial number puts it in about the correct time frame and there is gold paint under the paint that's on the tractor now. The tractor has been painted at least a couple of times. The paint on the tractor now is awful and not a professional job but the other paints that are under the existing are professional quality in my opinion. I have had this
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