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  1. Yes those are the ones. I also need the shank style. Thanks everyone.
  2. Almost done. Fresh in frame thanks to a faulty o ring and a bunch of little things done that needed attention. A small o ring leak on the mcv and it will be tight. Amazing how much time it takes. What's a good place to get the hood/ sheet metal hardware kit from?
  3. For the experts: I had a liner oring go bad on one cylinder and was lucky enough to find it while doing a pan gasket. Tractor had not been worked in a long time and I had brought it in the shop to do the gasket. Well number 2 had a drop of green hanging from the liner so we pressurized to 10 lbs and it was leaking steady. We got the head off and pulled all the liners and its a good thing because the rest of the liner orings were looking pretty bad. Our questions are these: Are the kits from All States Ag good? Local machine shop has a long lead time and is over 100 more per hole? Looks like we have to do the normal cleaning plus a little finesse work where the orings first start into their machined section of the block? Is that considered normal? Everything else checks out great and the tractor was running great for the limited time we used it before this. It literally started instantly and never smoked unless you throttled up too fast. Thanks in advance
  4. So I took the seat off the 766 to rebuild it as it was worn through most of those brass bushings. Man, what a finger pinching sucker that can be, but everything came apart pretty well and things went fairly smooth. Just waiting for the new rubber springs and trying to find that shock. The shock seems to be eluding me. Out of stock, and expensive. I didnt take any pics, probably boring for you guys. Happy Thanksgining
  5. ejb17

    The Dog Thread

    Our Border Collie Maisy. High strung and constantly wanting us to be on the go. Never a dull moment with her.
  6. We started using the Sherwin Williams/Martin Senour(Napa) Prism system on our truck fleet for frames and accessories. Easy to use, forgiving to work with, holds the shine, but pretty expensive. But it is extremely durable also. Worth looking into. Like anything, you get what you pay for.
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