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  1. ejb17

    1586 Turbo

    My 1586 that I recently purchased is sending oil downstream from the turbo, so time for a new one. I have read a ton of posts on turbos here, and have settled on the 3LM-466 version. Do you guys have a good source? I have to get a bunch of other stuff like thermostat, manifold gaskets, etc... and put together a list from All States Ag. I called them on the turbo to see where it is made and they said USA with a 1 year warranty. At $670 is that reasonable for this version? Thanks in advance
  2. Can a 706 or 806 Wheatland / Standard have a 3 point or Fast Hitch? I was told no wheatlands would have the rockshaft. Maybe have a PTO, but no rear hitch other than drawbar.
  3. I read some old posts about the serial numbers having "kind" and "codes" before the sequence number. Can you guys tell me what is what with my 1586 #2650133U11907? Also, needing a kit for both the brake valve and clutch booster, along with filters, etc...... Where do you recommend I source the parts-dealer or aftermarket? Thanks
  4. Mike, yes I have 2 switches on the clutch. 1 is definately for the starting circuit, and the other for the trans brake. But the trans brake was either never finished with the addition of the kit, or returned to the mechanical linkage at some point. I think I confused you guys. Everyones help has got me diagnosed and moving forward. Now to find a good open station to replace the cab station. Although the cab being cut off was done well, there are some perforations in the metal under the interior padding.
  5. The standard brake is hooked up, but the snap ring on the clutch thru shaft went missing and the lever slid off the shaft far enough that the key is gone. Easy fix, but I fear that the position the brake was in burned out the brake pad. Seeing as the valve body/solenoid is not being used can I just take it off and plug the return line? The pressure line was previously plugged off as can be seen in the picture.
  6. Here is a pic of the right side tranny case. Looks like whatever kit was used to "electrify" the TA also included the tranny brake stuff? The pressure line to the pictured valve body and solenoid is blocked off and not even hooked up. And as you guys can see, the mechanical linkage is there, although the top clevis on the through shaft has slid off the key so the brake is not working. Thats an easy fix except it probably burned the pad off the little arm inside the tranny. The TA is working properly, I just have to replace the switch on the TA lever. That is a total relief.
  7. Thanks for all the help. I really meant to say I can not find that switch to buy from a parts source as I believed it was tied to the TA circuit. Headed to the shop now to look for the tranny brake. I will post up a few pics in a little bit. Sorry for the confusion.
  8. There are two switches on the clutch pedal. The one switch plug is right in the harness for the TA lever switch. What am I looking for if someone installed a tranny brake?
  9. ole 815, you are correct about not moving the spool and just dumping the oil, but this kit will move the spool when the clutch switch is depressed also, opening the circuit and de-energizing the solenoid and going into LO. Again, guys I apologize if I was not clear. Hopefully I can find that clutch switch to return the system to what it was intended.
  10. J-Mech, you are correct. There is no linkage from the TA lever to the clutch switch. The linkage rod is from the clutch lever under the cab to the dump valve so when you push the clutch it dumps the oil. My tractor has the setup that is shown in the 3x88 parts page, but I also have the clutch electric switch. Plus the harness for the two switches is "braided" and very official looking. I apologize if I wasnt real clear. Really just need to find that one switch so I can just get it the way it was. It should be kind of cool to have it the way the kit was intended to be.
  11. My first few posts the other day were about the 1586 we got along with some general questions. Now I have some more specific questions. TractorManmike gave me a lot to chew on. Background from Tractormanmike was the TA is in Hi when the solenoid has power, which we checked and was indeed the case. Solenoid works fine as we checked that also. So this tractor had the electric/hydraulic TA "kit" installed at some point in its life. Well the electric side of this kit is not working, but we have diagnosed it back to the two switches on the firewall. One switch is on the TA lever and in H
  12. So no real plans other than mowing with it. I am a trucker by trade and try to use our tractors for jobs that come up. Lots of neighbors need mowing now because the town is all over them for unkept properties. I am also kind of a tractor junkie and always leaned to the green and yellow side, but recently sold a Moline U302 FWA and just couldnt be w/o a FWA tractor that has some character to it. I like that IH/Farmall has good parts availability. This is a big tractor for us, but it seems like we were always trying to do something that was always taxing the ability of what we had. Certainly ove
  13. Thanks for all the suggestions. I am in the process of looking to buy all the books. After looking at the 3x88 parts diagram for the electric TA, that is exactly what I have except for the handy toggle switch. This tractor has a switch mounted to a bracket on the firewall that the TA lever hits when pulled. Everything looks kind of official, like it was a kit, so I have to check the wiring starting there and going to the solenoid on the hydraulic block. I wondered why the clutch lever is attached to the TA lever on the side of the tranny. So my switch on the firewall should be closed
  14. Thankfully the rears are not loaded. Thanks for the info. The TA lever actuates a 2 wire switch that resembles a nuetral safety switch and the harness actually has the braid protection on it. The harness routes from what I see back into the fuse box, where some friends made a home the last few years. The po pulled a sheepfoot with it and did some mowing. The wiring is definitly on the priority list along with a complete service.
  15. Hello all, New to red tractors and just bought a 1977 1586. I dont know much about IH/Farmall but I saw this tractor while at a customer the other day. Serial number says it is a 1977 with hopefully the original 436 in it. It has the EMCO/Ellwood/Spicer front axle set up along with TA. The owner before me cut off the cab and left the ROPS bars. It also has the dual PTO. Starts,runs and drives great with no strange noises. All the gauges are working except for the fuel level. Now for the bad. PTO needs to be taken out and repaired. PO said one of his guys smoked it by engaging it num
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