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  1. hi all I'm back again looking for more help with the magnum mx240 2001, Recently serviced, dropped oil pressure 12 psi on idle today and upon investigations i have narrowed it down to diesel in the oil,causing low viscosity, it had over filled itself by about 1 gallon and could be smelt instantly off the oil. Further investigations start tomorrow, I am looking for some pointers as to where i should begin, O-Rings on injectors or is there a possibility of the caps injector pump failing and filling the sump?? any pointers are appreciated from Ireland
  2. Blocked orifice, unbelievable how little tarnish was on there and it was restricted thanks very much for all your help really appreciate your time and knowledge regards Dermot
  3. Will check in the morning it’s bed time here now, hopefully I can find a problem with it the dealership that sold it had replaced the other pump months before it came to me and They reckoned that there could have been iron filings Generated then even though it got a full oil flush and all filters
  4. I removed the adapter on top of the pump as I had looked into it with my camera and it looked blocked but as soon as I had it out the gauze was spotless no restrictions at all. I don’t have access to any diagrams here as they are rare this side of the world
  5. Thanks everyone for all your pointers, I had the wheel off today and had a gauge on the signal line it builds pressure instantly on demand but it is very slow to release the pressure when the spool levers are let go, I have been able to tee into the line and dump the oil after letting go of the levers and the pump drops out instantly, I had that quick connect test point on the manifold as mentioned but I’m not getting any pressure there regardless of the position of the levers, my hair is scarce and I’m beginning to pull the rest out
  6. Mx240 2001 located in Ireland, Hydraulic pump keeps building pressure sounds like constant pumping, after letting go of the remote spools, None of the spool valves are building pressure just the pump is under stress, any help before we replace the pump,
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