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  1. Thanks everyone for your information I put it on. It now works great
  2. So the pump that runs my remote’s on my 1066 went bad ordered a new one and the new one has an extra port for oil flow in it. Will this one work or do I need a different one. All the ones I’m finding have that extra port that mine does not. Thanks for any advice.
  3. Thanks everyone for the advice I’m gonna try getting ahold of that jesse
  4. I have a 1066 with tilt wheel. I’m wanting to do away with the tilt wheel and just make it regular is there a kit for this or does anyone know what to do here thanks.
  5. Just disconnected from the auger never unhooked the lines
  6. I have checked the cable it’s moving as it should and the valve is moving as it should but I’m sure it could be in the valve just seeing/hoping maybe it was something simple
  7. My elbow broke on my auger now that I have it fixed I’m trying to hook my cylinder back up when I move the handle I can get it to extend but I can not get it to retract. Has anyone ever experienced this before thanks in advance for advice.
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