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  1. The rebuilt tilt cylinders seems to have fixed the problem. thanks again for the help
  2. Hydraulic shop called and said both cylinder rods had a couple inch’s off bow to them. And I fear that still might not be the problem. Probably be another week before I get cyl back
  3. The tilt didn’t move down at all with 1300 rpms. Would creep down at 2000. Unfortunately we won’t have the cylinders back until next week
  4. I went ahead and took the to tilt cylinders off to have them repacked. One had a small external leak and moved slower than the other. Just wanted to eliminate the cylinders as a problem. I too think it’s the self leveling valve but have no experience with them
  5. Thanks for all the quick replies. It is a hydraulic level loader. Looks like the leveling valve bolts on top of the valve stack. It has its own hydraulic return line with a flow restrictor. I did take cable loose and manually manipulate the valve with no change.
  6. New to us MX120 with L650 self leveling loader tilts down very slowly at high rpms and will not tilt down at all with low rpms. Everyone we have talked to has mentioned blow by in cylinder. We swapped lift and tilt hoses at the quick connector and it tilts down fine.
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