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  1. Finally heard back from them, they were mistaken about the pump, it is a rotary after all.
  2. Hi, I've got someone wanting injector lines for a 434 with an inline injector pump. How likely is this all things considered? I thought they all had rotary pumps. Thanks
  3. Can someone clarify, what is the connection between the 856 and the 856XL? I thought that the XL meant it had a factory cab, but there is a big difference in engines... If the XL is the upgraded model, it looks like it was a downgrade.
  4. It will even idle at 400! How low is correct idle? My David Brown diesels idle around 750-800 rpm. BTW, David Browns are my favourite tractors (and what I do a heap of work on and specialize in), however they are meeting a serious rival as to which ranks up top!
  5. I realize that this is an old and interesting topic, but what should the oil pressure be on a 684? Cold start pressure (but warm enough to go barefoot) 50 psi @ 500 RPM, max RPM around 80 psi. New 30w oil in it, new Donaldson oil filters. After doing some topping, I looked and at bottom idle it was registering around 3 psi...Before I had it apart it was around 15 psi at hot idle but it wasn't as hot as it was this time. I know that I will likely be told to rebush and linebore the cam, but I'm not in a position to do this financially or otherwise. What would be wisdom of putting
  6. Just seen this topic, and thought I'd mention that we have a 4wd 383 and a 2wd 483 creeper, and we use them for logging, and while I have to say that torque is not one of their strong points, it has an amazing lifting capacity, will lift the front off the ground (without the loader on), and the loader will lift the back off the ground! They are extremely reliable, the only problems we have had on the 383, which has around 2500 hours on it, is the front diff blew (while I was going top speed down the road...), due to a oil leak we hadn't noticed, but that was rebuilt as the gears were fine. The
  7. For a while I have been having major water in the oil in my 684, which has a turbo fitted, and I have just opened it up for a rebuild, and this is the first rod bearing I pulled off. What do you think has happened? Is this an indication of the main bearings? What will the crank be like? It has always started instantly and run perfectly with heaps of power. Thanks
  8. When I installed the balancer my D239 there were a couple marks (faint) on the back side on one of the balancer weights, and I transferred the marks over to the other side where they would be visible.
  9. I don't know if there are similarities to the 684, but the 684 has a lever for LOW and REVERSE, and a second lever for HIGH. Every now and then they both get knocked into gear then the HIGH lever has to be pried back, and if you don't it will only drive in high when the range is in neutral or it will stall.
  10. Thanks J-Mech (and all others), I agree with what you are saying...I don't have any history, only the motor was a boat tractor. And those rarely are used much. Tonight I connected the radiator, started it, and within a minute or two it was warm. Within a few more minutes the water was at too-hot-to-touch point. I had it running for over half an hour, and partway through that time the smoke cleared up considerably. Every now and then for the first 15 minutes the engine would bog down, then I would force more fuel through, and it would instantly rev up. After a few times of that it is now
  11. I wondered that, what effects will it have long term? Haven't experienced that before...have run quite a few motors for short periods of time without a radiator no issues. Do the pistons expand in the liners? The engine is free again after a few hours of sitting.
  12. Hi, I've got a BD144 out of a B275, it has the rotary injector pump, I bought it in unknown (but running) condition, it has water in the oil (pressure is fine, I dropped the water a few times), and I've just put it into another tractor as a repower, but after 5 minutes or so of running it sounds like it is stalling with fuel lever at full position. Up to that point it ran fine, good revs etc. If I pressurize the diesel with a primer bulb it increases revs then drops down again and dies. Is it an issue of heating up, as when it sits for a while the motor turns easier? Or maybe a fuel filt
  13. Hi all, Just borrowed a set of rears to put on the back of my 684, and I got to drive it for the first time! Drives and runs well, TA works well (being careful on use of it!). I have made a couple trips to the wreckers for parts so far! A question - were there special models of the 684? We have another 684 (which was on its way to the tractor wreckers) that I can compare it to, it has standard sized wheel studs, but the wheel studs are so large on this one that the studs barely fit into the holes in the rim. We clocked it on the road at 36kph, the tyres are 18.4 x 30's. Jos
  14. What sort of noises should I expect from this engine? As in slight ticking etc. Started it up this evening, runs very well, you can hear the turbo, no more oil out of exhaust, and none comes out of the intake. Thanks
  15. How would I be able to tell whether it is oil from the turbo or not? It has been parked up for without a cover on the exhaust.
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