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  1. Hi all, Just borrowed a set of rears to put on the back of my 684, and I got to drive it for the first time! Drives and runs well, TA works well (being careful on use of it!). I have made a couple trips to the wreckers for parts so far! A question - were there special models of the 684? We have another 684 (which was on its way to the tractor wreckers) that I can compare it to, it has standard sized wheel studs, but the wheel studs are so large on this one that the studs barely fit into the holes in the rim. We clocked it on the road at 36kph, the tyres are 18.4 x 30's. Jos
  2. What sort of noises should I expect from this engine? As in slight ticking etc. Started it up this evening, runs very well, you can hear the turbo, no more oil out of exhaust, and none comes out of the intake. Thanks
  3. How would I be able to tell whether it is oil from the turbo or not? It has been parked up for without a cover on the exhaust.
  4. The 684 is split - has anyone seen anything like this before?
  5. So, an update!! I picked up a balancer and the oil pipes, and the sundry pieces, timed the balancer, bolted the sump on, hooked up an auxiliary fuel tank and attempted to start it. It went thru a few battery charging stages (charge one, test with the other), I bled the injectors and when I tightened up the injector nuts, the engine sped up. Finally I got fed up with it, and connected both batteries in tandem into a 24v system, and within a few seconds (at a greatly increased rate of speed) it started right up! It runs very well, here are some things - Turbo is blowing oil o
  6. I appreciate the time taken to reply here! A lot of stuff to consider. Thanks for the confirmation on the engine. Does anyone have a photo of the balancer, what it looks like good, and bad? BTW both my uncles are mechanics, one is heavy diesel, and I have asked them lots of questions, and have learned a massive amount from them. Thanks also for the pic of the oil pickup - I couldn't find it anywhere on the web for a long time.
  7. Interesting...yes, I am in New Zealand. Is it an uncommon cab style? Does the 239DT2D664267* etc in the serial number mean turbo or not? Thanks
  8. Thanks for that. The engine turns over well. The serial number is 239DT 2D etc. Which is why I thought factory I am homeschooled and 20yo. I realize this may be a waste of time but it may be worth it...experience gained!
  9. Hello there, Thanks for accepting me in the group! I will be having a lot of questions! I bought a IH 684, no rear wheels, it has a cab, torque amplifier and the engine has a turbo. It was an estate sale, and apparently the man (who passed away) was a fiddler, and I have no idea why he pulled the sump, but I am putting it back together to see if it will run, then what work will be needed. My first question is, is the oil pump in the correct position? It looks like it is sitting too high to pick up oil. What model is the engine? It looks like it is factory turbo. Is the sump
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