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  1. SCH flips every other section and when the knife slots in the guards get worn they have to be replaced..

    No hold downs to keep the knife snug to the guard.

    Both heads I've owned had worn out SCH, never ran a new one.

    Looks like your doing a good job there Leonard!

    Remember now the floor feed plates, the stock clips were modified and used longer guard bolts with a second top nut.

    Had gaps in the ends of the header where the steel feed plates would settle to rear away from the knife back and allow beaners to fall through to the ground.

    Does your new knife slide freely with it attached to the wobble box arm?

    Keep us updated!

  2. DT Fan, Poly Tech in Georgia is the place to buy for all your poly needs.

    Great product the Ladies in customer service are awesome.

    Buy direct from the manufacturer.

    See thru pipe reel from CFC Distributors with poly fingers made a huge improvement too, also got the Carry King Kut cutter bar kit from them.

    Barter with both these companies and they will cut you a deal!

    Moved the auger forward and down to the poly auger bed, forget about those stripper plates in the back and buy a couple bulk packs of Metabo grinder disks get your safety glasses and leather gloves on put a very sharp edge on that auger.

    Much more in the header manual read it and go through adjustment.

    My cutter bar is so floppy loose it will hop over most any rock or chuck den and shaves tight to the ground.

    1020 is a great head, but most got ran into the ground till the owners said it's a junk design.

    Same owners that never opened the 35 dollar book from IH to see what there really all about.

    And a 1020 is a different animal than the green no comparison.

  3. Cutter bars, this should get interesting.

    Years ago had a 215 with a worn out SCH, price was on point, so I thought.

    Fast forward green is gone and went to Red.

    1020 that has been completely rebuilt.

    Cary King Kut is what's on the 1020

    Totally agree with cedar farm, twist of the wrench and a .020 feeler gauge.

    Five minutes and your done.

    Good luck with the SCH, remember old threads where some guys were running the guards upside down to get a closer cut.

    Not sure if that can be done with the roller kit.




  4. Umm, I'm a all night and most of the next day at my regular job

    Like having a silver bullet right after the morning coffee on days off

    19th hole very early works for me

    Red Power Golf Tournament!







  5. I'd be really proud of Nelson too.

    Golf is the most bashed on sport.

    Buying your kids and grand kids a plastic set of clubs for their third or fourth birthday is like a Gerber first insurance policy.

    Better than them running with the local pack of trouble maker kids that always are getting into trouble.

    Making jokes of the game is all good, but usually done by the guy that can't hit the little white ball that's sitting on the ground!


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  6. On 1/7/2022 at 8:24 PM, acem said:

    The local poultry kill plants pay a $200 a week bonus if you show up to work every day on time and work the complete shift!

    What a blast sign me up!

    See these poor ass birds headed to case farms every week, makes ya think hard about eating chicken.

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