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  1. Thanks I will try that and get back to you!Thanks again!
  2. The original hydro was getting weak and the splines on the hydro were getting wore so I wanted to change it before it went out in a bad place, so a couple bad decision later here I am ,the pump and motor worked all right before, just slow and a little weak ,so how could I switch lines from forward to reverse, they all seem to have their special place!
  3. Well this hydro deal isn't going well, I put the sunstrand pump in and couldn't get all the lines to match up (mostly different size fittings)so to to end my frustration I put my Eaton back on ,now machine won't go backwards but goes forward fine, the 2 bigger lines to and from the pump get warm but the third line coming out of the top of the motor does not get warm,any ideas or experience would be appreciated, when I put it In 4wd and try to back up it does nothing, does that mean anything. Thanks
  4. Thanks 606 ,I got ahold of the guy I bought it from and he confirmed it was a pressure test port and just plug it!
  5. Started to change hydro motor on 1460 and it slid out to the frame and was still in the spline in tranny and wouldn't drop down am I missing something or do I just keep fiddling with it .Also I'm going from a Eaton to a sunstrand, it looks like everything is going to hook up alright but the sunstrand has a oil port out the end that the Eaton doesn't have, what's it for and can I do anything with it .Thanks for any help! I will attach a picture of the end of the sunstrand!
  6. I Have the tin off and I think I can lower it to the ground if there's enough up travel on the come along!
  7. I heard people use the auger to lift from ,that was my plan there ,you make it look easy maybe I should bring my machine there !
  8. Ok Thanks guys ,I have the sheetmetal off ,the one on mine is Eaton, I have a used sunshield to put on it ,both are for 4 wd mine isn't 2 speed ,somewhere I got the idea that 2 speed was only available on 1480 .Now my next problem, the motor to change rpm on my cylinder stopped working so I took it out and checked it and motor works good both direction ,so I check rocker switch in cab ,with key on engine off ,power to switch but none coming out either direction, tried it with cylinder engage switch off and on but nothing running, am I proceeding correctly in diagnosis or do things need to be running, I hope I didn't make this confusing. Thanks again for the help!
  9. I'm going to change hydro and motor in my 1460 combine,what am I in for and how many different types did they make and will they interchange, I've never been into it before?Thanks
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