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  1. I’m in central Missouri, most conservation areas around here, unless they are for ducks are poorly managed IMO and any tillable acres are left to grow up in trees and brush. The 600 acre conservation area I mentioned earlier used to have 60 acres of tillable before they bought it. Now you can hardly walk thru most of the tillable acres
  2. It absolutely does. Id say 3-4 deer would eat the equivalent of a cow, A guy would not be having it if the neighbors cattle got out in his corn or bean field and would expect compensation for the damages. Conservation just expects us to feed their deer for free while they buy land and turn it into a brush pile so the deer pour off areas they own to eat our crops. All the while they make their sales tax money and money off selling tags. I love hunting deer as much as anyone but there are just way too many and most people don’t understand the damage until they whiteness it first hand.
  3. Exactly there are guys around here switching to Milo because they just can’t grow soybeans anymore In certain areas. But you can just grow Milo every year so what’s a guy to do? The conservation is very slow to react, for example we have a 600 acres piece of timber that’s conservation land between 2 farms we farm. For years they made you use an any deer tag on the conservation area even if you shoot a doe to discourage harvesting does. Meanwhile with nuisance tags we killed 35 on either side out of season and they all rotted. Because that makes sense right? But it does to the college educated wildlife biologist sitting behind the desk making the rules and regulations. This year me and my agent complained enough that they finally changed that regulation. Around here though we have so many horn hunters it’s not even funny so I expect to have to keep doing all the work out of season like I have been.
  4. I am in central Missouri, 2012 EHD was the best thing that ever happened around here for farmers. The deer are back with a vengeance and absolutely destroy beans. I’m not talking edges of fields I’m talking eating the whole field off to the point of no return. I have been killing 60-80 between nuisance tags and regular tags for several years now and can’t tell I’m getting ahead of them yet. We have buck hunters only around here. It’s terrible, there are so many problems in farming nothing more aggravating them deer destroying your crop after you fight all the other battles. for anyone thinking they need more deer I would suggest you manage them before they get out of hand. If you do the math does having twins multiplies very quickly
  5. Anyone have any experience with either?
  6. Heavy frost on the organic wheat this morning. Truck read 25 degrees at 6:30 in the valley
  7. I am considering getting a gps unit for spreading fertilizer mainly. I want something easy to use and quick to move between tractors. I have no intention of going auto steer or doing shut offs. I want a nice screen and it to paint the area I have done and figure acres covered. I think both of these units do all that which would be better. The raven is a few hundred higher. I can probably get better customer support from the ag leader dealer. thanks
  8. Okay thanks for the help! I will try that MDS mfg. tomorrow. Yes it is a quick attach bucket. I have a homemade bale spike for it I thought about retrofitting but thought I’d check around first
  9. Does anyone know of a company that makes pallet forks to fit a 510 ih loader? thanks Nick
  10. How does does yours handle loader work? My 5120 has fluid in the rears but is still pretty helpless with the loader on.
  11. I believe I have 18.4 38’s also but I’ll double check. Where is the best source for rims? Aftermarket or junkyard?
  12. I have a 5120 maximum and it is in need of front tires and the rims aren’t in too good of shape either. It currently has 11L-15’s the tractor has a 510 loader which isn’t on it all the time but when it is seems pretty hard on the small tires and they sink in bad. I am wondering about putting 16” wheels and tires on. Did any of the 5120’s come out with 16’s? Has anyone tried this I don’t want the tractor to sit wierd by adding taller tires. thanks Nick
  13. Okay sounds good thanks. We’re they pretty expensive I’m guessing?
  14. Where did you order your lights? What brand?
  15. That’s great you can still get the parts! I figured it might be a salvage yard item.
  16. On dads the piece that has like saw tooth cut outs for the lever to engage in I believe is mounted on the fender. I could be wrong. I’ll try and get a pic
  17. Lol ya I’m guessing there was a major O S$&T moment when they rounded the corner and saw me in the road. I felt a little bad afterwards I was pretty harsh but hopefully they learned to respect people land a little more.
  18. I live on a dead end road in a creek bottom. I have several small fields next to my house. I got home one night from coon hunting for the wife to come out and tell me she thought someone was spotlight our fields. I went out on the back deck and seen a truck cut out in the fields a couple times. I ran up to the road and met them standing in the middle of the road with my coon light blaring thru their windshield and rifle on my back. Turned out to be a truckload of high school kids. After I chewed them up one side and down the other i sent them on their way. I haven’t had any trouble in these fields since. I’m guessing there was a lot of talk about a crazy guy living on my road the next day at school.
  19. The guy I work for and I both tried a set of bfg’s neither of us were impressed. Wore extremely fast on his 3/4 ton dodge. We drive a lot of gravel and they chew up and chunk bad. Highway might be different, I know some people like them
  20. Thanks for all the replies. We don’t have a big fuel tank for on road diesel so we always buy it on the road. The route we run in the winter for corn there is only 1 decent truck stop to get fuel really. It’s not a real big truck stop. It was just normal road diesel as far as I know. We both fill up there I drive an 07 international he is driving a 14 international. We had the howes mixed extra stout in each truck. He started his truck around 6 am and had issues. I helped him awhile and eventually started my truck but it had warmed up a fair amount and I didn’t have any issues. I have heard of the parifin wax they add to fuel this was what my mfa buddy was telling me about I think. The filter when I took the picture had been in the shop trash all day and it got up to 25 or so and the snot was still all on it.
  21. The howes was added awhile ago when we filled up and we have made 3 trips with the truck hauling corn, used about 2/3 of the tanks of fuel when this happened.
  22. Looking for some advice from some Northern guys. We had a filter Gel this morning on a road tractor. Truck was in an unheated shed but plugged in with extra stout Howes mixed in the tanks. Started it at -4 to -8 depending on what pickup thermometer you looked at. Ran 15 minutes in shed then took off went about 5 miles and lost power. Limped it back home. Went to town bought 2 new filters and replaced them both. The paper filter in the clear plastic housing had slime caked on it. I talked to a buddy that works at mfa he said it was probably wax that they use in the pipeline to help the fuel flow easier in the pipeline. The only cure is kerosene or power service 911. Anti gel wouldn’t help our problem. Is this Wax or Gel or is it the same thing? I’ve only gelled a semi up one other time a few years ago it was -14 one morning and the element looked the same way. Is the only way to prevent this adding kerosene to the fuel?
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