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  1. I do agree with you the 686 4th is a little slow for hoeing but that is what I run in.
  2. Good to know on the 10 vs. 856, also on rotary hoeing when you rotary hoe it fluffs up and dries out the top 1” or so of soil so no new weeds try and sprout. At least until the next rain
  3. Bkorth, I have kind of wondered if I go with a 66 series weather it wouldn’t just make sense to go with a 1066 if the 7, 9 and 10 are all the same physical size. I wouldn’t be using near all of the hp cultivating but during other times of the year it might come in handy?
  4. Okay I didn’t realize a 756 was bigger also I appreciate your input on the 856 t-mech I am kind of leaning that direction
  5. So I guess maybe a better question is between a 786, 766, 966, 756, and 856. What would be the best choice? I’m guessing a 786, 766 and 966 are all similar in size? Is a 856 smaller then them? Is a 756 around the physical size of my 686
  6. This is my set up as of now just looking to duplicate it and possibly a little larger tractor. My new 80 acres is about a 45 min drive by tractor so I’d like to have a rig to leave up there
  7. TP, I have considered trying a front mount cultivator. I a mainly flat for now no terraces so staying on the row isn’t bad and if I do get on a slope or in a curve I can run the rod to one side or the other of the row. The U shaped tip on the rod sounds like a good idea. Is it a fair chore to mount and dismount a front mount cultivator? I usually rotary hoe and cultivate all with the same tractor.
  8. Your missing the point I’m sorry I don’t want a modern tractor or gps or all of that.
  9. J-mech, I am sitting in the guys I work for 110 maximum right now. All I can see is window, frame and fenders. My 5120 was open station and still was horrible to cultivate with. I want to see the row between the front and rear tire I made a cultivating rod and on newer tractors you can’t for one even mount it most times and 2 see it if you do mount it. The 06-66 were made to cultivate and see off of. For the accuracy I’m looking for this is what I have painfully discovered after 8 years of trial and error. I’m not trying to argue I’m just flat out saying this is the series of tractor that I ne
  10. How does the physical size of a 766 compare? Is it the same as a 966?
  11. J-mech, thanks for all the info. This is my 8th year being certified. I work for a larger farmer that helped me get started. They farm around 2,000 acres conventionally. I farm my organic on the side. I see all aspects of farming I spray their crops, Liberty, round up, enlist, fungicide, insecticide you name it. And I also rotary hoe and row cultivate my own crop. While I am glad we are not trying to farm 2,000 acres organically there is nothing prettier then a wide row field that you cleaned yourself and aren’t relying on Monsanto to do it for you. I am a first generation farmer and trying to
  12. Hello, I would like some advice on purchasing a second row crop cultivating tractor. I currently have 80 acres of organic I row cultivate and am adding another 80 acres next year. I started off using my dads b-414 and I ran 4 row 38”. I switched to 6-30” and bought a 5120 maxxum. I was never very good with that tractor cultivating the visibility for cultivating is poor. I bought a 686 2 years ago and man what a difference. I really like the 686 I thought about just looking for another one but once in awhile it would be nice to have a slightly bigger tractor on heavier cultivators . What would
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