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  1. Yes ace he mentioned it had a cab in not the best condition so he took it off and found fenders for it. What oil pressure should these 407’s run?
  2. Thanks for the help. I definitely will change the white lower panels to red again if I get it. i am not a fan of the huge steps. At least for the way they look, I’m sure they are nice to use. But I would probably put the smaller ones back on
  3. Yes on my 5120 the knobs you turn to slow down or speed up the hydraulic flow
  4. I’ve been looking at this tractor, does everything look correct other than the lower side panels? Maybe someone just repainted those panels for some reason? They sure look better red IMO.
  5. Were most all 856 the red lower side panels or did some of them have white lower panels from the factory?
  6. Thanks for the encouragement, mighty fine looking 826
  7. The only thing with a newer tractor is the visibility between the front and rear wheel for a row guide is basically non-existent. I cultivated a lot of acres with my 5120 when I started out. When I bought my 686 and made a guide rod my accuracy was unbelievably better.
  8. Yes it’s a haul for sure but finding a good one isn’t super easy. After a lot of thinking and looking I am leaning hard towards an 856. I’ve thought about a 756 but I’ve already got a 686 with a 310. From what I’ve read and questions I’ve asked here I’ve gathered the 7and 8 aren’t much different in physical size and I thought an 8’s extra power might come in handy once in awhile as opposed to buying something with the exact same hp I already have. I plan to keep the tractor long term as these tractors were built for exactly what I want, rotary hoeing and cultivating. So finding a decent one w
  9. Yes it does I guess I’m looking at it for a longevity standpoint. I am assuming that a stock 856 may have less wear in everything then one that has been running an extra 20-30hp. But maybe they are built stout enough not to matter.
  10. Okay thanks the tractor is about 7-8 hours from me so I’d like to be fairly sure before I head up there. I did a little more research and the turbo is not an m&w and it appears in the pictures it’s done nicely
  11. I have been looking for an 856. I found one I like everything about except it has a turbo added. I really don’t need the extra power of the turbo for what I’ll be using it for. Should I shy away from the tractor and look for one without or does the turbo hurt anything. I am not sure if it’s an m & w or a turbo off of a 12. I am just thinking if someone ran it hard with more power then it originally had everything may have more wear in it? Thanks Nick
  12. I’m okay with 16.9’s as they are better for cultivating and running 30” rows. The fronts seem very narrow though probably want to put a little bigger tires. I understand on the rebuild hopefully they would have receipts of the work that was done.
  13. Is this the one your talking about? I see the engine was recently rebuilt. What’s ballpark on rebuilding a 407? I hear they are fairly expensive to rebuild.
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