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  1. Anyone have any experience with either?
  2. Heavy frost on the organic wheat this morning. Truck read 25 degrees at 6:30 in the valley
  3. I am considering getting a gps unit for spreading fertilizer mainly. I want something easy to use and quick to move between tractors. I have no intention of going auto steer or doing shut offs. I want a nice screen and it to paint the area I have done and figure acres covered. I think both of these units do all that which would be better. The raven is a few hundred higher. I can probably get better customer support from the ag leader dealer. thanks
  4. Okay thanks for the help! I will try that MDS mfg. tomorrow. Yes it is a quick attach bucket. I have a homemade bale spike for it I thought about retrofitting but thought I’d check around first
  5. Does anyone know of a company that makes pallet forks to fit a 510 ih loader? thanks Nick
  6. How does does yours handle loader work? My 5120 has fluid in the rears but is still pretty helpless with the loader on.
  7. I believe I have 18.4 38’s also but I’ll double check. Where is the best source for rims? Aftermarket or junkyard?
  8. I have a 5120 maximum and it is in need of front tires and the rims aren’t in too good of shape either. It currently has 11L-15’s the tractor has a 510 loader which isn’t on it all the time but when it is seems pretty hard on the small tires and they sink in bad. I am wondering about putting 16” wheels and tires on. Did any of the 5120’s come out with 16’s? Has anyone tried this I don’t want the tractor to sit wierd by adding taller tires. thanks Nick
  9. Okay sounds good thanks. We’re they pretty expensive I’m guessing?
  10. Where did you order your lights? What brand?
  11. That’s great you can still get the parts! I figured it might be a salvage yard item.
  12. On dads the piece that has like saw tooth cut outs for the lever to engage in I believe is mounted on the fender. I could be wrong. I’ll try and get a pic
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