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  1. Thanks for the response FarmallDr. Yea i made a hose up and had it hooked to the test port putting in a jug so no worries on it shooting oil in my face. Im pretty sure the clutch pressure gauge worked but that was 7 years ago when it was last used so i may be wrong. I dont have access to air since the machine is sitting at a silo. Also i had the machine about mid throttle when the test plug was out and revved it up acouple times to see if anything changed but it did not. Im thinkin it has lost prime also if not i would assume the pumps going out. (Hope not anyways) The machine has pretty
  2. Hello everyone im new to the site, I got a 175c thats been sitting for about 7 years now. Its foot pedal steer and machine is low hours only packed silage with it. Anyhow we went to try and get it to move to help clear some land. The motor fired right up with a shot of ether after sitting so long. But i cannot get it to move at all i have checked all fluids and topped them off. When i put in gear it doesnt move or even try to, i took floorboard out and noticed that the driveline is spinning when in neutral and in gear. I knew something was wrong when every gauge moved except the clutch pres
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