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  1. All date stamps on my 1949 Farmall C are October 1949 (- 10 S). My Young Radiator made in Racine, WI is date stamped 10 '49. The serial number on my tractor is FC 422** and my C123 engine serial number is 4199*. Is it possible this tractor came with this C123 from the factory??
  2. Hi mmi and bitty, Yes, it better to get the tractor up and running for the next 4 or 5 months, then do an evaluation of the tractor's shape and costs before sinking $$ into it. It is going to be used as a utility tractor for light duty around the place. Glad to hear there are blocks out there
  3. OK. Lots of input. Thank you. I have been looking for a block.
  4. Thanks Jeff-C-IL and mmi. I appreciate your input. Regards, Philip
  5. Someone has offered to sell me a Farmall A with that has a weld repair done to block over 20 years ago. That weld seems to be working. (weld is behind carb to generator) The tractor sat the last 6 years under a shed. When he went to start it after all that time it was seized. He put oil in plugs and let it sit. Then he used the hand crank and it turned over. What are the chances the block has a crack internally, say between piston walls? The tractor has 2 rims with older tires. No external rim rot seen but at that age the rims probably are thin. So is it worth while taking a chance
  6. Hi folks. I need some details about my engine. First off I have a 1949 Farmall C with a C123 engine block C123 366295 R1 with a serial number 41998. Is it just coincidental the tractor's production serial number is only 200 numbers off (422××) from the engine''s serial number of 41998? I think it is a coincidence because Farmall C tractors came with C113. Let me know. Please take a look at the first photo. Can any tell why the oil pressure gauge is mounted on the right side of the block, please? Second, what is the purpose of the diagonal 4 inch pipe screw into the base of the oil cannis
  7. Sorry about my typing error. I should have entered '49 as the year of manufacture for my C, not '59. The engine in my C is not original. I believe the engine in my 49 C originated from a 230. The 366295R1 block and engine serial number make me think it is from a 230. Using this data I am trying to establish info needed to order parts for rebuild. Thanks
  8. Hi, I have a 1959 Farmall C with the 366295 R1 casting code. It has a serial number of 41998. Best I can tell this engine might be from a 230. Can someone help me track down the origins of this motor, please? I may have to rebuild. Any info is appreciated. Thanks, Philip
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