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  1. Bought this 2504 with 110 side mower this summer. The hyd. on on this tractor is loud. When I tried it out I was suprised at the speed of the knifes and the cylinders, way to fast. And it has a decal on the battery box saying not to excede 1400 rpm when mowing. So I spliced in a flow control, changed the hyd. oil and filter and put in 15 gallons, it had 20 gallons + in it. Now the knife speed is too slow with the flow control removed. Is this about the suction tube between the filter and pump? What parts should I get? The tractor is 250 miles from here at camp. Oh I forgot to say the mower is hyd. motor driven.
  2. I have herd that they could be ordered. Also have been told it was a display model. Also it seems that some of the first square hood high boys where solid red and that the last ones made in 1979 where solid red. Appreciate all comments [except that it is fake]. Thanks Snoshoe. P.S. My white demo is painted [by me] ih red.
  3. Ok, I am going to blow my own horn. The '50 cub was peeling red when I got it and I sand blasted it. The white was on the cast iron first. I did autobody and paint work for many years. That cub still has white on the touch control bellows and it is in the listed ser. no. range for a white demo. The '68 came to the dealer new red/white to the best of my knowledge. When I took it apart I could tell it was factory even though there is yellow under the red on some panels. There was absolutely no yellow to be seen until the baked red was worn through on the platform. On this '68 the deluxe seat is black as is the steering wheel. Once I was given a hood/tank that was white underneath and had some strange decals . Had cubs since childhood and repaired them for others. I don't know it all but I can tell repaints.
  4. Yes! Take the fast hitch off and that's what I have. It belonged to a neighbor, was sold new by Ward, King and Lawrence , the IH dealer in Newburgh, N.Y. We got a cub, our first tractor in 1952 and I have owned several since. How did I wind up with 2 odd balls. Have a few cadet's also. Thanks to those who replied.
  5. My '68 cub is red and white rather than yellow and white. Yes there is yellow under the red but it came new this way new. Only one I have ever seen. I also have a '50 cub that was white. Comments please.
  6. The only thing I know is that it is called white cap white.
  7. The best trick I know after silver paint is 609 locktite.
  8. Anybody know the drive rpm or the ih wobble box rpm? I am trying to fit a modern hyd. motor to my ih 110 mower. The tractor, a 2504 has a 17 gpm pump. I am guessing 800 rpm motor that belt drives the wobble box with a 6" c pully.
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