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  1. That's a c3 mower on it. Takes a lot of power and hard on the clutch.
  2. I don't know but it looks like a seat from a C or some other model that flips back. Someone here knows. Oh by the way I am fixing up a set of plows like those.
  3. I can only ride my 504-U for 2 hours mowing. I could ride a Farmall twice that long at least. Wish I could figure out a way to fix this .
  4. While sitting still, stick it in high to get the cluster to stop and then put it in first, second or reverse. This like double clutching is standard procedure .
  5. Just pulled a 189 2 way cub plow out of my junk pile, mounted it on a cub and plowed my small garden that has always been roto tilled. Even though I once had a jd B with a 2 way I forgot where to start, been a long time. Anyhow the l/h plow is missing the land slide and brace and i suppose I will have to make something. Are there any chance of buying this land slide? Thanks in advance for any replies, I have no part no. yet.
  6. The motor is available. We are less than an hour from Milford, PA., not far off 84 [ in nys] The price is very reasonable. The engine is at Keller's auto machine. 845-496-3775, Mike, one man shop, not young and all the problems that go with it. Tell him Doug from the sawmill told you. Does this forum have personal messages? Thanks for you interest, Doug
  7. I hope they [the mine] pay good, crawlers can get expensive. Look forward to seeing more progress.
  8. That machine was only used on Sunday's! Looks like your not afraid of work.
  9. Spreading or narrowing the front wheels unless the front axel is fixed.
  10. Now I wonder what stone wall those coulters are rusting on?
  11. Oh boy, that is hard to beat and bad. You have to wonder if they had drilled the first crack,veed and welded and stress relieved and put on reinforcement if it would have held. All that weld just cracked and traveled . These repairs seperate the men from the boys.
  12. Well I see there are still a few good old boys around. How is that crawler in the snow? When I ran in snow sometimes the tracks would tighten up and I was always afraid of damaging the final drives.
  13. As time goes by the re-pro parts seem to get worse. Half the parts I get for the old junk I work on are a waste of time and money. In carb kits, often only the gaskets get used. The key is to have used parts to chose from. Good thing there was a second carb here to try.
  14. I wonder if it would stop some water leaks.
  15. If it's a little drippy in the carb it may be flooded some. When cold it will like that. Try starting it on a warm day with the gas shut off the night before. [on the gas already in the bowl]. If the spark is really hot it may not care if it has a little puddle of gas in the throat. Near perfect points and plugs [and wires, cap, and rotor] seam more important on old gas machines.
  16. Off subject but i gotta say that those plugs can make some old spark plug fouling engines run nice if there is room for them.
  17. 14 A engine is located in Orange county N.Y.  It has the injection pump on it. If somebody is real serious I can make sure it still turns as it has been a long time since it was assembled. As I remember they did alot of work to it. I once wanted it for a sawmill but there was too much missing to make it a power unit at that time.

  18. That's interesting. I had to say what I did because of the wasted time with guys who want to bolt it in an M.
  19. Just throwing this out there; a friend has in his shop a rebuilt, long block td 14A engine. It was professionally rebuilt years ago and never picked up. This is a 3 generation auto machine shop that is sadly winding down. I have tried to sell it in the past but everyone who showed up wanted it for a wheel [farm] tractor no matter what I had told them.
  20. Show off! If I had one I would show off too.
  21. The newer ones where 12V, first generator and last alternator. I leave the 6V ones 6V just because and if you do have the best connections and the best battery you can buy.
  22. I have had carbs apart so many times that when I finally got it right I forgot what I did. It seems like the simple ones are the hardest. You can't beat having a spare,
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