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  1. I never thought to do it this way and it requires the non resistor coil.
  2. 6V does not use a resister . The resister was on there for 12V as the points want to be 6V. A hot wire from ign. switch goes on + coil terminal and a wire on the other [-] coil terminal goes on distributor.
  3. If you work a cub hard enough like spring plowing on a hot day you will need water with the plane cap otherwise it works ok.
  4. There is no gear box to put oil in, it just looks like one. There is a procedure to set up the crank bearings [ correct pre load] on these mowers. You need the I.H book and I.H. gage block to do this. I would not attempt to do it by feel myself. I found a copy of the book on e bay. I would say all the 100 series and up are about the same spec.
  5. That loosing the spark at high rpm has happened to me also. What makes it hard to understand is that the engine starts so easy and starting hard is usually the sign of bad spark.
  6. S.S., you are reading my mind quite well. And you have answered a few questions. The tractor is in camp 250 mi. from home and shop. I did not know that I could get to the tube that far back. I will have to drain, pull the pump and if I find nothing remove rear cover. The other thing to do is over fill but then everything leaks. I also thought about discarding the filter and cover and replacing it with a flat plate with steel tube going in O ring to pump like filter did. That would need the in line filter and 1" hose. That's kind of bulky and ugly. I can just see Me hitting a rock and breaking the elbow off the bottom. Thank You, Doug
  7. MMI, It howls loud and is a little short on flow. I can not run the 110 hyd. drive mower fast enough to get out of 1st. gear. I have not taken the pump out, only the filter on the other side where things look good. Where would I order that square seal? Thanks for the reply, Doug
  8. Apparently , as S.S. and others have suggested, I have a hyd. suction leak in the case pick up tube. I hate to admit this but I am temped to tap a 3/4 line into the filter cover, through an inline filter, with magnet, and into the case drain. Comments please.
  9. That's a nice outfit, not too big or too small and overall inexpensive. It can be made to run forever.
  10. That is one sharp looking IH truck. The right color also.
  11. Back in my grandfathers time we had no torches or air tools. Most everything got hammered first.
  12. If fuel will keep it running that pretty much rules out spark or timing. I would [maybe you have] run the throttle in one hand and the choke in the other and try to get it to run fast. What ever part of the carb runs high speed is suspect.
  13. Many people have taken their carburetors apart when the problem was in the gas tank at the inlet to the sediment bowl.
  14. Saw a guy put a big air wrench in the pto shaft of a jd 440.
  15. a little speck in the main jet will do that. On some carb's the main jet unscrews from the outside.
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