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  1. Many people have taken their carburetors apart when the problem was in the gas tank at the inlet to the sediment bowl.
  2. Saw a guy put a big air wrench in the pto shaft of a jd 440.
  3. a little speck in the main jet will do that. On some carb's the main jet unscrews from the outside.
  4. I would tap into it with a hand pump or log splitter unit or what ever and see if the pump will motor and turn the diesel. Detroit diesel used to offer a hyd. starter on power units and I think there is a hand/hyd. kit made overseas but it would use your ring gear.
  5. The allen is in there to force the pin in deeper if needed by backing it out. It does nothing else. To rebuild that wobble box, other than the lower bearing you need the right bookand supposed to have the ih gage block.
  6. Never saw those before. Thanks td 5 for the post and photos. 20 years ago I had a machine shop do my log loader pins. They bored , in the shop, welded pipe in like you did, bored that to press in o.e.m. hard bushings and hard o.e.m. pins. Then hard shim washers and keep full of synthetic grease. A lot of work and money but it has lasted under hard use.
  7. What the **** is that 'line boring jig' on the angle head grinder? Glad to see you got the bull by the horns.
  8. Good thing it's an IH. If it was a john deere you would never fix it.
  9. Order parts and drill and pin and go break it again. Put real heavy grease in with new parts.
  10. And thanks Rainman, I put those numbers in my book.
  11. I have been buying from Mike@ Duffield. His parts are exceptional . Never herd of Ploworx, Thanks for the lead.
  12. Frank, thankyou very much. The books we got with plows leave out the plow bottom part numbers as there where so many options. And then after so many years there are so many plow bottom parts books I don't know what one to look for. Doug
  13. At one time it was the other way around.
  14. That thing has more levers that my old log loader or a back hoe. What could they be for?
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