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  1. If IH sold it the threaded caps must be in an old f 12 parts book.
  2. A nd there are 2 different switches for the ones that have the switch on the lamp.
  3. The rockford clutch you used to get from IH was all set up and worked smooth and lasted about forever.
  4. How about looking at Webb's sickle service. A new knife w/o head is quite reasonable from them.
  5. J. mech, ment to address you also sorry. Thanks for post, what else can you say about my problem?
  6. Dan R. , thanks for your interest. No hitch or 3 point [or pto] Hyd. loud all the time and works smooth all day long mowing with hyd. driven mower. When I got the tractor/mower [this summer] it was way overfull ' of hyd. oil, and hyd. was fast, too fast. Then I serviced it and put back less oil and now I can't get out of 1st. gear mowing for lack of sickle speed. When it was overfull there where leaks everywhere, that why I don't want to over fill.
  7. My 350 U was a harlo forklift. It had an adjustable front axel. A friend had another 350U loader/backhoe and it had a torque amplifier !
  8. Great photos. Here in the hudson valley [N.Y.S.] I think there is one cih dealer 2 counties away. Back in the day there where 2 whithin 2 miles either direction from me and more after that. Never thought they would all disappear.
  9. Dan Robinson, Great photos, thanks. Could my 2504 have this problem? It howls and has about half the hydraulic power and speed it should have.
  10. No, it was a side of the road mower and once had a loader. The mower is a 110 with 2 cylinders and hyd. motor. I am rebuilding the mower and put a 7' bar on it. I parked my like new j.d. 5 as I am tired of watching behind.
  11. My 2504 has nothing on the back, not even a drawbar. The hyd. comes out the side to a 3 spool valve, there are no remotes. It does have a forward/reverse stick and hyd. steering w/ 17gpm pump. The grille shell is so heavy I can't lift it.
  12. It may be only one piston that is stuck. Try to figure out if the stuck piston needs to go down when the crank is forced down. Hopefully the stuck piston is not at the bottom of stroke. With just one piston stuck and the other 3 free and oiled it should be easy with the head off and 3" dowel as mentioned.
  13. I think you have a delco distributor rather than an IH original. Others will know for sure.
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