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  1. I have this tractor [red/white] but it is a 1968. Yes it does have yellow under the red but it came that way new. They say it could have been ordered that way either for a dealer display or customer request. Also have a 1950 white demo and a hood off another . Both of these are repainted red. All this happened by accident as they were acquired to do work with not show or collect.
  2. You must use common sense to weld of use any form of heat or cutting tools. If you can weld to the circular part to be discarded with out touching any thing else, have at it, the pressed in part will fall out.
  3. I should not reply to this as I don't know the when part. There where all red square 'high boys', then yellow and white high and lows and solid reds in the very end. I want to say that when the club cadets came out so did the yellow / white cub paint jobs. So that would be 1961 ?
  4. The winch on the 10-20, did they cable plow with that?
  5. It was the same way down here [s.e. n.y.] when we had farms. With balers it was N.H. or J.D.
  6. Complete with steel fronts, really nice original.
  7. If it where me I would be in the field with a coin finder and if I found the broken part it would get veed out, tacked in place and brazed heavily. On cast iron and where there is room I have had good luck doing this even when the piece was used under stress. if
  8. What I never liked about the old F series was the seating/steering arrangement . At the time I had an f 12 and f14 I was going through some back trouble. However these original Farmall's where a high quality product and very practical. They must of replaced thousands of horses and miles of walking in the field. I also believe they outlived there usefulness and could have been rebuilt several more times.
  9. Sounds like a tire hammer and a couple of spoons are what's needed or even a slide hammer.
  10. Well the first picture has a distraction but after that, wow, that truck [and tractor] is better than nice and if that's not enough it has 2 sticks!
  11. That truck is so classic IH it would be nice to have just to look at and show off. On another note generator shops sometimes get in old 549 powered units [with no hours] and they go for scrap.
  12. Yes they do but finned aluminum with chrome wing nuts give you even more.
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