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  1. We just finished 3rd crop hay in northern Illinois, looking very dry, corn and beans following soon 😎
  2. THANK YOU Sledgehammer for all your work and wonderful photos,I for really you sharing your time with us 😎
  3. Thanks for keeping us that couldn’t make it in the loop, great pictures😎
  4. MTO, remember the Bible tells us GOD’s ways are not our ways, but he knows us better than we know our selves, prayers from northern Illinois for you and your friends family
  5. That is absolutely true ,so nothing being added to my fleet of vehicles (7) for right now😎
  6. I have been a Ford/ Lincoln/ Mercury my entire life , that being said I could never justify the price for a new one, looked at a 2020 Lincoln Navigator, asked the sales man how how they could justify $93,000 , his answer was it’s a Lincoln😎
  7. Not just Jewish guys , I remember the “good” catholic girls from my high school days and that was 45 years ago😎
  8. Okay you have brought up some VERY great songs and artist, if you want off the beaten path try five finger death punch doing a cover of Kenny Wayne shepherds blue on black😎
  9. Maybe they are getting more white because of global warming or infected by COVID 😎
  10. Prayers from northern Illinois for Zeke and for mom and dad
  11. GOD knows the circumstances, prayers from northern Illinois for you and your family.Trust in him
  12. That is a neat little conversion, I have a 154 with the IH pusher snow plow on it, with chains on the turf tires and it does a great job plowing snow😎
  13. Don’t know where you sit down and eat for $22.00. We have a nice family owned restaurant that has good food, we really like their Wednesday lunch fish sandwich, with drinks and possibly a appetizer it is easily $27-$28 bucks plus a tip😎
  14. With every valley there is a mountain top! GOD is good and knows us better than we know ourselves.Congratulations for the safe arrival of Cason, prayers sent for your loss of George😎
  15. We’re you at a Casey’s general store, it seems to me since they have gotten bigger their help S/&@S! I personally have all but boycotted them where we live in northern Illinois,, don’t buy gas there and only a certain brand of local potato chips they sell here! The help is marginal at best when they decide to come to work 😎
  16. Congrats to both of you, great to see good news about our future leaders in this country😎
  17. Just so you know Lorenzo, I think yours is one of the toughest looking 560s I have ever seen😎
  18. To all of you who have going through tough times remember GOD is good all the time , all the time GOD is good! ?
  19. Wow ! We are dry in northern Illinois so much so last weekend mowed hay on Saturday morning and baled just before dark on Sunday afternoon. Ground is so dry sucked the moisture right out of it . If you can arrange trucking we will take about 6-8” inches worth?
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