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  1. This is WAY more civilized than it used to be, Take care of yourself and get better😎
  2. That was the year I graduated from hi school, listening to this in my 75 F250 hi boy , 8 track blaring with the sliding rear open with the 12 gauge on the gun rack, ahh those were the days😎
  3. Craig61019


    Finally figured it out, this is much better way to handle the cold😎
  4. Sad situation, all I can say is that lifting up prayers from northern Illinois and struggling to understand
  5. Craig61019


    Remember all the wonderful times you spent with her, keep a picture somewhere you can see it every day, this to shall pass but it won’t be easy at times,continued prayers from northern Illinois will continue🙏
  6. Craig61019


    It is not easy , lost my mom a year ago November, not Covid, complications from Parkinson’s and kidney failure, she told me near the end she was tired of the fight, many prayers and knowing she had Jesus Christ as her savior did make it some what easier but I do miss my weekly conversations with her, I will see her again so that helps! We will be praying for you from northern Illinois
  7. Prayers from northern Illinois 🙏
  8. I have a three stall attached garage , a 30x40 shop and we rent the old town fire station from the owner put in a hoist and welder and all the good stuff and I am thinking of adding on to the shop or buy 7 1/2 acres down the road with a barn and 60x90 building so I maybe will have enough room😎
  9. Went down to the shop yesterday and looked for a while, pretty good shape so I checked the mower belt on the cub, then had all 3 tractors running at the same time , just listened to them felt pretty good and all the garbage that is going on right now went away for a while😎
  10. Best of luck, I believe you will have a great job interview 😎
  11. Got the cub 154 loboy gassed up and sitting in the shop waiting for any where from 2” to how ever much snow Mother Nature brings us Life is good 😎
  12. Point well taken, I remember my grandparents talking about the depression in the 70’s
  13. thank you for the info, sounds like a lot of work, maybe that’s why you don’t see many done,
  14. Found a m$w hand clutch on a H , not running, has decent sheet metal, fenders, complete battery box and good rims, I know it is worth what any one wants to pay for, question is what is the hand clutch worth if the owner will separate it, Thanks for any in put😎
  15. Extra butter and jelly are always good for a evening snack😎
  16. Prayers from northern Illinois 🙏
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